(CAP) Amaretto

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Watch the red planet turning into a blue heaven. Bakery and blueberry lovers delight.
A very rich and fluffy blueberry cake with a sweet almond marzipan layer, topped with cream cheese icing and meringue .

Building blocks:
(CAP) Amaretto (a little) to push the (FA) Marzipan and give the mix a delicious liquor'ish taste.

(FLV) Blueberry, (TPA) Blueberry Extra and (TPA) Elderberry are perfectly paired for a deep and more intense flavour. (FLV) Blueberry infuses in a very aromatic way the cake mix while the (TPA) Elderberry enhance the berry boost upwards.

(CAP) Yellow Cake is light, and fluffy got some vanilla to it and is less dense than its competitors which why it's sit perfectly in this recipe. (oh yes, can be subbed by JF Yellow Cake which is light as well but is a little buttery in comparison)

(FA) Meringue and (LA) Cream Cheese Icing provides the sweet topping and very noticeable in the exhale

A lot of aromas been used, they all play a role this recipe, in fact each vape on your tank/dripper gives you a new sensation.
first, close your eyes and enjoy this fantastic vape.
Inhale: rich blueberry and marzipan.
exhale: cake and toppings with that lovely amaretto breeze over more blueberries.

Needs 24 hour for the berries to settle but 5 days steep or more makes this a .... vape.

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