(CAP) Caramel

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Delightful Vape of chocolate fudge Browne with hints of buttery nutty notes just like mom used to make.

Shake and Vape

Best if you Steep 24hrs

okay this is my vanilla tobacco but with cavendish and no vanilla bacco - should be good I think - wouldnt mind a review LOL :) I used cavendish instead of FLV arabian tobacco and just nixed the vanilla bacco - but otherwise same recipe - this is for folks who REALLY enjoy tobacco cuz Im guess ing its strongly of tobacco - still need to try it but wanna wait a day at least.


The Caramel and Maple is a back note in this recipe, with a rich tobacco front note,very smooth and hard to put down.


This is a lite sweet and creamy coffee vape, for those that like a darker blend, I would add a touch of Espresso. This recipe was created on Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network.

day 2 this is a very pleasant vape - mild and flavorful - 5 days - same mild and flavorful - okay this recipe is a good one now... I can only imagine it getting better with a longer steep but at 5 days it's really nice. I had wanted more cinnamon but not overpowering as it is you cannot really make out the cinnamon but the flavors here do come together to produce a great vape. It's just like the title - vanilla tobacco - and it seems just super simple even though the recipe has all this stuff in it - the vape seems very basic - vanilla tobacco LOL

Mixin Vixens -- New Recipe Milk Tart. A blend of delicious creams and crust.


Made for my BF but I really like it too - just plain old custard pie really - but it is soo yummy - even straight off the shake. The cap custard and tpa custard are the stars with pie crust and biscuit backing them up then adding caramel and butter pecan to give it interest. I now add supersweet to almost everything at .25% because I do believe it is kinda like salt - it brings flavors forward. I used to avoid sugar but if you use just a little it won't gunk up your coils.


This recipe has been my white whale my entire mixing life. I have always tried for that perfect cheesecake and have failed everytime. I've tried cherries,blueberries,strawberries and even black currant. I believe that this recipe is my harpoon,that I shot right in the heart of this mammoth of a beast. 1st I used a common cheesecake stone CAP NY Cheesecake and Cap Vanilla CustardI utilized the FA Meringue as a bridge for the creams and Almond, to add a little more texture. Of course the TFA Graham Cracker Clear it the crust. The CAP Caramel adds a sweet and buttery taste. Cap Super Sweet self explanatory.


This is a revision of a recipe I made on a Youtube video. I increased percentages for better flavor on the steep. This recipe is good on the shake but really comes into it's own on a week or longer steep. It is also big batch approved, I am vaping some that is months old.

A tried and tested tobacco pairing.

FA Maple Syrup for the Maple backed up by CAP Caramel for added richness.


Okay yes it's complicated but so too is a truffle - a good one anyway. So I am making the custards (cap v1) and the white chocolate the larger numbers to hold all this. Well and of course the tobacco which if it's going to stand up to all this needs to be a pretty high number. Then adding amounts coffee, chocolate, cocoa, caramel, nuts, vanilla, cardamom.... also putting in creme brulee and bavarian cream. Maybe a ridiculous thing to do or maybe it will work like cooking would idk we'll see. LOL

Flavor Notes