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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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I wanted to make a creamy apple crumble flavour with a hint of ice cream. The challenge for me was to push the fuji more towards a baked apple without using FA Liquid Amber. Because I could only use 3 additional flavours and didn't want to waste one flavour on that. I tried to achieve a similar effect by using TFA Strawberry ripe.

FA FUJI is a very bright and frech apple flavour. The problem for me was the right percentage. I didn't want the apple too much upfront but if used too low, it gets muted too much after a few days of steeping. For me 3,5% turned out to be the best compromise.
CAP CINNAMON DANISH SWIRL V2 gives cinnamon to the crumble and also a hint of bakery notes.
FA APPLE PIE adds the crusty taste and pairs perfectly with the fuji.
TFA DX VANILLA CUPCAKE just blends all together. It adds the missing buttery cake flavour to the crumble and also transforms the apple more towards a baked apple. It cuts the edges, gives a little graininess to mix and adds a kind of icing to the apple.
TFA STRAWBERRY RIPE is a very versatile flavour because the strawberry is quite weak and can be nicely used in different situations. In this receipe it turns the fuji more towards a red apple and sweetens up the receipe.
CAP VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM gives more mouthfeel and vanilla creaminess to the mix.

Recommended steeping time: 3-4 days

PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany. Because of that I couldn't get JV Fuji...

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

A lightly caramelized Apple and Peach combo with sweet ice cream on the side.
I find these 2 peaches combine to give a nice rounded flavour paired with fuji is a really nice profile. There is no caramel flavours in this as none of the ones i have seemed to fit as i didn't want a candy style, just melted sugar in butter, so i went with the butterscotch ripple as i feel this has a caramel flavour at low percentages, plus it helps with the creaminess of the vbic. Apple pie and CDS in low percentages are there just to add a light spice to the fruit. Needing a light alcohol backnote i went with 1 percent kentucky bourbon which for me is just the right amount to give it some warmth ( you may like it a little higher but for me this is perfect )
No sweetener as such, that's what the meringue is for, to give a light sugary sweetness to the fruits.

After a 3 day steep the profile is just what i was aiming for.

Quite a lot of flavours but nothing unusual.

Sweet but nice baccy back taste. Open to any ideas.

Warm and deep fried apple cinnamon fritter. Inspired by Mr Fritter from Cuttwood. It's not supposed to be a clone, just craftet to suit my personal taste.

Pic by www.crazyforcrust.com

Strawberry & Apple Crumble Custard Batch 5/10 PG25/75VG 6mg nicotine
So i hope when you vape this Recipe. You get Strawberry's and apples with a hint of Cinnamon topped with a lovely crisp Crumble topping. With a small pour of Thick Vanilla Custard .
I went with a Strawberry & Apple Crumble Custard as i have always been a BIG fan and Crumbles are so good in the fall. So i wanted a lovely sweet bakery pudding with the flavors we was given to use. I love this Strawberry & Apple Crumble with Custard i just hope you guys do too

Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) at 6% Which was the best place for me. As it is quite a week flavor and i wanted it to be prominent and hold up with the apple and mainly the Cinnamon and Cereal 27. and at the 6% you get Strawberry and not just sweetness from the EM. And it holds up well with the rest of the flavors.

Fuji Apple (FA) at 3% I used at 3% because its pretty strong but i still wanted to be a main part of the recipe. And it goes well with Strawberry Ripe and Great with the Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 so it needed to come over in the vape. And i think it does that very well in this Recipe

Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 (Cap) 1% I used at 1% as i don't want to much Cinnamon. But don't want to use it lower as i may look like i did not use it in the correct way. But it works well surprisingly with the Strawberry at 1%. Cinnamon it can die off a bit 2 weeks on wards. But for me any higher it makes this recipe to much of a Cinnamon vape and takes away from the Strawberry ripe.

Cereal 27 (Cap) i used at 4% which is a good place to be i feel. To bring out that dark bakery note its the heart of the Crumble. I know its not the correct flavor to use but i feel it gives it more of a Crumble than a pie note which is what is needed in this recipe. And it worked out well i think with out making it to much of a cereal vape.

Cookie (fa) at 3% to go with the Crumble for that biscuit crunch and add to Cereal 27. i tried Graham Cracker v2 (CAP) and Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP) but they did not work as well.
Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP) i feel was good but it needed to be used at 5% and i feel it was pushing the flavor total is a lot higher then i wanted it to be. As it's already at 21% flavor total which is higher then i usually have in Recipes. And FA Cookie just worked better here tbh.
Graham Cracker v2 was good as it helped with the Cinnamon and it has a bit of Cinnamon in it. But it took away form the Strawberry and was not as good as i hoped in Batch10 FA cookie in taste was better with the Crumble that i wanted.

Vanilla Custard v2 (Cap) at 4% i added Custard to add weight and a the Custard note for that pudding feel. but i did not want to much Custard as i thought it would take away from the fruit base and the Crumble. But i still wanted to taste Custard and not just a creamery note any lower than 4% Vanilla Custard v2 just gives the creamery note and weight to me. And not so much of that Thick Custard mouth feel that i'm after.

I used Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 (Cap) Vanilla Custard v2 as i do not vape Diketones if i can help it. I do understand that this Recipe maybe mixed in the competition with Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1 and Vanilla Custard V1 which is fine i just hope my Strawberry & Apple Crumble Custard Recipe works as well as i have not tried it with V1s so fingers crossed
its an ok shake and vape but much better after 3 days steep i feel.

A Big THANK YOU to the Beginner Blending team its been fun for me just to enter the competition i hope i can go on to the next round. But if not thanks away and thanks for the Podcast i love it so keep it up guys :)

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

A light summer crumble with apple as the main top note backed up with blackcurrant and a hint of Strawberry sweetness and a biscuit style crumble that sits through the vape

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

A nice warm apple pie. I've been working on this recipe since I started DIY and I finally have the flavor profile I've been looking for. The apple and cinnamon are at the forefront with a nice pie crust flavor on the exhale.

FA Fuji is the key to this recipe. At 2% the Cinnamon from the Cinnamon Danish Swirl really stands out but below 2% you lose something from the CDS. This is where the Fuji comes in. Fuji helps the Double Apple pop out from behind that Cinnamon to give you that nice balance between the Apple and Cinnamon.

I know a lot of people have issues with using CAP V2 flavorings but Apple Pie V2 and CDS V2 in this recipe tastes amazing. You won't be disappointed.

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