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A Mama/Mega Melons Remix just when you thought there would never be another.

Cuttwood's juice is one of the first ones I remember truly enjoying. Years ago I was working in a vape shop and it was my go to recommendation. I like pretty much any kind of vape besides earthy tobaccos but this profile has always been a true ADV for me. Here’s my swing at it. Props to all the folks who have tackled this one and to @JenniferJarvis for the OG Mama Melons on ELR. Don't let the low percentages scare you off- this one has plenty of flavor.

TFA Honeydew II - In one of my first orders I picked up Honeydew II over the original by accident and I never went back. I think it's a slept on, mellow, all around great honeydew. You could probably sub either JF or TFA Honeydew and be fine but this one does its thing here.

FA Mango Indian Special- A mango I think everyone should own

CAP and FA Cantaloupe- Good ratio of candy to natural to me and what I look for in a cantaloupe vape

FLV Wild Melon- Brings its silk while backing up the honeydew and cantaloupe

TFA Papaya- Just enough for that funk we all love

You can omit Super Sweet this one is on the verge of being cloying to me at just .4% but that sweetness takes me back to 2016.

WS-23 at just .25% takes this one to a whole different level for me but it's fine without it. I'm not one for cold vapes usually but it really does make it that much better. This is fine off the shake it may be a little honeydew or papaya forward and funky but it's good to go when the bubbles settle. After 3 days everything starts to pop and it's a lot more balanced/blended. I have never let any melon mix sit it long enough to know about fading but these flavors should hold up well enough. God bless!

A summer time monster melon mash up, sweet and refreshing with a nice chill effect from the Chefs additive WS-23 30% dilution.

The Fuji FA adds a little body to the recipe plus sweetness without distracting you from the melons.

Sweet Candy Cap is the overall winner in this mix a solid addition rounds off the harsher notes I'd noticed in other versions.

And the Marshmallow vanilla just fluffs everything up nicely adding to the sweetness

Remix of Gemini Vapors Koi is a Melon mix with a creamy combination of coconut exhale and sweet finish. I love all the old School recipes I found a few from 2016 but updated this with some newer flavors...


This is a nice melon glazed donut. The kind you like even in summertime since the melon juice in the glazing plays well together with the vanilla custard.

Cookie and Zeppola form the backbone of the recipe. This is the type of donut Grandma made. She carefully enhanced it with some homemade custard. CAP‘s vanilla custard plays it’s strength in providing a nice non dominant moisture to the donut while being nicely present in the background.

Cantaloupe plays generally well with Meringue and provides here the glazing for the donut. CAP Cantaloupe has a nice sweetness in the flavor profile which supports that function very well. If you only want a slight hint of cantaloupe in the glazing you can reduce the percentage to 4%. At 5% the cantaloupe is more dominant while still letting you taste the donut.


I add 3 drops of ws-23 per 15 ML so one drop per 5 ML . I’m also using flavorahs whipped cream which I accidentally use the first time I ever made his recipe , I never realized it until i went to make this . lol . BUT I think it is amazing this way but you can do anyone you want you can use flavorahs whipped cream you can use FA Cream whipped or you can’t use TFA vanilla bean i i’ve cream . i made this for a juul pod at 50 MG nic salt just to keep in mind for y’all .


I was trying to get close to the Jarritos Guava.

FLV Guava for sharpness because the Jarritos has a little grapefruit thing going on.

CAP Sweet Guava for the base fruit.

CAP Cantaloupe really helps sell the guava to me. It sweetens everything up, blends everything together, and add extra wetness.

FLV Citrus Soda and FA Lime Tahity (cold pressed) to enforce the soda underneath.

WS-23 optional.


Went back and reworked my Melon Lime Cooler and I'm much more proud of this mix.

Derivative of Waterberry with permission from EyeM2sRus

Melon drink in the spirit of a Philippine

Melon Sa Malamig. For an optional cooling drink effect, add 1 drop per 15ml of WS-23 or Polar Blast


A remix of Caribbean Clouds UFOhm Encounter. Sweet, juicy, and strange.


Recipe from Haku Xeta Billet Box Re-Wick + Mixing XETA Melon watch the video here https://youtu.be/OPk4DMg6C6o


Full Notes here:

This mashes up the tropical flavors of cantaloupe & kiwi, and pours sweet honey on top. The result is absolute deliciousness. Made on Live Mixing.

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