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Banana and peanut butter fried sandwich. That will take you back to the good ole days, sitting in your backyard after swimming during the hot summer day. Your mom walks out with a banana and peanut butter sammy!

This is probably my favorite banana recipe i make.its an adv with plenty of flavor and sweetness

Simple work in progress banana and custard recipe.

Y'all love banana custards.
How about a legit banana cream pie??

Flavor notes:
For the base of this Pie i wanted a Graham Cracker pie crust. WF Flapper Pie makes a great base for a custard pie, at 3% it adds to the crust, custard filling and whipped topping. FW graham cracker at 3% keeps it present but not overtly so, and is an amazingly perfect graham cracker note. TPA cheesecake (graham crust) at 1.5% to fill blend the crust and custard. Tpa brown sugar at .5% was used as well to darken and sweeten the crust!
For the Banana Custard layer i went with what i had. CAP Banana has a really good artificial banana flavor and used low at 1% along with TFA Banana Cream at 3%, it makes what i think of when i think "banana pudding" as far as the banana taste goes. Artificial. FLV Vanilla Pudding at 1.5% and FA Custard Premium at 1.5% round out the filling very nicely.

FA Marshmallow Vanilla at .75% along with TPA Whipped Cream at 2% both help add to the whipped topping as well as the custard inside.

I vaped this off the shake with (1.5 cap banana 2.5 tpa banana cream) and the banana was a little sharp. Readjusted and this is vapeable after a day but gove it time and it will only bloom.

I added .75% FLV sweetener (sucralose) to this, you can add sweetener to your own descretion!

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We are all always learning :)

Just a simple, well balanced candy banana strawberry. Tastes like If you took banana runts and strawberry syrup and mixed it in a blender. Super tasty.


Fried doughy goodness on the inhale and creamy cinnamon banana on the exhale. Really good even on day one!

ok so I thought bout this last night and creating it was the trick and matching the cap sweet strawberry and tfa strawberry ripe makes a very juicy strawberry and combining it with the banana cream makes a for good blending of fruits & I saw this flavor at the store and I thought I would try and create it and it smells amazing after mixing so I'm sure it will taste very refreshing for the summertime

Pineapple, Banana flavored juice. Good as a shake and vape, but gets better with a few days steep.

Testing this out, found on ELR (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/173242/Banana+Bubbleyum) by tbt127

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