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Credits due to wayne for inspiration and Luke loop for the idea, and to Shyndo for the OG.

So the idea here is this.
Sweet Rice is good, but it fades, BUT that panna cotta does something imo to that CAP chai tea, that makes this slightly rice-starchy thing go down, and instantly had the idea to pair em all together. CAP brings a creamy Vanilla vibe with all the chai tea going on with it as well, which is also very delicious. Then..
Luke comes in with this pic of a cherry coconut rice pudding, knowing I'm a cherry freak, and i took off....

Coconut Custard wf was my obvious choice to help this pudding vibe out, cuz its awesomely creamy.

Ssa Ripe Cherry + a little ssa compote cherry were my obvious choices here for that topping.


Chai Tea, Sweet Condensed Milk, Whipped Cream

Made on Live Mixing:

2nd mix I'm sending in for August's mixers club entry.

Since I started DIY, I've been chasing my white whale which is cloning Adirondack Vapor's McKinley. I got their approval on reddit to try and clone it even! It's not so much a latte as chai tea with a tiny dash of cream/milk from what I can recall. Notes of tea, spice, and cream. CAP Chai Latte is definitively the chai that they use. I've tried to combine it with everything else -- Custards, the tried and true creams, bakeries, horchata, lemons, etc. I fell down the rabbit hole of making the mix perpetually more complex over time and I'm taking this chance to bring it back to basics and rebuild the mix from the ground up.

To me, McKinley is so thick its almost juicy and I often found myself almost choking on the thickness of the vape even at just 70/30. Something in there is giving it a really really dense mouthfeel, but its not eggy like a custard. So I'm opting to try TFA's FV Deluxe for its malty, acetyl goodness. FA Catalan Cream for its spice and citrus notes here, which compliment CAP Chai Tea's natural spice and citrus note as well. FA Honey is there to give it some of that sticky sweetness, and some of the slightly vegetal/floral properties that clover honey has. This was a last minute addition and may be on the chopping block for flavors to remove/replace in this recipe, but when I thought about that thick mouthfeel and mouth-coating sweetness of McKinley, Honey seemed to fit the bill perfectly and I don't know why I didn't consider it sooner.

This isn't the end result by any means, but hopefully it's a good jumping off point to work with after I get some feedback from the group!

Changes: Dropped FA Honey from 0.75 -> 0.25. The longer it steeped, the more the FA Honey ruled over the mix. Ended up being chai flavored honey. FA Honey at 0.75 is fucking awesome if you want a sticky goopy clover honey flavor, with the pollen-y mouthfeel to match! But not what I wanted in this mix.


This Vanilla Chai Latte needs no introduction...

Chai Tea (Cap): The go-to for the main profile. Does it pretty well without having any kind of off notes. Does need some help becoming a latte of course.

Dairy Milk (TFA): the milk, in the latte.

Graham Cracker v2 (Cap): used to give the profile more of a sweet brown sugar effect. Can not sub for v1, as v1 has much more body to it.

Super Sweet (Cap): optional, but preferred in this recipe.

Toasted Marshmallow (TFA): this is what makes the mix in my opinion, this is used to add some froth to the latte. Does a great job at that in this recipe, it’s delicious.

Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap): this is simply used for its body in this recipe. At 3% it adds some vanilla to the latte without taking over and turning it into a custard.

Needs at least 3 days to steep for the flavors to settle down.

This recipe has been an easy ADV for me. Let me know what you all think!


Ever felt like you need to spice up your vape? I did, so I came up with this delicious Rapsberry Chai Latte.
(If you don't have (INW) Black Tea, just mix without)

Good as a shake and vape, perfect after a week steep time.

Any comments, suggestions and additions are highly appreciated.
Have fun!

Made this for a friend a while back and thought I would share. I am not a fan of Chai tea but I actually enjoyed this. Capellas version of Chai tea is very good. Then with the raspberry thrown in it makes a quite pleasant vape. I would imagine you could sub the raspberry for other fruits and it would be good as well. No aging needed with this one. So feel free to mix it up, I would like to hear some feedback. Hope you enjoy it as much as the person I made it for does!

A smooth centre of creamy in deliciously chewy, golden caramel & milk chocolate

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