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(CAP) Black Currant

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 49 recipes at an average of 3.37%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Licorice and Coconut is a great combination. Coconut and Blackcurrant is a great combination. Throw all three together and you get one of the best flavor profiles I've done so far. Already vaped through 200 ml of this goodness. Let's get into the nitty-gritty:

FA Black Touch - In my opinion the only good Licorice on the market, especially for a real, non-candy Licorice flavor. 3% might sound like a high percentage at first glance, but cut the dosage and it loses a lot of its presence in the mix.

INW Blackcurrant & CAP Black Currant: Inaweras take on the flavor is by far my favorite. It's not too sweet and has the right amount of sourness. Capellas Blackcurrant helps to give the profile even more fruitiness.

CAP Coconut & TPA Coconut Candy: I've tinkered with these a lot in the first batches. 2% for both turned out to be the exact sweet spot I was looking for. Capellas Coconut is needed to give the right Coconut texture, TPAs Coconut Candy bolsters it nicely and gives the mix much needed sweetness. A positive side effect of TPA Coconut Candy is that we don't need any sweeteners in this recipe.

I like to add 1% WS-23 (10% dilution in PG). You can decrease the amount or leave it out completely, you call.

Steep time is AT LEAST 7 days. No SNV!

Hope you enjoy and have a nice vape!

This fruit smoothie is a blend of apple, mango dragon fruit and yogurt. I used black currant and mango to help the fruits edge out the creaminess that developes after steeping. Give it a try and post some feedback if you feel so inclined.

This is my attempt of a copy of nasty juice wicked haze ,i realy like this one, i would love to hear any feed back thank and enjoy.



Jesus Spacolie, you made another candy recipe. Well too bad. This was a throw in experiment I did testing the new CAP Silverline flavorings. And these 2 stuck out at me in particular in something I wanted to use. My thought was just stupid simple. And it worked.

CAP Silverline Black Currant - There isn't a ton of Black Currants on the market, so I was curious about this one in particular. It had a artificial smell and taste as a standalone, so I thought this could be used in a candy recipe. And it does. At 3%, it's rather flavorful, and I think was a perfect amount used for a simple recipe like this.

CAP Silverline 27 Bears - I would like to figure out what the hell these 27's keep coming from. But I heard rather good news about this one prior to receiving it. And I was not disappointed. It tastes like a gummy bear, plain and simple. And going off past experiences with other Gummies (FW Gummy Bear, NW Sour Gummy), I knew that these have to be at a certain percentage, otherwise these just fall flat. But once again, the Gummy Bear came through. 3.5% does plenty in terms of giving that gummy substance, and is one of a couple flavors that helps brighten up this Black Currant.

FW Razzleberry - This flavoring was purely used to help with the Gummy Bear sweetness, definitely don't need alot of this, because it will start muting your flavorings pretty easily. And this also managed to help brighten up the Black Currant as well. So 1% is enough.

TPA Marshmallow - Like in most recipes that are of this nature, I used Marshmallow purely for mouth feel. And it never fails

CAP Super Sweet - Here we go with my sweetener.... Well this one you definitely could go without sweetener if that's not your style. But one drop of this, or a drop or 2 of less potent sweetener, will really razzle your berries in this recipe.

Just a fun simple recipe if you're looking for something juicy like you've been chewing on a gummy for a minute, and wanna retain that sweetness from the initial bite. Solid right out the gate, but fully flourishes after an overnight steep. Just another one from the sweet tooth.

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