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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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I felt the "Cuttwood leak" base would be better suited for a Graham/cinnamon flavor profile. This one goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning!

Some people like this one with a bit more CDS, let your tastebuds guide you.

Misc Notes:
This is not a Sugar Bear clone and probably doesn't taste anything like it. I apologize for picking a similar name.


This recipe is a delicious cranberry sauce sprinkled with cinnamon sugar meant for vaping right after your Thanksgiving feast.
Don't forget to remember the thousands of lives destroyed for no reason other than empirical prowess and religious conquests.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to watch the NFL on your Flat Screen while you pig out on a dry bird covered in the secretions of said bird.
Video and Flavor Notes -> http://bit.ly/2mSQcMV


I wanted to just enjoy a nice crisp apple cider paired with butterscotch. After playing around with the profile for a while this is what I came up with that feels balanced, satisfying, and flavorful. It ended up veering a little bit from the profile due to the cinnamon danish swirl but in a good way.

Apple Mix and Fuji create a really nice tart baked granny smith apple with a nice layer of slight spicy cidery goodness. The Fuji helps the apple have texture and crispness while the Apple mix completes the darker layers of the fruit and adds heat to it.

Liquid Amber used in small quantities adds an almost slightly fermented spiced sour aspect to our apple and really turns it into an all-out cider. The authenticity this flavor adds just amazes me.

Butterscotch ripple adds a nice counterbalance to our apple top note and forms a nice soft crack butterscotch glaze. Bolstered with a tiny bit of bavarian cream helps it stand up to the apple. There's a bit of inherent cream in both of these flavors that really helps to mellow out the whole vape a bit which it needs.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl completes our mix and really bridges the gap between the butterscotch and the apple cider making this a vape worthy of its name. The only way i can describe what it does is it fills in the gaps in the recipe. It adds a bit of cinnamon and a bit of mouth tingling warmth that really adds to the mouth feel of the recipe overall.


TFA Vanilla Custard is used here to build up the custard, while also cutting some of that overbearing egginess. Using ONLY CAP VC 1 will completely drown out all the other flavor accents.



I know there are tons of different apple fritters out there, all very similar, this is one of my favorites, and it was suggested by my friend. It's just a simple apple fritter, or bearclaw as called in the south-western part of the states. It's very similar to /u/returnity 's Cinapple Fritter from Reddit, but made simple. It can be shake n vape'd, but the Fuji tends to calm down from the harshness after a few days, and the CDS fills out a bit. Doesn't seem to stick around on your coils or change the profile. TFA Dragonfruit absolutely makes this recipe, it helps bring out the Fuji while simultaneously blending it with the danish, I wouldn't recommend making it unless you have this. Using a richer, stronger cinnamon such as FLV Rich Cinnamon (.33%) might make it a more robust cinnamon fritter is always an option as well. This is also similar to /u/1D10-T 's Apple Danish, but in no way a direct copy.


Creamy Sopapilla casserole. My first public shared recipe. In its current state, it has taken me over 13 revisions. Nothing should be subsituted.

I have always steeped the recipe for 2 weeks. I prefer all my recipes 30/70 pg/vg because it gives a certain sweetness and thick mouth feel. Some times I have added no more than 1% tfa sweetener, but it is still very sweet for me without.

If you give this a try, I appreciate all feedback.


A nice thick creamy apple cinnamon cake.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Used it at a lower percent to give it a nice smooth cinnamon flavor like apple jacks cereal

JF Fuji. Fuji goes very well with cinnamon danish swirl to give it that apple jacks feel to it. I like it at 1.25% but could be bumped up to 1.50% if you want more apple.

TPA Strawberry Ripe. Works really well in this very smooth and adds a little sweetness to the mix.

TPA Vanilla Cupcake. Cupcake thickens up the cake a little more and adds to the yellow cake.

FA Vienna Cream. Used it to add some creaminess to the cake.

JF Yellow Cake. Has a very nice cake feel and taste to it.

Steep Time - 3 To 5 Days

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Years ago, in days of old, when magic filled the air, 'twas in the darkest depths of Mordor..
Yes, the immortal rock gods of Led Zeppelin were also blatant Lord of the Rings nerds, with numerous references in lyrical content and song titles, so uh, if you don't enjoy Tolkien's masterpiece, let's take it up with them!

Okay fanboying aside, leaves are turning and falling, apples and pumpkins are spontaneously erupting into the external world, logs are being burned, palettes are craving something appropriate to match the change in season.

May I humbly introduce this most Autumnal inspiration, an apple and butterscotch pipe tobacco, a flavor that immediately sent me flying through time, space and possibly dimensions into the coziest slice of land in all of Middle Earth. I could feel myself enjoying this as I rest on a nice patch of grass in the sunshine, or as I warm my feet beside the fire.

"Apples for walking, a pipe for sitting."
The apple is the center of this vape, strong upfront and carrying throughout, the tobacco note creeping in spicily and growing throughout the exhale, the rest of the cast build a nice background for this flavor to shine.

Any thoughts, suggestions, tweaks, criticisms, etc are most welcome as always.


For anyone out there that loved #32 but hated how sweet it was, this is for you. Been working on this for over a month now and I think I finally got it. Definately was not easy but I will let you all be the judge on how I did. Edit: I am working on a remix of this with a few more modern flavors to see if I can make it better


A recreation of this delicious cinnamon banana granola baby food that my son and I both love.

Yeah, I'm weird. Deal with it.

Art by me : http://www.matthew-kocanda.com

Flavor Notes