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(CAP) 27 Bears

Pineapple heavy gummy bears, executed pretty well overall.

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct

Used in 536 recipes at an average of 4.105%.


Setup: Recoil w/ flavor barrel, Dual 15 wrap 26g 3mm Nifethal 70 coils @.14 ohms. 60w power, 450F temp limit. Full Cotton Wicks.

Testing: CAP SilverLine 27 Bears, 2 and 5%, 60/40 VG/PG, Steeped 6 days.

Flavor Description: Pineapple heavy gummy bears, executed pretty well overall.

Texture here is actually pretty solid. Not quite as thick, dense, and chewy as 27 Fish, but it has that waxy thing from actual gummy bears down pretty well. Actually feels like it coats your mouth with that halfway dissolved gelatin thing that a mouthful of gummy bears has going on.

And it tastes like gummy bears. Mostly like white pineapple gummy bears. There's some actual tartness here that could either be a tarter take on pineapple or more of a discrete orange flavor. I'm also getting some sweeter strawberryish flavor in here too. The classic haribo flavors are raspberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, and pineapple... and I could definitely see all of those being in here but it's weighted more towards the pineapple and the citrus.

The only direct competition that I've had for this would be FW Gummy Candy, and this has a much better mouthfeel but it does have a pretty identifiable fruit flavored attached. FW Gummy Candy has always sort of worked a bit better in theory than in practice for me, so while 27 bears might not theoretically be as versatile, It'll work better when the actual flavor of gummy bears isn't going to get in the way.

Off-flavors: Not really, pretty much just gummy bears. Gets a bit chemical at high percentages, but nothing too bad within usable percentage ranges.

Throat Hit: Light to moderate. I do get a bit of harshness on this, but it seems to settle in a bit moderately quickly and smooth back out. Initially seems to dry out your mouth a bit and that might be contributing.

Percentage testing: At 2%, this is weaker. I'm mostly getting a light candy pineapple. Seems to be missing some of the other fruit accents in there. Texture is a little sticky, but it's more like a dry sticky and not that gelatinous gummy bear thing.

Filled in quite a bit at 5%. Still very much pineapple forward, but I'm picking up some extra citrus tartness and some "red flavor" way in the back. Flavor still feels like it could be maybe just a touch more saturated.

Trying this up at 8%, I'm starting to find some of the chemical edges of this flavor. The red part has filled in a bit but it's almost tasting a little too citrus heavier. Mouthfeel is dramatically better than 5%.

Just based on these tests, I'd probably use this an accent flavor around 3% and a primary flavor around 6-7%.

Uses & Pairings: A higher percentage of this concentrate, too much sweetener, and some questionable marketing and you've got yourself a hype flavor. This could use maybe a bit more "red" to it with a candied strawberry or raspberry, and maybe some vanilla swirl to round the edges off, but pretty remarkably close to a single flavor gummy bear as it is.

Should be useful as a slightly tart, gummy mouthfeel additive for more diverse candy profiles. I don't think you're completely going to get away from the fruitiness here, but you can probably overwhelm it with your fruit flavor of choice especially at lower percentages. The mouthfeel shows ups a bit later than than the fruit flavor, so it'll be fairly difficult to get a clear fruit flavor not already in that gummy bear spectrum and still get all of that mouthfeel.

Second Opinions: Still fairly new.

Shoutout to ceedee99uk for linking reviews from PeegoreVapes in another thread.

Here's the product page from Capella. Their description: "Silverline’s new mystery jelly treat, 27 Bears will surely satisfy your inner sweet tooth. A clear gummy texture with a sweet, sugary taste that will leave you growling for more!" Ain't no mystery here. It's gummy bears.

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Keeping the 123 train going here is a tropical and bright gummy bear. This tropical gummy bear has peach, pineapple, melon, guava, and papaya notes. Very simple and tasty. Shake and vape certified.


Jellied sweets from my childhood in New Zealand. They have a hint of a vanilla/peaches and cream style to half of them and the jellied peach top.

FA Peach White & INW Peach : The INW Peach is the main note, with the FA White Peach to boost it up.
CAP 27 Bears : Brings the jelly sweet note this is a solid jellied candy flavour
Vanilla Swirl : This makes it a thicker mouth fell and a touch of the vanilla in there
VT Fizzy Sherbet : This brightens the peach and brings it forward as well as making it more "candy"

I hope you enjoy its my first public recipe. Its a nice SNV and not harsh for a peach vape. It settles nicely over a couple of days.... feedback good or bad is welcome!

Inspired by this Weeks Noted Episode

Jelly Candy and 27 Bears for a gummy bear flavor, Flavorah Sour Apple to add a nice sour apple fruit note, Vanilla Swirl to add a little chew, and Lemon Sicily to brighten the fruit a bit


Spot on gummy bears. Shake n vape or steep for a week or two. The flavors marry really well into a realistic gummy flavor.

Flavor notes:
One on One: Orange (Popsicle) its in this mix cause i wanted a candy orange witch would both give flavor and sweetness to the mix.
One On One: Gummy Bear and 27 Bears Capella: I wanted the gummy flavor and these two united give the perfect gummy, its sweet, its candy, its perfect.

Its a simple recipe both it works very well and to me its almost spot on, this is shake and vape recipe.

I have mixed this in 50/50 VG/PG but if you plan to mix this in high VG I recommend you add twice as much concentrate soo the final result will be 20%
Instead of the 10% it is right now.

Found at ELR. Direct link:


Flavor description from ELR

If you like gummy bears then you will love this because it tastes just like a gummy bear!! Its a snv with a very delightful fruity gummy bear inhale and candy flavor with no off notes at all. you wont be disappointed. It has a full mouth flavor and will keep you wanting more!

I added super sweet but that wasn’t part of jazzys recipe. Feel free to adjust or remove it if you’d like! It really doesn’t need it but I’m a sucker for sweetener.

I enjoyed EdibleMalfunction's Blue Raspberry candy so I decided to try and take it in a little bit of a different direction. I took his/her use of Raspberry and Peach, to create the Blue Raspberry flavour. And gave it an extra kick with the Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. I also changed the CAP Jelly Candy to 27 Bears as I really enjoy the flavour and the gummy mouthfeel. I have tested with CAP Jelly Candy and it is really good as well.



Jesus Spacolie, you made another candy recipe. Well too bad. This was a throw in experiment I did testing the new CAP Silverline flavorings. And these 2 stuck out at me in particular in something I wanted to use. My thought was just stupid simple. And it worked.

CAP Silverline Black Currant - There isn't a ton of Black Currants on the market, so I was curious about this one in particular. It had a artificial smell and taste as a standalone, so I thought this could be used in a candy recipe. And it does. At 3%, it's rather flavorful, and I think was a perfect amount used for a simple recipe like this.

CAP Silverline 27 Bears - I would like to figure out what the hell these 27's keep coming from. But I heard rather good news about this one prior to receiving it. And I was not disappointed. It tastes like a gummy bear, plain and simple. And going off past experiences with other Gummies (FW Gummy Bear, NW Sour Gummy), I knew that these have to be at a certain percentage, otherwise these just fall flat. But once again, the Gummy Bear came through. 3.5% does plenty in terms of giving that gummy substance, and is one of a couple flavors that helps brighten up this Black Currant.

FW Razzleberry - This flavoring was purely used to help with the Gummy Bear sweetness, definitely don't need alot of this, because it will start muting your flavorings pretty easily. And this also managed to help brighten up the Black Currant as well. So 1% is enough.

TPA Marshmallow - Like in most recipes that are of this nature, I used Marshmallow purely for mouth feel. And it never fails

CAP Super Sweet - Here we go with my sweetener.... Well this one you definitely could go without sweetener if that's not your style. But one drop of this, or a drop or 2 of less potent sweetener, will really razzle your berries in this recipe.

Just a fun simple recipe if you're looking for something juicy like you've been chewing on a gummy for a minute, and wanna retain that sweetness from the initial bite. Solid right out the gate, but fully flourishes after an overnight steep. Just another one from the sweet tooth.

Flavor Notes