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(CAP) Butter Cream

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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This one's for the Capella fans. Strawberry, tangerine and a hint of mango come together to form a sweet, tangy and tropical fruit blend. This mixture sits in a light cheesecake base that balances some creaminess with the sparkle of the citrus fruits. Enhancing with a touch of super sweet and cinnamon danish swirl gives this base a uniquely sweet profile.

Excellent as a shake and vape but develops nicely with a 3 day steep. The mango will be upfront to begin with and then fade into the background and let the tangerine and strawberry shine through. Creamy cheesecake becomes even more prominent with a full week steep.


This is a remix of the infamous circus cookie e liquid. It was created by 3 mixers including myself Aaron Vause and John N Jill Szollosi so credit has to go to all 3 of us.
Many a long night was spent creating this e liquid and finally after 8 versions between as all we came up with this finished version which all all agreed is very tasty.
Here are some notes.

FA cookie / cap sugar cookie / FW hazelnut

This created the cookie Base for the recipe we decided on cap sugar cookie for the main staple for the cookie but it does tend to hide behind other flavourings so needed some boost to make it shine. A small amount of fa cookie and FW hazelnut gives the cookie abit more weight and flavour and makes the cookie more enjoyable and noticeable on the exhale. Without the additions the exhale was somewhat lacking the texture of a hearty cookie.

Cap butter cream

This adds the butter cream into the cookie and rounds of what otherwise would be a dry biscuit flavour.

FA meringue / fa marshmallow / Tfa VBIC / fa joy

This creates the icing that you find on circus cookies and totally plays an important role in the recipe. We could of gone with loranns cream cheese icing but it tends to overpower and gives a waxy texture that seems to artificial. Adding meringue boosts the sweetness alongside adding weight to the marshmallow which is the star of the show. The VBIC combined with the meringue and marshmallow creates a perfect icing that totally works in conjunction with the cookie. FA joy is the magical addition that ties the icing together and creates the sprinkles over the icing.

INW shisha Strawberry

The recipe required a candy Strawberry flavour for the icing and after playing with capella sweet Strawberry it didn't cut the mustard and faded considerably with the other ingredients so after playing around with INW shisha Strawberry again a Strawberry known for its candy aspects we found it a bolder Strawberry that held its own against the other flavours and worked in its favour.

So imagine the experience you get that full on bold Strawberry inhale that turns into creamy icing with sprinkles that ignites buttery cookie. Perfect all day vape experience that will want you lusting for more.

Add sweetener should you wish

0.5% seems to be the sweet spot.



Here it is folks. Vape it. Love it. Inhale my juice. This was the recipe I submitted for the inaugural DIYorDIE mixer's competition. Mix it up, let it sit for a few days and let me know what you guys think. If you're one of the unfortunate people that gets a pepper taste from TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, I'm sure you could substitute for CAP's version. However, the TFA VBIC at a low percentage really blends in well with everything else and lends a buttery hand to the Vanilla Custard and Butter Cream. Try my version first then if needed, substitute TFA VBIC for CAP's version. Full notes on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/4zqehv/apple_buttah_from_the_inaugural_diyordie_mixers/

and here's the link to my other recipes in the contest http://diyordievaping.com/2016/09/09/winner-of-the-2016-diyordie-world-mixing-championship/


Goes great with morning coffee.


This is an extra creamy banana milk treat. I didn't want to upload it till I got it totally right...and here it is... definitely my best. Give it a couple weeks to get all the creamy goodness. I mix it at 70VG/30PG and the LA banana cream I use is the clear version.
* update- for a creamy banana Pudding add 1% Vape Wizard-yummy

Yoghurt with banana and strawberries.

A delicious caramel apple pie topped with a touch of powdered sugar.

A delicious and fluffy rice crispy treat.


Do Not, I repeat; DO NOT mix this if you don't have the now discontinued INW YC Waffle. I'm sorry, but, no suitable substitute exists at this time, and mixing this without it absolutely destroys the profile. If you don't see any new recipes from me for a long time, you can rest assured I ran out of INW Waffle and died of sorrow. RIP Waffle. And to the folks over at Inawera; I will never forgive you for this.

A Dutch cookie consisting of a sweet, thick syrup of maple, brown sugar and caramel sandwiched between two thin, chewy waffles baked on a special iron.

Full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/4e7snt/dutchie_a_delicious_stroopwafel/?

credit to /u/empirevapor

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