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Remix of Mexican corn cake with ooo corn bread and my fav sweetener mix. Its good I've made 300ml’s of it so far

So as a challenge to the other members of the DevelopedDIY Discord I wanted members to 1 UP Folkart, NaChef, and Max after their version of Fruity Pebbles (Manson and the Pebbles) came out. The challenge was to remix fruity pebbles as Cocoa Pebbles and this is my submission to that challenge.
I started with my cereal base and for that I used Cap Cereal 27 and WF Puffs Cereal (Cocoa). Then to add more cocoa flavor I added in VTA Swiss Chocolate which isnt a chocolate but a dry cocoa flavor. For the milk to go with the cereal I went with my go to milk base of FA Milk, TPA Meringue, and TPA Vanilla Swirl. Then because Cocoa Pebbles make the milk somewhat chocolatey I added VTA Chocolate Milk with FLV Sweetness. This does needs a couple of days to settle.

This is a strange brew of morning breakfast and the cigarette after.

Now admittedly I’ve never eaten Cocoa Puffs cereal myself, least not that I remember but this is what I would want it to taste like if I ever do.... Deliciously Chocolaty!
I’m not getting a lot of “cereal” taste in this which suits me just fine,
as I’m not really a big “Cereal Vapist”, I prefer the milk in the bottom of the bowl, yum 🤤

“Rocky Toony Original”

Mixed 1/23/2021

This recipe is a very sweet, buttery, and creamy recipe.
Loranns Bavarian cream :when I smell this flavor I just want to eat it. (Can Sub TFA Bavarian cream)
Vanilla swirl it pairs so well with Bavarian cream as a great base for that Desert cream
FW Butterscotch what can I say it’s Butterscotch for sure and is just great.
Butterscotch Ripple it’s a very deep and rich version of butterscotch that take this recipe to a new level into the abyss.
Cereal 27 - adds a nice Grain texture without overpowering the mix.
This is Beyond the Wonderland a world of Sweet and happy thoughts where we go to fulfill our innermost desires .This recipe takes me there and Beyond . If you want to add sweetener you can I feel it needs none.


We wanted to revisit a very popular recipe from 2016, PEBBLES by NotCharlesManson ( https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/1127 ), and try to update the recipe with newer flavorings and try to consolidate the recipe just a bit. We discovered that trying to consolidate it to say 5 or 6 flavorings was virtually impossible without using one of the fruity flakes flavorings which in our opinion are not very good. We did cut the recipe down by a few flavorings but the most important thing was that it turned out delicious. The cereal base is comprised of CAP Cereal 27 and CAP Sugar Cookie and it gives a nice cereal essence to the mix. The milk is a combination of FA Milk and TPA Meringue. The fruity part is built by using FE Lemon as the main note, FA Royal Orange Juice to round out the FE Lemon, and a touch of FA Marzipan as a very slight cherry note. All three of these notes are said to be in Pebbles and these 3 flavorings seem to do the job. We added a touch of FLV Sweetness to sweeten the milk. We think we accomplished what we set out to do with this remix of Manson's Pebbles, but we'll let you be the judge. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/gWpcSHchEpM .

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Challenge accepted! Daniel Coombes, thank you for trying to break my brain (grins). So here's where my thought process went. Using French Vanilla and Vanilla Custard II to push the vanilla in the vanilla custard part of this recipe. The meringue to give the bottom of the bowl concept in cereal with the vanilla custard. Cereal 27 with FA cookie (boosting the AP with cookie) and layering with the hazelnut to push a little more 'nuttiness' to the mix. Because I wanted a sweet cereal, added the sweetener.

A long time ago i have got a fine liquid with peanutbutter and notes of cocoa. But i can´t remember the name. It was a Premium Liquid from the USA.

So... This is my try to clone this. I´m still working on this recipe. But it´s great right now, i think i´ve got it ;-)

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A gorgeous and multilayered flavor. A delightfully rich treat that is unique and satisfying. Capture the essence of the White Koi. Enjoy!

NOTE: Rich Cinnamon is made using a 10% dilution at .4%.

If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 26 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

Oops! All Berries 2.0 is an adaptation from a recipe I created some time ago. It’s a delicious bowl of berry cereal with milk.

For the cereal note I used a combination of the sweet corny crunch of Capella Cereal 27 and CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. The cotton candy has a really good kind of non descript berry note but the reason it works here is because its dry, not sour or juicy, none of that. It's just a blue/red flavor. The cereal really starts to come through after the 4th day of steeping. That berry note is really good but I needs just a little something to give it more dimension. I settled on WF Strawberry Cheesecake, just using it at 0.5% for little more berry and some cheesy dairy to boot.

I like to have milk with my cereal recipes and I've found that the combination of FA Fresh Cream and FW Yogurt work really well here to get a nice light dairy note while adding just the right amount of texture.

There are two more ingredients in here that make cereal recipes xtra special. FA Meringue to make that milk more than sweet and grainy and FW cake batter dip to saturate the cereal in the milk.

Sweeten to Taste

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