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(CAP) Butter Cream

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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IMPORTANT - RY4 is from Molinberry and not (MPV)

Not sure if this is for the tobacco-heads or the sweet-tooth vaper but it's a very sweet tobacco. The idea behind the profile was to put Coconut and Native Tobacco up against each other since I find Native to be delicious, but strong. The result was unexpectedly pleasing.

A very sweet cinnamon thump with a dark tobacco back note.

Update: I have found this to work best as an MTL recipe. I have switched to Molinberry RY4 (Please note that this is marked as MPV flavour house) and included Vanilla Classic (FA) and Butter Cream (CAP).


Updated changed cake in mix to JF Yellow Cake.
This is my version of a Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. I find it interesting to read the history on how a dessert came about, and just like most things in history, many different versions exist.
The Gooey Butter Cake originated in the 1930s. According to legend, a German baker added the wrong proportions of ingredients in the coffee cake batter he was making. It turned into a gooey, pudding-like filling.
My favorite story:
This cake is a legendary Depression-era mistake. The story goes something like this: A baker in St. Louis accidentally mixed up the ingredient proportions for his cake, resulting in a gooey texture. Because it was the Depression, they couldn’t just throw it out, so they sold it and it was an instant hit.

Whatever the true history, it is loved by many, their are many different versions, here is my version. Enjoy.

Learn more about mixing here:

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Omg so I went grocery shopping the other day and I was looking at frostings and I saw this on the shelf and I thought it would be fun too try this and if you guys are looking for a sugary sweetness in your look no further bcuz I have it right here and when I tried this right away it tickled my cheeks which is what I was looking for in a vape so mix this one up and enjoy and get ready for the fall flavors soon to drop in my line


it is the first and probably the last time 😂
i work so hard on a profile.
it took several batches to nail it down
and here it is Ladies and gentlemen...
spot on 100% S N I C K E R S 👌

●Mix it
●Shake it
●Vape it

▪ Be careful with the % ▪

•Beer Nuts FLV is superfuckingstrong! +0.1% of it is capable to bring the recipe out of balance!

•Do NOT lower the Super Sweet % you'll end up with a dry vape.

•ELR Link: http://tjek.nu/r/pfGq

Eggnog mixed with chocolate chips ice cream and a bit of Bourbon kick

This cookie vape was created on Interactive Mixing ,on the Diydownunder network. After 24 hours the cookie comes through well, not getting much white chocolate,but I am getting a coconut back note not sure where it is coming from, being a work in progress I will update as recipe steeps. Im puttin steep time as 4 weeks,but I will change if it steeps out sooner

So I was sitting in my mixers room on this lovely labor day and the state fair came too mind when I thought of this recipe and its actually pretty tasty mix it up and enjoy

This is a delicious peach pie vape. It is a SNV but I would allow it to breath for a few, Peach seem to have a good amount of alcohol in it. Best vaped after 7 day steep.

This is a Peanut Brittle Chew Bar. Very delicious, and full of delicious p-NUT flavor.
The star of course is WF SC Peanut Brittle. This is very authentic to the taste of actual peanut brittle. To create the chewy Brownie base for this, I used, FW cake batter, HS Caramel Toffee, and OOO marshmallow (vanilla), for the overall taste and texture, TPA Brown Sugar with Cap Cereal 27, and Cap Golden Butter.

Check out what DIY Downunder has to offer:
Have you tried this recipe?!
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I am not sure who gets credit for the basic macaron recipe as I have seen several mixers using similar ingredients/percentages. However Shyndo's The Pink was the first one that I tried so I suppose I will give him credit lol.

The floral notes are light and blend in smoothly with the Apricot in this macaron. If you are looking for something different give this a try. The Honeysuckle helps blend the Jasmine and the Apricot together and adds a touch more sweetness. It took me several tries to balance the florals and the apricot into something that would not taste like perfume nor overpower the bakery notes. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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