(CAP) Chocolate Glazed Doughnut

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Mint slice v2 Mint slice v2 Mint slice v2 Mint slice v2

A Simple Chocolate Doughnut Enjoy!!!

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Fried peanut butter banana sandwich.

The Elvis.

That is all

Original Recipe duplicated here from http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1884263/Choffee by Paul33
Added 2% FA Cream Fresh or 2% Cap Vanilla Custard

Slight remix of bronuts without fructose, and using JF Biscuit instead of INW. Great as SNV. This really starts to bloom after two to three days. I have no comparison to the original since I don't want to buy FW Yellow Cake, but it makes a great tasty vape on it's own and doesn't cover your coils in burned fructose in an hour.

All credit to Wayne Walker for original recipe.

Choc-mint slice, just like Grandma used to make.

I have been through a few versions of this flavour and still feel as though it’s not quite finished.

This has a strong biscuit flavour, a rich chocolate note, and a lingering freshness from the mint. The creaminess tends to get lost a bit behind the biscuit, but I’ve used it to try to tie all of the flavours together.

Please give me your feedback 😊

This is a Boston Banana Cream donut.

The Donut : to create the donut we use Capellas donut combo in conjunction with fw cookies and cream to help it out with the doughnut and to push up and balance the chocolate part of the vape.

The filling: simple we use tpa banana cream and Fa meringue to create the impression of a sweet banana filling.

And last one sweetener for me if you're going to try to recreate a sweet profile the most effective way to make it is to use sweetener, (if you want to make a real sweet lemonade, you squeeze the lemons put it in a glass ad water and a spoon of sugar, you surely can use honey and other ingredients to make it sweet but for me a spoon of sugar works great IMO), I use tpa because is easy to use cap super sweet is great but is really sweet and for the amounts that I mix is pretty hard to nail the perfect sweet in a recipe, so I give up, and use tpa is more forgiven .

Keep mixing!

Coffee and doughnuts any cop would blow off calls for lol.

SAP was OMG yum moment. Then I added custard and it became an OMFG moment. Then it needed a week for the OMFG to come back.

The VC just made every flavor pop. Each is recognizable while being a perfect blend. Used Erythritol instead of Super Sweet to save my coils. If you use super sweet I’d go at least half the amount or less depending on how sweet you like your vapes.

Its been preferred by my household on our Alien 220 mods at 40 to 50 Watts.
Hope you’ll try it and let me know what you think.

This abomination was created through a discussion in my Eve Online fleet.
It sounded interesting, so i mixed it to try it out :) After mixing it, this has become my most well liked recipe, with everyone who has tried it really enjoying it. Mix it up and see what ya think 😊

Sweetener is set that high on purpose. Feel free to set it to where ever you feel comfortable.

This is an interesting recipe and probably wont appeal to everyone. I wanted to do something with chocolate and I thought about doing a pairing with lime. When I went to draft the recipe I was thinking of my recent tests on FA limes, cold pressed would have been fine and gave me a more natural lime that would go nicely with chocolate. I thought though about distilled, which is far from a natural lime. Distilled reminds me of the green suckers from the dentist office, that very distinct green hard candy that really tastes far from a real lime. So I decided to go for it, see where this would take me. Then I added some coconut and creams to really give more depth to the recipe. After a few revisions this was what I came up with. Enjoy!

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