(CAP) Candied Watermelon

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Watermelon Fish
purdy good stuff. simple ingredients. Cheap to mix

This is a shake & vape. I really needed something to go with some corona the beer. It pairs up nice with a beer and some warm weather. I’d say sweeten to taste. I got the idea from Superbloke and his line of juice. It came out good. After a week or two the strawberry starts to fade and the watermelon pops out more.

This is a recipe meant to emulate the Watermelon Puff bar flavor. It's less "sharp" and a bit more juicy, but is close enough on this simple profile.

There isn't anything too complicated here, it's a nice watermelon candy with a kiss of cherry.

MB Red Cherry is pretty amazing, it doesn't have any of the weirdness that most cherries have. It's not a black cherry, it's a sweet red cherry as described in it's name. It does have some candy properties, but it will work well in a juice or anything else that calls for a bright cherry. Best of all there's no medicinal qualities. If you're a fan of cherry, you should definitely have this.

The watermelon is simple enough, the new CAP watermelon candy reminds me of watermelon bubble gum on it's own. I don't exactly want the gum, just that candied watermelon it does well. Adding some PUR watermelon helps push that candied note further to the top.

The TFA strawberry here doesn't lend any flavor. It's only used to help drive the candy home and give that cherry a boost. It helps the cherry linger on the back end of the vape so this is what remains after the exhale.

Its solid right after the shake, but I always prefer at least an overnight steep. The sweetener isn't mandatory, but it's a candy profile so I highly suggest some. FW at 1% was perfect for me.

Not exactly seasonal, but......a nice, refreshing vape. I’ve always loved mint and lime juice on my watermelon in real life.....so why not make it vapable! The Candied Watermelon added that sweet punch I was looking for without adding any sweetener. Hope y’all like it!


So I called this Fruit Roulette because while this profile has been done before this recipe is actually SIX IN ONE.. You can put the fruit in any order and its still a great vape with the main fruit being changed.

As posted is my favorite variation however i like them all. You can simply take for instance mix the watermelon at 2.25 the strawberry at 1.75 and the apple at 1 and it works still...just simple move the fruit flavors around in whatever order you want using these percentages and it works...hope you enjoy.

Only going to mention a few concentrates here
Cap Candied Watermelon - As the name implies it is indeed a Candied sweet watermelon..i don't get any harshness from this at all..this could easily be used higher IMO.

VT Shisha Double Apple - This apple is sweet as well full of apple flavor and a tobacco note...now the tobacco note here is why i suggest the 10 day steep..as long as the apple is used in the 1% slot the tobacco note fades to almost nothing making it seem like a spice note in the background.

Holy Vanilla - used here for some depth and Brightness

a nice blend of berries and melon. normally don't do fruits but just got a bunch of new flavors to play with and need to stop vaping bakerys and creams all the time haha!

INW Cactus adds moisture and complexity.

CSL Candied Watermelon perfect melon candy not too sweet and does very well with other flavors no off notes.

FA Forest Fruits adds a nice berry aspect to the melon adds nuance to the profile.

FA Lemon Sicily adds brightness and help bring out the berry.
sweeten to taste with go to sweeter and your good to go! SNV, but best after a 2 days for flavors to develop
Hope anyone who mixes this enjoys it, and please leave comments about what you thought.

This Recipe is ONLY for Nic Salt. Ideally flavor % are formulated for a 35mg-50mg range.

Notes & Subs
Candied Watermelon is the star. No subs.

Lorann can be subbed for fw or flv

Whipped Cream adds body without tasting it.

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