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(BF) Chocolate Truffle

By: Baker Flavors (BF) - Buy Direct

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A rich, dark chocolate RY4

I love Cardinal by @Fear. I could vape it every day. Not all day, but I'd be perfectly happy to wake up to a tank filled with Cardinal every morning. One of the things I love about that simple, three ingredient recipe is all of its nuances and complexities. One of those is chocolate, something about the combination of Red Burley and the subtle coffee notes in Holy Holy Grail vaguely remind me of delicious dark chocolate. This is outlining that blurry corner of the surveillance video in which chocolate makes an appearance and hitting ENHANCE. Add some sweet FLV Milk Chocolate, but not too much, we don't want Hershey's syrup here. ENHANCE. HS Australian Chocolate, there's that dark chocolate, but not too much, we don't want it too nutty. ENHANCE. BF Chocolate Truffle, but not too much, we don't want to want it too dry. Mmmmm. There it is. Satisfaction.

Shake & Vape certified, even better after two weeks.


Back when I was a young lad, my parents and i took many trips up to the pocono mountains. There we would have a cabin with a small grill out front. The hotdogs and burgers were good but i looked forward mostly to dessert. This tradition continued when i started hosting bbqs. These are a hit along with my grilled pineapples with brown sugar.

So u take a banana put a nice split in it, fill the inside with chocolate and marshmallow. Wrap in tin foil and set it on the grill and wait for the magic to happen.
Chocolate is a PITA to get even close to as satisfying as IRL. Bf chocolate truffle plus fa fresh cream to get some more milkyness is there.
I used these 2 bananas and even tho they are similar in build i find mixing the 2 of them together is alot better then some of the off notes when taking either one too high on its own.
Kentucky bourbon just a bit to give that banana some more warmth and taste "cooked".
This marshmallow combo is pretty legit. Toasted marsh is not a new flavor but when mixed with PuR marsh it just takes it to a new level. Get that pur marsh it has become my fav one it is very accurate to a real marshmallow with that powdery puffed taste.
Shoutout Id10-T he tried v1 via mixersclub and gave some nice recommendations to add to this mix. THANKS AGAIN DAVE!

I know there are 100 different recipes out there for this particular Girl Scout cookie. But none of them have the king of chocolate Baker's flavors chocolate truffle.

The chocolate truffle is the perfect chocolate for this recipe it blends perfectly with FLV creme de menthe.

The rest is self-explanatory fa cookie gives you a nice buttery cookie with a Crips snap add in a touch of JF biscuit and a splash of vanilla and you have the perfect thin mint cookie.

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