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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery dessert other

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My attempt at a sweet apple cinnamon oatmeal cookie... I feel like I started in the right place and it's really good but it could be better with tweaking... Help me make this awesome!!! Thoughts and opinions are wanted and would be appreciated!

En delikat let krydret gammeldags brunkage til denne herlige juletid πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„


A Danish christmas cookie. We call it "brunkage" ( Brown cake).😊

May you enjoy my recipe πŸ™

Flavor Profile:

Layers of vanilla frosting sandwiched between crisp, buttery wafer cookies and dusted with cinnamon sprinkle.


So, wafer style cookie vapes have become one of my all time favorite flavor profiles. After mixing up a few recipes by other people, i was inspired to try and create my own version. Here is what i have come up with so far, this is basically unchanged from my concept stage - i have tried a few other renditions of this but my first batch was king in terms of balance and flavor. Before releasing this recipe i mixed up another bottle just to make sure its good, and imo its one of my best recipes so far). As always, dont feel bad for giving criticism or suggestions ext - I am posting this to learn how to get better; just as much as i am posting it to share with everyone who might want to mix up this profile. I still consider myself a beginner mixer so im always thirsty to learn new things from the more experienced people around here.

This recipe was heavily inspired by this wonderful creation by Falon1000 called Strawberry Wafers v3, you can find it here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/35204

Flavor Notes:

  • INW Biscuit - A staple flavor in my arscenal, absolutely love this concentrate. It is bringing some tasty butter notes and the main wafer note to this recipe.
  • CAP Butter Cream - This concentrate is being used to bring some extra butter notes, sweetness, and some richness to the recipe. It helps contribute to the frosting notes and just helps fill out the recipe.
  • CAP CDS - Used mainly for the bakery cinnamon notes it brings to the table
  • FA Cookie - Used in conjunction with with inw biscuit, this flavoring helps the bakery notes shine through and solidifies the crispy wafer effect.
  • INW Shisha Vanilla - My favorite vanilla flavoring at the moment, this one is used to bring a nice bright vanilla flavor to the recipe without adding too much extra weight. Just a spot on vanilla, i use this concentrate quite a bit.
  • CAP Vanilla Cupcake - I originally didnt have this concentrate in my recipe, but added it a bit later on to help bring a more solid frosting note to the recipe. Considered using LA CCI but decided that the weak bakery notes in the CAP Vanilla Cupcake would most likely help out this recipe and therefore fit better than CCI.

Add a few drops of capellas super sweet or other sweeteners if you desire a more "premium" vape shop style juice. In one of my initial versions i added a mere 0.5% and it was absolutely overwhelmingly sweet, so im leaving it out of the main recipe - but you do you, if you want some extra sweetness id start with 1-2 drops per 30ml and go from there.

Steeping notes:

This recipe has proven to get pretty damn nice after about a week and a half. But if you are desperate you could probably vape this after a few days and have a pretty nice experience. I find after a week or so, things really start to fall into place and it just gets nice n tasty!

I tried Wafflepriest1's A.J.S.M. (Apple Jacks in Strawberry Milk) recipe and found it great, but it didn't quite match the title. While this was explained in the description – it's more of a mixture of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks – I decided to try and make it closer to just Apple Jacks cereal.

Apple Jacks does of course have cinnamon flavor, just not as much as in the original recipe, so CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is reduced significantly. FW makes an Apple Jacks flavor, but unfortunately all I get from it is a spiced apple cider, with no cereal or bakery notes of any kind. But I've found it to work well in relatively small amounts as part of an Apple Jacks recipe. So it is added in at 2%, and FA Fuji is cut in half to 1.5% to compensate for the extra apple flavor.

I also increased FA Meringue to 1.75%. I use it at 1.5–2% in pretty much any cereal recipe I make, since it mimics the sugary coating of "kids cereals" so damn perfectly. It also helps tie the cereal and milk flavors together.

And since the milk in the original recipe was too low for my taste, I added 1% of FW Hazelnut to thicken it up. This is another flavor that winds up in almost all of my cereal recipes since it works so well in the milk.

This is quite vapeable as a shake and vape, but definitely improves after a few days.

I still think it needs more milk, so that is something I will work on. Perhaps a bit of TFA Bavarian Cream and/or a touch of FA Vienna Cream, but I haven't tested anything yet.

Matcha Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

After becoming obsessed with watching YouTube baking instructional videos (Looking at YOU, Cupcake Jemma (My newest YouTube crush)) I stumbled on one for Matcha Glazed Cinnamon Rolls. Having tried Exclusivegirls Green Tea Kit Kat (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/17404) and loving the hell out of the earthiness that it had (but only getting the pepper that comes with TPA white chocolate), I decided to whip this up. Straight away I loved it, but with a bit of a steep the Green Tea really finds it's place, it mixes really well with the bakery notes and just finds an interesting and nice common ground with an earthiness that for some reason mixed extraordinarily well with all that cinnamon.


FA Joy / CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl / FA Zeppola / FA Nonna's Cake / TPA Brown Sugar / FLV Rich Cinnamon / TPA Caramel
This combo makes up a fantastic Cinnamon roll. CDS forms the base and is propped up by the Zeppola to give it a bit more of a fresh baked and cakey mouth feel. The Nonna's Cake adds a nice denseness and richness to the mix, it also helped tone down a bit of the bakery notes to a bit more of a brownie type texture which helps with the dense middle part of the roll and stops the recipe drying out. The Brown Sugar and Rich Cinnamon are there to bolster up the cinnamon note in CDS and bring it more towards a more authentic flavour. The Caramel helps bring a more caramelized flavour to the Brown Sugar and gives it a delightful gooeyness. FA Joy is there to bring a bit of yeast to the table, as Cinnamon Rolls are made using a yeast activated dough, I felt I could add a smidge to the mix and was pleasantly surprised.

FE Green Tea / WF Butter Cream Frosting SC / CAP French Vanilla / CAP Super Sweet
Wonder Flavours has pulled some sort of miracle with their Butter Cream Frosting SC, it's just such a nice, decedent frosting base, nothing really needs to be added, but I decided I wanted a bit more of a vanilla back note, hence the French Vanilla. FE Green tea is just good, it tastes like a legit Matcha powder, and as well as the earthiness it brings, Green Tea packs a good smooth mouth feel to boot. The acidity from the lemon notes in FA Zeppola and Nonna's Cake helps bring forward the Matcha in the buttercream frosting, they just really help give it a brightness .Cap Super Sweet there because who doesn't want their butter cream frosting to be sweet??

My initial 30ml bottle lasted about 2 days, I didn't even put a label on it. I'm not usually one to bother with steeping, I don't think it really does THAT much the majority of the time; However, after taking my time with the second batch and seeing how it tasted over the course of a week, this recipe definitely benefits from a bit of a steep in some way. I'd say give it a vape after a shake, but remember it ages pretty well.

Let me know what you think! I always welcome constructive criticism

This is my recipe for the DIY Mixers Crew challange

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Give in to temptation! You won't be able to resist these caramel and apple glazed cinnamon donuts topped with toasted almonds! It's not only the temptation you won't be able to resist, it is the joy of never being able to give in to this sinful joy!
*NOTE: This recipe is in concept stage and while this is in "concept" stage presently I will update you on how this steeps. While some educated choices of flavoring have been made in this recipe I can't guarantee the devil wont spike you with a pitchfork yet lol. I will update with further notes over coming days and keep you all updated. Thank you for joining me on the Devil's side of this journey! Bwahahaha!!

Mixed live on my you tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-Lcn7u47M0
After the shake this recipe is exactly what I was hoping for (dreaming in hope lol). After just one day and much dripping this is an addictive temptation that brings all the baked apple notes with the right balance of caramel and cinnamon. I expect after a few more days the textual elements such as the gooyness and sweet donut breadiness will become more prominent. This could be my best public recipe yet it seems! Enjoy! :)


This recipe is a delicious cranberry sauce sprinkled with cinnamon sugar meant for vaping right after your Thanksgiving feast.
Don't forget to remember the thousands of lives destroyed for no reason other than empirical prowess and religious conquests.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to watch the NFL on your Flat Screen while you pig out on a dry bird covered in the secretions of said bird.
Video and Flavor Notes -> http://bit.ly/2mSQcMV

DMC Cinnamon Challenge
This is my attempt to create a cream cheese filled French toast with maple syrup.
I've had this delicious breakfast dish a few times at IHOP and other pancake houses and I wanted to see if I could recreate this profile in a vape.

The Cream Cheese.
If anyone has ever tried a profile including a cream cheese note, you know how difficult it can be. There are not a lot of just straight up cream cheese flavors to chose from. I SFTed RF Cream Cheese and I'm not sure if the vendor/rebottler sent me the right flavoring. It did not, at all, taste like cream cheese, so I went with a flavoring that while it's not a straight-up cream cheese, it still has that cream cheese icing note to it. No, I did not use LA Cream Cheese Icing. I instead went with LA Cheese Cake. To me it's similar to LA CCI but lighter on the icing note. Also, adding CAP Vanilla Custard helps to bend the LA Cheese Cake into a more believable cream cheese.

The French toast.
The French toast should have been easy enough, 4-5% RF French toast and done! But I was getting a medicine note from it and so I decided to build my own French toast. CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl at 1% and WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC at 2% seems to be well balanced to mimic the fried bread and cinnamon while the CAP Vanilla Custard at 1.5% adds the eggy part of the French toast.

The Syrup.
What can I say, FA Maple Syrup at 1% just works here. I also added .5% CAP Super Sweet to bolster the FA Maple Syrup.

I do not suggest vaping this right away. It needs at least a 5 day steep to let the LA Cheese Cake and CAP Vanilla Custard settle in. The CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl also needs that time to calm down a bit.

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Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

This is my second entry to the cinnamon challenge that was posted in DMC. I've been looking for an excuse to have a recipe loaded up with FW Yellow Cake, Cake Batter Dip and Sugar Cookie all together. It's a heavy vape no doubt, but absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

Flavor Notes

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