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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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A delicious RY4 rendition in cream pie form. Indulge your senses as you inhale this caramel/butterscotch, graham, vanilla whipped cream pie with an RY4 bite!

TFA RY4 Double: My choice for the light tobacco note was obvious. I have every RY4 brand imaginable...but I always come "home" to TFAs RY4 Double. This is due to its stronger caramel note and its light yet biting tobacco back note. I never did get much vanilla from this flavor, but vanilla swirl will solve that issue as you read on.

CAP CDS: My mix seemed kind of one-dimensional in a way that's hard to articulate. This very scant amount of CDS added a bit more accent to the tobacco note in the RY4 Double. It kind of hits you on the back of the tongue. Don't worry if you don't like cinnamon vapes. It's positively not utilized in order to be prominent. It's only used as an accent. And very necessary in order for the mix to "POP" the way it's intended! One can argue that this concentrate is performing double duty on the down low, as it brings out the graham in Lucky Shot to a mouth-watering degree.

FW Bavarian Cream, TFA Caramel Candy & FW Butterscotch Natural: Every great RY4 eliquid I've ever fallen in love with adds Bavarian Cream. It adds an almost light... bitter(?) and heavy quality that seems to enhance caramels and butterscotch to a more "soft-cracked" state. Marrying these three ingredients together makes the perfect caramel-butterscotch in my opinion.

FW White Chocolate & TFA Vanilla Swirl: This luscious combination of white chocolate & creamy Vanilla Swirl is added for a thicker/creamy vanilla mouth feel. I find I've been using TFA Vanilla Swirl in anything from creams to milks. It's just that versatile. And when combined with the perfect complement flavor, it can't be beat! I tried all manner of whipped cream concentrates here but they just couldn't hold up against the bold caramel/butterscotch. So I had to make my own whipped cream topping from scratch

OSDIY Lucky Shot: Yep. This time, I saved the best for last. I purchased this on a whim and immediately went back online to buy a 120ml. It's just that good. However, I find that as a single flavor the taste becomes a bit "tangy" for my liking. It's described, on OSDIY's website, as a smooth and complex mixture of graham cracker, heavy vanilla and caramel notes. And trust me, it lives up to its' description! Absolutely GORGEOUS flavor!

This definitely kicks butt at 75VG

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Three drops TFA Ethyl Maltol per 10ml.

This is the recipe I was going to post for the competition, but I didn't enter. I can't taste strawberry very well, so if someone could mix this up and let me know, I would appreciate it. It's a strawberry apple streusel, or at least as close as I can get. I can't taste strawberry's but I have had people test this on my behalf and got it as close as I could. I'm like Beethoven creating music while deaf. Only I'm not talented. Or obsessed with poop.

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This recipe was inspired by Cinnaps by Tear Drip e-liquid.
I wasn't trying to clone it perse just really liked the profile of the e liquid the original is very bland and lacking boldness.

The profile is Apple cinnamon parfait.
On the inhale you get the strong apple flavor that stays through out the vape. In the middle the creamy yogurt and grain comes through, with the cinnamon coming on the back end.
(Cap) creamy yogurt (Fa) meringue (Tpa) whipped cream for the yogurt base,
(Cap) creamy yogurt to get the yogurt started (Fa) meringue to add a little body and sweetness (Tpa) whipped cream to round it .
(Tpa) Apple and (FA) Fuji for the apple profile. I use (tpa) apple to get a red apple and (fa) apple to boost that apple flavor.
(Cap) Sugar cookie and (Cap) Cinnamon Danish Swirl for the grain aspect or crunch as it were in the parfait, I used (cap) sugar because I didn't want an an over powering crunch, more a nice soft sweet cookie, but by its self there wasn't enough grain to it hence the cinnamon Danish Swirl to up the grain and to introduce the cinnamon into it.
And finally FLV rich cinnamon this was added simply to give it a touch more cinnamon. As far as sweetner goes this is to simply lift up the yogurt without it, it's a little tart not horrible but it is noticeable

Strawberry Applesauce (A Fluffy Vanilla Cinnamon Spiced Strawberry Applesauce).

My recipe for the DIYorDIE Mixxed! (Round 1)

Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP): at this percentage, the flavoring is used to provide the cinnamon spice to the applesauce.

Dragonfruit (TPA): this flavoring is the emulsifier in the recipe. Simply put, it will work to bind all the ingredients together. It complements Fuji (FA) very nicely and enhances the Strawberry Ripe (TPA) so that it is not easily overrun. It will also tone down acidity while enhancing juiciness and retaining the tart element.

Liquid Amber (FA): a touch of Liquid Amber will cook the applesauce and, along with the Dragonfruit, it will help to keep the juice tart.

Strawberry Ripe (TPA): This flavoring is pretty weak even at higher percentages and especially when mixed with stronger flavors such as the ones in this recipe, it really needs help so I used Dragonfruit (TPA) to brighten it. Its Ethyl Maltol content adds enough sweetness to the entire mix so no additional sweetener is required.

Vanilla Swirl (TPA): I did not want to weigh the overall recipe down with the use of a custard or a cream since applesauce does not normally have dairy in it so, I opted for Vanilla Swirl...because...it provides a beautiful fluffy base, a delicious vanilla note and soft mouthfeel.

Steep Time: 5+ days

Is it good? While it's all subjective, I have been enjoying this regularly. While I am new to mixing and my recipe may not be perfect, I hope that my efforts won't go unnoticed. I think the judges will like my idea. I do not have a ton of ingredients but I feel that I utilized them to the best of my abilities.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

ABDC = Apple Butter Doodle Cookie.

A soft and buttery snickerdoodle cookie with the goodness of Apple Buttah baked right in.

Not your typical apple pie. I'm going for the one that has a almost crunchy crumbly crust. Almost an apple crisp but not quite.

After trying to create this recipe with all components at the same time and coming up with a unsuccessful semi mess, I decided to work on the pie filling first, then add the crust later.

The filling
The two apples combine to make a nice sweet and tart apple flavor. Combined with 1 drop the FLV Rich Cinnamon per 15ml, liquid amber and brown sugar you have what I have found to be a really nice pie filling with just the right amount of cinnamon.

I know alot of people get a green apple flavor from Anton Apple but I get a nice sweet fleshy red apple flavor from it. That paired with the FA Fuji form a very nice apple base from which I worked from.

The crust
Now I wasn't going for your typical buttery flaky crust you find in most apple pies. Growing up my mom made a Dutch Apple pie where you make a crumble crust using butter, flour, cinnamon, and sugar to make a crumble. You pat part of the crumble into the pie pan to form a crust, add the pie filling, the top with the rest of the crumble.

I used FA Cookie and CAP Sugar Cookie to form the main crust profile and the CDS to give it the obvious cinnamon notes and also stole the bakery flavor I get from CDS to round out the crust.

The FA Cookie brought the drier cookie aspect that this crust needed. The CAP Sugar Cookie brought the softer buttery aspect to it. In this ratio I think it works well.

The overall cinnamon note is what gave me the most issues when creating this recipe. Both cinnamons are in my opinion very strong and originally overtook the entire flavor profile. After several renditions in which I gradually brought them down I think I have come up with a well rounded apple pie flavor.

This is my submission for the MIXXED Competition.

What I created here is a Cinnamon Apple Cream Cake. What I wanted was a nice yellow cake with a thin but sweet cream layer topped with Cinnamon Apples. Hope you guys enjoy!

I have not had much experience with CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl so this whole process was a lot of fun to work with something I had never touched before. I had a lot of ideas but this is the recipe that stood out most to me and I enjoyed vaping on the most. With that said, here we go.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl: Going into this comp I had never used this flavoring or any cinnamon flavoring before. So of course I began doing my testing and I settled upon 1.5% because I wanted to get that Cinnamon Apple. I felt like too much CDS would lead to the danish coming out which I didn't want. At this percentage it compliments the apple nicely giving me that Apple cooked with some Cinnamon that I was looking for. This is a really useful flavoring that I look forward to working with more in the future and it's thanks to this competition.

FA Fuji: This is my favorite Apple flavoring. It can be quite strong so I settled for 1.5% to match the CAP CDS. 2% would have probably worked as well but I didn't want this flavoring to overpower the cake, the cinnamon and the cream.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: This is not a flavoring that works very well with cinnamon. What it does do is supply EM to the recipe to round everything off. 2% may actually be a little high here but I do enjoy it here to curb the cake, the apple, the cinnamon and the cream together into a flavor I enjoyed.

JF Yellow Cake: The hype is real. I never used FW Yellow Cake once the drama around the use of fructose and corn syrup exploded and I refrained from using it. Then comes along Jungle Flavors Yellow Cake and BAM, this is such a wonderful cake flavoring. I knew once I tried it that I wanted to make at least one recipe for this contest that included this. At 3% you get a very nice light fluffy yellow cake that isn't intimidated by the creams, the cinnamon or the apple.

FA Meringue: This is probably my favorite of the FlavorArt creams. It's extremely versatile and can be used in so many situations. Here I wanted to add a nice layer of cream that wasn't super heavy like a custard or heavy cream but something that was still sweet. Meringue does exactly that in this recipe and at 1% it gives me the nice thin sweet layer of cream that I want.

FA Cream Fresh: Now that I have my thin sweet layer of cream, why would I add FA Cream Fresh? Well, I like how it accentuates Meringue and makes it just stand out a bit more. It compliments FA Meringue at an equal 1% and makes the Meringue just a bit more noticeable in the face of cake, apple and cinnamon.

Like all of my recipes I like to mix this at an 80vg/20 pg blend and as a shake & vape it is decent but a few days steep really brings those two creams out and makes the recipe more complete.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This is reminiscent of a warm, gooey, sweet blueberry cinnamon roll. Good to go as is, but give it a few days to a week to steep and it turns into something incredible.

After months of just learning from others, I think I'm ready to release a recipe. It's something different that I haven't come across and encompasses the feeling of fall.

The Cheesecake base here is taken directly from ENYAWREKLAW's "The Real" recipe because he nailed that, so why reinvent? So that's where the NY Cheesecake, and Sweet Cream come in along with the Super Sweet (If using TFA Sweetener double the amount).

Mixed in this base I layered in the Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. The Cinnamon adds just a dash of extra spice to help that Pumpkin Spice come out ever so slightly. I did not want to overpower the Cheesecake.

The Milk Chocolate and Graham Cracker Clear are used to replicate a somewhat chocolate cookie crumb layer underneath that Cheesecake and works really well.

To top it off, the Cream Whipped, just a touch.

Mixed at 70/30.

My first attent to make a juice from the ground up, not just blending other peoples recepies.

My goal was to feel the crispy deepfried shell and then an explosion of cinnamon drenched apple.

However, the fresh apple taste came only on the exhale, and was a little weak.

Its really tasty as it is, but still a work in progress, I guess.

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