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(CAP) Blueberry Jam

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 567 recipes at an average of 2.826%.


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It's razz not much more to say about this.
It works well. Super sweet is optional
This also really pops. With 1% fa sour wizard

I haven't single flavor test most of these flavors so i dont have great notes for them. I'm sorry. But here's what i do know.

Cap blue jam... is kinda gross. Pretty floral and just plain wierd. I normaly dont like the way regular blueberry turns out in a razz mix like fw or tpa blueberry so i just randomly thought mabey cap blue jam could work. And to my suprise it did.. It's super strong and pungent and i though that might be pretty useful because....

Inw rasp. There is absuletly no doubt in my mind that it in blue jolly ranchers. I love it its good it smells amazing but anything over 1 percent will over power nearly anything imo. But i always long for more inw rasp in a mix and thats where the blue jam comes into play.
I wanted I kind of balanced the inw rasp and cap blue jam. Then built everything els apround them.. they work good together since there both really strong and pungent.


Ladies and Gentlemen. in the name of Remix Month, I present to you a remix of Vapergate's Crystal Smurf.

Vapergate is a great company with absolutely divine juices. I've been buying Smurf and Crystal Smurf, along with the alliance, the masons, dumptanks, Slut Pumps and really whatever they put out I jump on.

I was blown away when I discovered how simple this recipe really is.

Here's what I put together:

I purchased some Capella Blueberry Jam and tested it at 8%, where I generally sample Capellas. it was throaty and harsh as fuck. Ok, I said, add it to a batch and try it again tomorrow. 24 hours later, I have Smurf. I was blown away.

However, it's not an exact match. there's a cool exhale on smurf which may be mint, lemonade, or even Koolada. I went with Koolada at a very low percentage to try to capitalize on the tiniest touch of cool exhale.

It's basically perfect. And now it's yours.
please enjoy, and if you can afford it, check out Vapergates whole juice line. Donkey is a personal favorite.

With love.



Blueberry Meringue & Cream
A tribute to a house juice created by a good friend of my partner. Shout out to Nick Luton!

The profile is Blueberries with drizzle sitting on a dash of thick cream and crispy Meringue base.

FA Bilberry/FW Blueberry make up a decent representation of an actual blueberry. The FW Blueberry doesn't have quite enough presence on its own, it needs some help. The FA Bilberry is strong, but really gives the blueberry more depth and authenticity.

CAP Blueberry Jam is very sweet, very artificial; perfect for sweetening the main blueberry flavour, giving a nice 'drenched' Blueberry vibe.

FA Meringue/CAP Sugar Cookie were a no brainer. The Meringue is perfect at 2%. I tested it higher in previous batches and it's just a waste to go higher.
The Sugar Cookie helps to give the meringue more substance and bite as well as sweetening. I wanted more of a Pavlova style Meringue; which is crisp on the outside and chewy inside.

FW Marshmallow/ CC Devon Cream are the cream/ thickening agents. They contribute more sweetness, more mouthfeel, a hint of vanilla whilst binding the recipe together.
CC Devon Cream I used was straight from Cupcake World but I believe they are the same thing. It's extremely eggy, more so than CAPs VCV1, so it's excellent for a meringue mix.
It can absolutely be subbed for 1% TFA Bavarian Cream and 0.5% CAP VCV1. The reason I used DC is because it does the job of both.
The FW Marshmallow can also be subbed for your favourite marshmallow at the same %.

This is pretty sweet as is but also good with 0.25% Super Sweet.
Shake and Vape good to go but fills out great after a week!

This Recipe has come a long way from where it started. When I first started with it I wanted to taste the Blueberry Jam (CAP) so I mixed it up, that wasn't good so I added sweetener...that was good but lacking so I ordered Bilberry (FA) and that was very strong so I remixed it with wayyyy less Bilberry and added Creamy stuff. It was great. In the meantime I was testing the Creamy Yogurt (CAP) on its own. I vaped it along and I loved it and thought "this would go great in the Blueberry Cream stuff I made". And that is my brilliant conception of this Recipe...lolol I use the word Brilliant very lightly...lol Anyway, it's good, you can go more or less on the Yogurt depending on how you like it, I love it. You can use Greek if you like that flavor instead but the whole thing is yummy and great mouth feel.

Buttered Toast + Blueberry Jam. POW!
Jam Monster Blueberry clone. Still tweaking but liking it very much so far. Suggestions welcome!

UPDATE 1/27/17: add 3% TFA Butter to prev recipe and it's even better (β testers are telling me it's amazing). But. As tasty as it is, it's not the clear, precise clone I'm looking for. Not yet. I'm thinking of starting over, greatly simplifying, just bc right now it's blending very nicely and that makes it hard to discern where the "problem" lies. For me, this isn't just to make another tasty juice. The goal is to sharpen my skills at making a specific target. One that can at least somewhat be objectively verified - as much as a decision from taste buds between different individuals can be rendered objectively, anyway.

To this end, I'd be immensely grateful if some of you very experienced mixers out there would give this a try and share your comments? Thank you very much in advance...


This is my rendition of a wonderful blueberry cream medley that I believe is a winner. The combination of 5 blueberry flavorings at these percentages is the perfect mix - FA Bilberry for earthy note, FW Blueberry, & TFA Blueberry Extra for dark, syrupy depth; and CAP Blueberry Jam & TFA Blueberry Candy for brighter notes & to fill out body. The Bavarian Cream / Marshmallow give the fluffy, light & smooth feel. The Meringue & Sweet Cream boost the sugary sweetness & mouth feel to nice combo. All 9 flavors blend very well. Shake & Vape is interesting, but 7 day steep allows all the blueberries to meld & the creams to fully come out to play. Mix 70/30 VG/PG Enjoy!!

Baked Blueberry Yogurt Stuffed Cookie fresh out the fridge. I used 3 drops per 30ml Koolada. Koolada to taste.

Shooting for a light cake note with baked in blueberries. 10-14-16 taste like plain oatmeal, or a dry whole grain muffin

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