(CAP) Apple Pie

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This recipe was Featured on Wayne's mid week critique and given a 4.5 from Wayne. It is a recipe that I'm proud of and took much work and thought.

Update: Wayne rated this recipe #1 over all for 2020. I'm humbled by this.

Please don't hesitate to leave some feedback if you mix this up.

If you are having a hard time finding LA butter rum, Flavor Jungle carries it.

The LA Butter Rum is a must in the recipe and the combo of custards needs to remain in tack as well. Even after Wayne reviewed it, I continued to mess around with different flavorings and different percentages but I keep coming back to the OG recipe.

Try it out and leave me some feedback.

Welcome,,, A Work in Progress

Just picked a few flavors and going to see what I can do. May Delete and/or Add. I know with apples,,, Pretty much any other fruit will go...
Cotton candy,,, not really a sweetener, just kinda acts like one. May add 0.5% super sweet to lift. decided to add super sweet,,, not so much for sweet, but for a smigh of citric.

A creamy custard pie with a boysenberry twist. This vape goes down oh so smooth and will have you coming back for more.

After a short steep period the boysenberry falls slightly behind the custard and brings the apple out.

It's good after just a couple of days steep but probably needs a good two weeks for the bakery and custard to pop.

I was in the mood for some apple pie and I went too mcds and this is what I got when I ate one and it was so yummy, warm and gooey

Lemon pie clone. Adapted from the Dinner Lady Tart remix by dacolez. His recipe is awesome, most prefer it over the original ! This one is an attempt to get closer to the clone. Chances are they didn't use as many flavors as dacole did in his recipe.

Shake and vape. Used apple pie for crust flavor and cap lemon pie for bakery flavor.

So the first thing you should know that this was my brothers recipe and I think that it's one of the best apple pie recipe I have ever vap I posted this because this is what Help me stop smoking...ps if you're wondering if passed away

Caramel Apple inhale with a sweet smooth marshmallow exhale. This is a recipe I can't make fast enough.

A smooth centre of creamy in deliciously chewy, golden caramel & milk chocolate

This profile all started a while back when a friend mine asked me to make him an Apple pie with Ice cream e juice. I thought it sounded pretty simple so I threw some stuff together, it turned out ok and he loved it but I knew it could be better, a lot better. So I played around with it (made it not better) Then I got back on track. I tried some things that I should have thought about in the beginning and I thought dam this is good but I know it can be better still. So I let Joe aka RAGEISALOTOFWORK try it and he really liked it. I told him I think it still needs work. So he vaped a 30ml and hit me with a couple of changes that took it over the top. I now believe that this recipe couldn't be any better. It nails the perfect balance of pie crust to pie filling and the cream sits right to the side like I wanted. I really know that if you dig this profile, you will definitely love this recipe. Mix it on up and let me know what you think. Thanks KRUCIAL (this recipe is also interesting when you compare it to the original /Apple Pie Allah also available on ATF\ you can see the development of a recipe profile, see what changes were made and ascertain why)

Based on the profile of a well known fast food establishments apple 'pie', although it's more of a deep fried sweet apple pocket in reality, the pastry is nothing like a traditional pie and I've tried to achieve that thin doughy fried pocket that it comes with the use of the CAP Churro and FA Zeppola.

CAPple Pie adds a little summin summin to the fuji and works as the go between the apple and the pie profile.

TFA Brown Sugar and CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl are seasoning to a degree, the CDS gives the doughy crust a bit of cakeyness (if that's a word?). The Brown Sugar helps with a slight richer sweetness and goes with the shell and cooked apple.

FA Fuji & FA Liquid Amber stewed/fried/seasoned sweet apple.

Feel free to Vape at 600F for blistering authenticity.

That's about it.

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