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(CAP) Cake Batter

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Apple Strawberry Roll

This is my take on an "Apple Strawberry Roll"- vape. An old recipe created by my grandma. This cake is original made by painting a bright cake batter with strawberry jam, adding fresh shredded apple, some vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, rolling it up and of course baking it ;) So yummy... My take came out pretty close, close enough to bring me back in time to my grandma's kitchen. Enjoy!

FA Fuji Apple
I don't have to say much about this. Fuji apple is the most authentic fresh apple flavoring I know. If I was allowed to use more than 6 flavors for this recipe, I'd probably add some INW Two Apples to give it a more baked apple style taste. 2% turned out to be enough to be recognized without overpowering the strawberry. (Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on JF Fuji, because I'm from Europe and no vendor here has it in stock atm.)

TFA Strawberry Ripe
Again, IMO the most authentic strawberry out there and my favorite strawberry flavoring. 2.5% turned out to be the right amount to blend in with FA Fuji.

FA Liquid Amber
LA is used to turn the strawberry to a jam-like filling and to blend in with the apple.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl
CDS is used mainly for the small touch of cinnamon and adding an extra note to the bakery element. 0.6% was best for me, adding more than 0.75% resulted in a muting effect on the fruits.

CAP Vanilla Custard (v1)
VC again found its way into one of my recipes. Its purpose is to add the vanilla note as well as a buttery note to the bakery, and also thickening up the whole vape.

CAP Cake Batter
To find the right bakery flavoring was the hardest decision for this recipe. I usually use more than one flavoring to create a bakery style of vape. For this recipe I try several bakery-style flavorings (FA Cookie, FA Nonna's Cake, INW Biscuit, CAP Sugar Cookie, TFA/FW Graham Cracker,...) but CAP Cake Batter was the one closest to what I was aiming for.

Mixed with around 80% VG and 3mg nicotine. Best after min. 7-10 days steep.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

When I tried to find a blueberry muffin recipe to mix up I was VERY disappointed with what was out there. So I did some hard planning and what I mixed up was F***ING delicious so I had to share.
Playing with vanilla cupcakev2, cake batter and sugar cookie as a base I built up the the authenticity with meringue and hazlenut and of course my all time favourite blueberry FW!
Great shake & Vape but the recipe does change a lot after 2 weeks and flavour becomes richer and darker, I could Vape this for weeks on end!


Sugary cranberry treat.

A simple Strawberry cupcake recipe, nothing fancy about it

Discord: DIY Mixers Crew

Real flavors Baked bread RAW extract @1.75%, this flavor is not in the datebase yet but it's essential to the recipe
INW used as a 10% dilution

A sweet, tart cranberry spiced glazed donut.
Steep time 7-10 days


I was making juice one night and was running low on flavors and decided to make something to use them up. I thought why not make something that would just use them all up at once. It was like 3am and I needed to get to bed. So Shadow's Milk was created. Oh well I love it. Since this one is heavy on the creams I mix this one until frothy then I let it sit, until it's clear, then I mix until it is frothy again. Then I heat in the baby bottle warmer for 30 minutes. Then I let this one sit for 2 weeks.

Sweet tooth vape with a little bit of a dragonfruit twist. This one I mix thoroughly for at least a couple of minutes and heat up in the baby bottle warmer for 30 minutes. Then I let cool topless. Since it is a creamy vape I let this one sit in a cool dark place for at least a week before I vape. The longer you wait the better I've let it set for 2 weeks and it is amazing.


The notes for this lime custard bar are in Reddit's DIY_eJuice July 2016 Monthly Recipe Thread


Strawberry cream

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