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First time using SSA Cinnamon Apple Pie but upon smelling it knew it needed help. OoO VCC for more body and it's added deliciousness. I don't use CAP double apple much, thought about PUR Country Apple but wanted it a little more pronounced. OoO Pie Crust to add to what smelled to be missing. Was going to go with CAP Cinammon Sugar but CDS felt more appropriate as a bakery cinammon. SSA Whipped Cream as it is delicious, one of my favorite whipped creams after trying it for the first time.

Try it without super sweet at first but after trying it without knew it needed a little pop and 0.50% never hurt anyone lol. It does have a nice sweetness but 0.25% might suffice for most.

I used the Game Changer homogenizer for my initial 30ml and tried it the next day....delicious. immediately made a 250ml bottle but just shared it, definitely not as balanced but still tasty, thinking 2 weeks and it should be good to go

FM Custard Tobacco is actually VTA Custard Tobacco.
This is one of my favorite tobacco recipes. Nothing makes a pipe tobacco come alive like Apple.
I started with my favorite Ry4 type VTA
Custard Tobacco and added INW Classic for Pipe Black together they make the perfect creamy tobacco base. Then by adding a bit of Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl and WF Caramel Butter they add depth to the flavor and pair really well with the tobacco and apples. For the apples I wanted a cooked apple and a cider apple which is why I used PUR Country Apple and FLV Apple. I like to use TPA Sweetener with WF Molasses in this tobacco recipe because it adds a light sweetness and adds darker notes to the tobaccos. It is a deep tobacco so give it at least 21 days to steep.

I thought this tasted like French toast crunch and milk and then I was thinking ugly butter from bad drip minus the banana and now I can’t make up my mind as to what to call it so unknown it is! All I can really say is you get a buttery cinnamon and a light creaminess with a bakery undertone. It’s very good and I think it could be a ADV for someone so Enjoy the unknown lol! Tested on a wasp nano and it’s good after 3days but 7 is recommended. PS the pecan is not a forward flavor in this recipe.

Apple Waffle Maple, you know the deal.

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This week on Tuesday Reviews Day fate gave us Flavorah Root Beer. Let me say (well you already saw the title) we got weird with it.

So first of all, Flavorah Root Beer is a VERY creamy Root Beer flavor. It's got lots of bubbles and that sassafras/wintergreen you would expect from a Root Beer. It's definitely every one's favorite summer time beverage.

So the char wanted a Root Beer Cheesecake. Well I have never, alas, it had to be done. We started with the classic INW Yes and CAP NY combo. The "coconuty" notes that you get from the Yes We Cheesecake paired up really well with the Root Beer at 3%. We used FW Butterscotch Ripple as a kind of emulsifier for the root beer in an effort to make it more syrupy and less drinky. For the crust note I decided to use just a touch of TPA Cinnamon Danish Swirl. That butter flaky pastry sits out against the cheesecake and root beer while adding a pleasant spice note.

EDIT: (7/21/2021) I do not recommend mixing this recipe. It was fun and certainly random but not well executed. The mix is tremendously unbalanced. I’d be interested in trying this one again and I would definitely come at it from a different angle. Nonetheless this recipe is not very good.

Sweeten to Taste.

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Boo-Yaa! Boom-Shaka-Laka! First and foremost , Have a Happy, Fun, Vapeful and Safe 4th of July this coming Holiday!! This is recipe is for all you freakin’ wonderful vaping people. For those about to Vape “We Salute You” and those of of you already Vape, “A 21 Gun Salute”. This recipe was totally inspired by “Noted Episode 208 - Sugar. Mindfloodz and I decided to do something sugary for the 4th, and walaaaaa, here it is. I asked his advise on sugars and percentages and I asked just to incorporate one of my favorite flavors “Organic Danish Pastry” by Natures Flavors. We wanted that powdery, on-top cinnamon note and with a slight boost of just a little more danish. Decided to post this a little early because we really enjoyed it and will not be around that week. So Enjoy!!

It is what it is....gooey pastry with extra butter and cinnamon. If you're on a diet, don't vape this one 🙃 3 days steep at least......enjoy or don't.

The closest I’ve tried to a full on Cinnabun with creamy icing drizzle. I usually vape this straight off the shake for a more “icing forward” vape however the cakeyness comes out the more you let it steep (5 days Max).
Please leave your feedback on my work, happy mixing guys and stay safe 💙

12/06/2020 A delightful Christmas vape ,you can SNV this but it's better after a week or 10 days... For those who use sweetener add 0.5-1% FW sweetener.
Merry Christmas to you all
06/07/2021 update: summer is here already and I found my forgotten Christmas juice ,I didn't want to admit at the time but it was a quite harsh taste (a lot of cinnamon) now its time to enjoy ,turned out smooth and mellow.

Bolinho de chocolate delicioso, com um toque de canela e baunilha!

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