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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv ecigexpress gremlin wizard

Flavor Profile: additive bakery dessert other

Used in 1469 recipes at an average of 2.144%.


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This started off with a friend of a friend asking if I could make a clone of this when I moved away from years of 1 shot mixing and started buying proper flavours. I was given 10ml of a clone he had bought to get an idea of what I was aiming for. It tasted bad, so from research I set about remixing what I imagined it should taste like. I was just starting out in the world of full DIY so my flavouring choices were limited along with my experience but I think I came up with something pretty reasonable.

Banana Cream - (TPA). I tried a few banana flavours but wanted something that was light, sweet and creamy, not too realistic. This one seems to fit the bill and at 4% shines through as the main note.

Butterscotch & Butterscotch Ripple - (Flavor West). I love these two flavours. I find the combination keeps up that creaminess level and gives a nice rounded caramel/butterscotch base for that banana to sit on.

Caramel - (Flavor Art). Just a touch here to boost the Butterscotch's and add a bit more depth to that caramel base.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl - (Capella) I played around with various ratio's for with this one as some people are afraid of cinnamon. If your not a fan feel free to knock it down .5 or 1% but at 2.5% I personally find it shines through without overpowering the recipe.

Coconut - (TPA) A little back note I thought I detected in the clone sample i received to work off. It just sits nicely in the background to add a sneaky back note.

Meringue - (Flavor Art). This is just to add a bit more sweetness without adding any sweeteners and to try and pull everything together, add a bit of lightness, and tone down the cinnamon danish swirl a touch.

Vanilla Swirl - (TPA) The main vanilla base for all that lovely butterscotch, caramel, banana and cinnamon to sit in. I wanted to key the creamy vanilla base light so avoided using any heavy creams.

So that's my first recipe posted here. If you do mix it I'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on improving it.


Another attempt at a cannoli cream without any shell notes.

It's where you go to enjoy your Apple Jacks.......and stuff......

I've been working on this recipe since the BB competition ended. Apple Jacks dry, it's just grain, frosting, and a little apple cinnamon finish. Most of my time on this recipe was spent trying to get the right type of grain. Corn flakes I've got down but there doesn't seem to be many flavors that have the oat/wheat profile that I get from a lot of cereals. For this cereal the JF biscuit and Fuji almost get it there but the biscuit needs help and the Fuji is too tart so I split the percentage 2:1 with double apple for more sweetness. If you want to up the apple stick to that ratio, but for authenticity I kept the apple subtle. The cinnamon at low % goes great with JF biscuit and just gives a light cinnamon aftertaste. I was stuck at about 80% on this recipe until I got Flv Frosting. This flavor adds that perfect sugar glaze. And surprisingly I replaced rice crunchies with apple pie and it added the extra boost I needed in the grain and is a lot more enjoyable to vape. If you like this cereal or just have a bunch of cds to use up (my original goal with this recipe) you should be all over this.... although it will take me 2.5L of this to use all my cds.... might need some other flavors first tho.

This is my donut recipe. I've never had Donut Pounder, but that was my inspiration. It's a bit neutral, but also good enough that I vape it almost ever day. It's got enough layers to it to be interesting, but it's not so overpowering that I get worn out by it. It also makes a nice base for other donut(y) creations. It's pretty good right out of the gate, but the cinnamon calms down best after about a week.

This recipe was inspired by a IHOP commercial. What do you know it vapes good too. I think this tastes just like I imagined the ones from the commercial to taste. I do suggest a minimum of a 7 day steep due to the super concentrates being made with alcohol. I feel it needs time for the alcohol to evaporate off. But after the steep this tastes great. Enjoy!!!!

I wanted to just enjoy a nice crisp apple cider paired with butterscotch. After playing around with the profile for a while this is what I came up with that feels balanced, satisfying, and flavorful. It ended up veering a little bit from the profile due to the cinnamon danish swirl but in a good way.

Apple Mix and Fuji create a really nice tart baked granny smith apple with a nice layer of slight spicy cidery goodness. The Fuji helps the apple have texture and crispness while the Apple mix completes the darker layers of the fruit and adds heat to it.

Liquid Amber used in small quantities adds an almost slightly fermented spiced sour aspect to our apple and really turns it into an all-out cider. The authenticity this flavor adds just amazes me.

Butterscotch ripple adds a nice counterbalance to our apple top note and forms a nice soft crack butterscotch glaze. Bolstered with a tiny bit of bavarian cream helps it stand up to the apple. There's a bit of inherent cream in both of these flavors that really helps to mellow out the whole vape a bit which it needs.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl completes our mix and really bridges the gap between the butterscotch and the apple cider making this a vape worthy of its name. The only way i can describe what it does is it fills in the gaps in the recipe. It adds a bit of cinnamon and a bit of mouth tingling warmth that really adds to the mouth feel of the recipe overall.


"The Collective"

Based on the sexiest Borg in the Delta Quadrant, I introduce a dark and addictive eliquid that brings order to chaos---"The Collective". Part 3 in my Seven Of Nine/Borg Trilogy.


This recipe is an assimilation of really oddball & unique flavors. I mean, who the hell would make a Maryjane-Pistachio Custard? Good fresh out of the gate, but of course it begins to shine after a week or more. Personally, I prefer it fresh(weird, I know!)!


My choice of TFA Mary Jane is obvious, and a mere 2% plays very well with the other ingredients. Any more than 2% and I'm feeling like I'm vaping Scotch Tape® flavored eliquid.

I still felt as though the Mary Jane needed a counter-balance in order to become 'fuller'/more authentic tasting. And TFA RY4 Double performed the task perfectly. This is not an RY4 mix by any means, so I kept the percentage at 2.5%.

Again, another obvious player here is TFA Pistachio. In combination with the RY4 & Mary Jane it brings out an almost "ashy" though nutty flavor. And I just love TFAs version of pistachio above all others.

JF Dulce De Leche & CAP Vanilla Custard v1 obviously provide a nice thick custard base. At 5%, the custard's egginess is restrained somewhat and doesn't "bogart" the entire mix!

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl at 0.5% adds a bit of depth to TFA's Mary Jane. It's a clever magician that can perform a pretty cool disappearing act at wattages around 45-55. Increase wattage to 63 or higher and the cinnamon comes out more, but only as a supporting flavoring.

Armpit steeped for 1 hour for perfection hehe

Star Trek: Voyager & all its' characters are the sole property of Paramount. No profit has been made on this recipe.

A whole milk with a smooth horchata back note and a touch of cinnamon.

I designed this to be milk forward and have a creamy milk mouth feel with horchata, not overly powered but strong enough for a great balance.

(Best after two weeks, I do not recommend S&V.)


FA Cream fresh.

The whole milk base flavor and mouthfeel.

Cap vanilla custard.

This helps support the cream fresh and horchata as a base, texture and a sweeter helps blend the two flavors. Helps smooth out the horchata.

Cap horchata.

At 3% it's perfect for blending with the other ingredients. Stands out over the vanilla custard and CDS but doesn't over power the cream fresh and really feels like a creamy milk with horchata.

Cap cinnamon danish swirl.

This is to just give the horchata a slight boost to make it a little more complex and the feel of a touch of cinnamon.

I'm proud of this recipe and I hope you like it.

I wanted to use my bottle of TFA Holida Spice, because...well it smells delicious, and I had no other uses for it really. It smells just like eggnog to me, with that delicious nutmeg smell, so I figured I would try to make something tasty out of it. Here's the breakdown of everything here. I may change stuff up, but I feel like this version is delicious enough to warrant a post. You can always up the Cin danish to get a little more kick out of it. It needs some time to steep, for everything to mend together but it is well worth it.

Cinnamon Danish Swirl + Holiday Spice = The eggnog spice section, I wanted to give a little spiced edge to the base because what's eggnog without a little bit of cinnamon? The danish swirl also contributes a little bit to the cookie aspect as well.

Madagascar + Milk and Honey + Vanilla Custard = This makes a super delicious creamy filling to it, like an actual eggnog feel, thick in all the right places, and a nice vanilla flavor. it blends really well with the holiday spice and cinnamon danish swirl to create that delicious eggnog taste.

Sugar Cookie = Well it's an Eggnog Sugar cookie, so of course I needed to use this, it's delicious, creamy, sweet, the perfect component.

Another recipe I made while watching Pineapple Express one lonely Autumn night last year. The idea with this one was to make a tangerine cinnamon sugar cookie with a bit of powdered sugar on top.

Again, don't really have flavor notes for this one, but it did turn out wonderfully. It's a delicious mess, and it's one of my favorites. I regularly keep this in my rotation of juices.

The general gist is that we use CAP Sugar Cookie as the base, throw in some cinnamon with CAP CDS, throw tangerine in with CAP Sweet Tangerine and FW Tangerine, and finish it off with some buttery goodness with CAP Butter Cream and throw some powdered sugarriness on top with FA Meringue.

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