(CAP) Cinnamon Danish Swirl

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This is similar to a CTC mix but a modified version to make it a bit more cinnamon roll like with a creamy icing like finish! Minimum of 7 days needed for steeping but 14+ days is absolutely best! Brickford Marshmallow can also be used at 5% instead of TPA which i feel is much much better! The flavor was not available on the site. Enjoy!


Inspired oddly enough by a party recipe from a bougie MLM of cookware for strawberry pineapple salsa, to be eaten with cinnamon pita chips.
Crunchy cinnamon and fruit.

Originally had 2% TFA stawberry and no cap strawberry. Adjust strawberries for your preferred profile if you want.

This is great right off the shake but it improves overnight and keeps improving from there......

If you like bakery flavors and have vaped for longer than a year, chances ae you have come across the Beard line of e-liquid. More specifically Beard 32, Cinnamon Funnel Cake. I have tried to re-create this flavor since I started mixing. One afternoon I got a whiff of Flavor West's Cinnamon Churro. It immediately reminded me of 32. SInce then I have tried many times to recreate the original . After recently discovering the magic of Zeppola, I thought I would give it another try. This is my latest and what I believe to be closest remix of that profile. Comments welcome. ............ ... . Gordo

MIXING NOTES: You can use OOO Powder Sugar in place of the Nic River Sugar Crunch...same percent. Cinnamon Churro is central and essential. BE CAREFUL with the Cinnamon Ceylon, .2 is needed but do not go over,. The flavor has to peek through and not punch through the Cinn Danish Swirl. Also, Pastry Zest, like most Flavorah flavors is very strong so careful or it will change the whole mix.

Mixed, and tested on a Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA, SS coil @ .15 ohm, atop a Keen Mech Mod.

Yellow Cake with Cinnamon Danish Swirl.


Yes it's Old school...Yes it's sweet ...Yes it's delicious especially with my morning coffee....substitute (JF) yellow cake if you're not into vaping sugar...

RY4 recipes are pretty much my favorite to create and mix the possibilities are endless here we have a banana cream churro with light caramel, tobacco and cinnamon.

NOVEMBER RAIN ... a rich cinnamon roll for all cinammon lovers

If you not a cinnamon fan you can remove the cinamon roll from FW and make tye cinammon danish swirl up to 5%

Mix it with 70/30 vg/pg


This is a simple remix of Loaded Glazed donut nothing ground breaking just delicious 😋. * VT pudding base is a vital part of this recipe it adds to the texture of the dough flavor and cannot be substituted with vanilla pudding that Is all kiddies.


This is my first try at an RY4 recipe.

JF RY4 Double wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be on the Vanilla side so the TFA Vanilla Swirl and WF Vanilla Cream Extra bolstered that up a bit.

I love SoHo Time and what FA Meringue brought with it so I paired the Meringue with the Swirl for added depth and Flavor.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl will turn this into something comparable to a French toast at around a week and a half. My original notes had FLV Rich Cinnamon as the cinnamon layer, but CDS definitely fits better here.

This can also be made with TFA’s RY4 Double at a 1:1 ratio.

Finally able to post on all the flavours. I will be sharing more of my recipe in the upcoming days.
it's a really delicious cinnamon glazed donut. At first I tried it without the (WF) Deep fried pastry though it's still delicious but not really what I am after for.
it's a game changer and made it really authentic.

* Really love the mouthfeel
Hope you guys enjoy!

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