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(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive bakery dessert other

Used in 1626 recipes at an average of 2.163%.


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Still On my Search to find that perfect cinnamon toast crunch ADV, i have been listening to and following directions from some of the best mixers in the DOD community and bending what i have learned to suit my needs and palette, i will add some notes after the steeping period and line it up with Mt.Bakers version as well as my Kooter Krunch....to see if mine is better, worse or comparable to commercial juice...

I love sugar cookie and cream recipes. But I wanted something different. Something chaotic. I didn't want it to make sense or have a flavor "profile". Just off the wall flavor that keeps your taste buds questioning what the hell it is. It looks a bit off putting but I guarantee you mix up a small batch you'll be back for seconds. Enjoy!

this is my first stab at an cinnamon applesauce I'm hoping that the apple comes threw the pear but makes it alil more juicy

Back when i started mixing little over a yr ago i had a cinnamon toast recipe, however i had no clue about layering and the other things that go into mixing...it was good but way over done..... it was originally on ELR and i have alittle knowledge now so i am going to try and tackle it agian... using what i know now...THANKS to Wayne and the Whole DIY or Die crew for the love yesterday.....much Appreciated... on to my notes:

I have chosen :

Cap horchata - Cinnabon base
Cap Sweet cream - Milk base
Cap Cinn Dan swirl-Cinnabon base
Cap Gram Crker v2-Cereal base
DF Mega sweet-Sugary goodness
FA marshmallow -Milk base and added sweetener
TPA Bav Cream -Milk base

So what im shooting for is a nicely balanced Cinnamon flavored cereal with a hint of cinna milk

Cinnamon-dusted lemon meringue filling inside an Oreo cookie and Danish pastry crust.

Remix of Electric Liquid's "Frequency"

Flavor Notes:

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie is the backbone of the recipe. This is a pretty full flavor that doesn't need much emphasizing or influencing. 7% gives us a citrusy lemon filling that stands up to the chocolate crust. It doesn't tower over the crust; instead they intermingle together.

RF Cookies & Cream SC is Oreos. I've raved about this flavor for over a year. I loved the VG version, and the SC is basically identical as far as I can tell. It's a lovely chocolate flavor with almost enough cookie crunch to contrast with our pie filling. You got your freebie from the fine folks at RF, so why don't you put it to use?

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl acts as our cinnamon dusting and doughy pastry part of the crust. The cinnamon plays well with Lemon Meringue Pie. Rich Cinnamon over powered and took up too much of the flavor stage. 1% is all we need; any more and that weird Capella cinnamon becomes too much.

TPA Meringue is filling out the Lemon Meringue Pie and emphasizing that thick layer of cream on top. 1% soaks up the cinnamon and keeps that metallic taste at bay. Meringue doesn't seem to dampen the texture of bakeries and cereals as much as some other creams. That's good because it's tough striking a balance here between crunchy crust and creamy filling.

INW Biscuit is just helping the RF C&C with a little texture. 0.5% pushes that cookie crunch of the crust a little bit more without interfering in the rest of the pie.

This makes a really good shake and vape. Give the Super Concentrate a few days to settle though, and things really come together. This stuff ages like wine; squirrel a little bit away for a rainy day.

Happy mixing. 👽

Based on the profile of a well known fast food establishments apple 'pie', although it's more of a deep fried sweet apple pocket in reality, the pastry is nothing like a traditional pie and I've tried to achieve that thin doughy fried pocket that it comes with the use of the CAP Churro and FA Zeppola.

CAPple Pie adds a little summin summin to the fuji and works as the go between the apple and the pie profile.

TFA Brown Sugar and CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl are seasoning to a degree, the CDS gives the doughy crust a bit of cakeyness (if that's a word?). The Brown Sugar helps with a slight richer sweetness and goes with the shell and cooked apple.

FA Fuji & FA Liquid Amber stewed/fried/seasoned sweet apple.

Feel free to Vape at 600F for blistering authenticity.

That's about it.

CAP Sugar Cookie and JF Cookie create an authentic and flavorful cookie base. CAP Sugar Cookie was the perfect choice for that gooey part of the cookie and the JF Cookie adds that baked cookie note. CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl adds the cinnamon to the top note of the snickerdoodle cookie. TFA Vanilla Swirl helps add a creamy and eggy flavor to the mix. This is a simple and yet delicious recipe I have been working on this one for a while now trying to find the prefect and most authentic cinnamon / snickerdoodle cookie that I could create. I love these cookies and I believe I finally found the perfect combination that works for me. Mix it up, rate it, and leave your feedback. Thanks SAMUEL!!!!!!!!!!!

RY4 with a hint of cinnamon and a note of strawberry.
Definitely a work in progress, 4 days in to steeping process. This is my new favorite strawberries and cream vape. RY4 is the main flavor profile but it definitely doesn't muddle the strawberry.
Will continue to update description as it steeps, and the recipe after tweaking.

A rich cinnamon roll drizzled with cream cheese icing, using common flavors that you probably already have all (or at least most) of. FW Cake (Yellow) can be substituted for CAP Yellow Cake or CAP Vanilla Cupcake without a huge effect on the recipe if you have concerns about using this flavor.

Apple Pie; Macdonald style.
The gooey filling really shines.
FA Fuji is like a very hard apple flavour to me, and I wanted a soft pie filling so it is used as a booster rather than a main note here. Which it does beautifully.
FA Pear is used to add a bit more softness and sweetness to the filling.
FA Apple Pie gives both a touch of Apple as well as the base for the crust.
FA Zeppola is the essential component that gives the crust that 'fried' note.
FA CustApple is again giving more soft, baked Apple notes and helps to bring all the components together.
FA Caramel is used for the sweetness it lends to both filling and crust.
CAP Cinnamon Danish is also on double duty. The pastry notes aid the crust, and that soft cinnamon permeates the filling without overpowering it.

So there you have it! A nearly FA exclusive recipe, CAP CDS is such a great flavour though, there was no way I could leave it out of this one!
I found it enjoyable after a day steep, but as usual it benefits from a few days to really settle in.
Can add a little sweetener if that's your thing; I like it with and without it, pretty sweet on its own. Enjoy!

From @Queuetue : I find boston rounds to be the very best bottles for mixing and temporary storage. I use them for my VG and PG as well as on the scale while I'm making a mix. With a top that's easy to fill, easy to cap and with minimal access to air, I keep a bunch on hand for unflavored base, or whatever project I may be up to for handy, quick access.

The tip is small enough to use with most top-fill RTAs or RDAs as well.

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Flavor Notes