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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery dessert other

Used in 2705 recipes at an average of 2.197%.


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This is my entry for the DIY Downunder May Challenge. I wanted to do something I haven't really worked with much, so I went for raspberry. This recipe went through 5 revisions and trying to fit that into a single month was a challenge in itself.

For the raspberry I found FA raspberry was the main type of raspberry I wanted to go for, it's just a delicious raspberry, not too candied, not too bitter, just right in the sweet spot for a bakery. I did want a little bit of a syrup feel along with the natural raspberry so I bulked it up with TFA sweet raspberry and added a little bit of lemon to keep the tartness.

The icing/glaze I built with cream cheese icing and TFA sweet cream to keep it more of a cream cheese type glaze, then a little Bavarian cream for sweetness and mouthfeel.

Trying to keep each layer prominent was tricky. With the first few revisions I either really liked the icing or I really liked the bakery aspect. How I got the bakery to play nice with the icing was this combination of Cereal 27, Graham Cracker Clear, and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. The CDS also added a nice touch of cinnamon spice that compliments the raspberry and gives the whole recipe a more bakery feel.

The last touch was a tiny bit of Super Sweet, not a sweetener I use often, but here it has its place. It just adds the sugar for the whole recipe and brings it to more of a dessert level.

steep for 3 weeks

The cantaloupe twist a dance of bakeries fruits and creams.
I made about 7 versions of the bakery and cream aspect and to be honest try this with out the cantaloupe dragon fruit and peach and that is also a good vape. The main ingredient i wanted to work with was the cinnamon danish swirl that is a great flavour but i find a bit tricky to work with sometimes. Adding the cheese cake graham cracker really helps it out in a big way and the custard and ice cream help smooth out the bakery profile and some off notes i get from the danish swirl.

I added the cantaloupe because i love it lol and helped it out with some peach if you want more of a peach profile go .75% peach and .25% cantaloupe.
This was a great learning curve for me and i learnt alot about these flavours through trial and error. there are so many things i wanted to add but Sydney vapour don't have unfortunately. but all these flavours are staple flavours for your mixing.


The dragon fruit helps out the fuji apple to become a apple filling.
The cinnamon danish swirl becomes part of the base and adds a cinnamon tast to the mix complimenting the apple and bakerie notes.
The biscuit and Graham cracker turn the danish swirl into a crust.
After mixing ID10-t apple danish swirl that was pritty good i decided to turn it into a apple pie.

This is the closest thing to the OG derailed from Suicide Bunny. If you are sensitive to the Peppery notes from TFA custard you can mix it with Cap Custard but I would lower the % to somewhere between 3% and 4%. This recipe benefits from added PG I'm not exactly sure why because I'm not a chemist but there is a difference when I made it max VG. Steep time is minimum 2 weeks. but best after 4 weeks.


The caramel version of the sweet Cheetos 'Sweetos'. I love these things. Butter heavy cinnamon and caramel flavor with a kind of corn cereal back note. Adjust Super Sweet to taste but I like it pretty sweet.

Finally a guilt free Cinnamon bun. Jim gaffigan has the funniest bit about cinnabon.

\\Steep Time: 10 Days
\\Mixed at: 70VG\30PG
\\NOTE: This uses CAP Cake Batter

What is it that most of us look forward to having in the morning? For me it's a monumental cup of coffee, my mod, and catching up on what's going on in the world (But usually Reddit). This is my ode to that time of day, a coffee cake that actually has some coffee in it. Most coffee cakes don't actually have coffee in them but I wanted to give this a try and here we are.

To the notes!

Dat Cake: JF Yellow Cake/RF Sugar Cookie help create cake base and is actually a base that Tootall had in one of his recipes (Be sure to check out his recipes when you get time, his stuff is awesome). CAP CDS is used for our cinnamon sugar infusion that coffee cakes normally have, the bakery notes from it support the cake base as well. I also added just a little bit of CAP Cake Batter to give a some density.

But Coffee flavors always taste like burn Popcorn!: I've tried a few coffee flavors in this recipe; FA Dark Bean, FA Up, and FLV Coffee to name a few. RF Coffee SC seems to have the most bearable of burnt popcorn tastes from the flavors that I have bought. It's kind of a light/medium roast that has some splenda added to it. DFS Holy Vanilla helps as an emulsifier with RF Coffee at this % and BEHOLD! NO MORE BURNT POPCORN TASTE.

All in all this is a pretty bangin coffee recipe and if that's the profile you're into I would suggest giving this a try.

Let me know what you think! I always appreciate constructive criticism.

This was a thought I had while listening to the Apples episode of Noted at work. It sounded good in my head. First mix is currently steeping. Iā€™m sure there will be tweaks in the near future but wanted to share and possibly get some feedback from the community.

I went to the well but the well was dry so I dipped my bucket in the clear blue sky I looked in the bucket and all I could see was the whole damn world looking back at me.

Just wanted something similar to the profile. This seemed to work. If anyone mixed something similar I'd like to hear their tips

Flavor Notes

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