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This WAS a test batch for Raspberry Tea and Biscuits with Alterna. I now do NOT recommend the use of Alterna. Information at bottom of recipe listing outlining why...

Just try another tea if you mix this up. Use this recipe as a base.


Accompanying video testing Alterna: https://youtu.be/XNgTqMEFzkI


A simple and inexpensive mix. Basic but delectable. Pistachio pudding with caramel, vanilla, and cookie crumble notes. Enjoyable as a shake and vape but suggested 10 day steep, gets better with more time.


This turned out to be quite enjoyable. It was an earlier rendition of Blue Doh that got super steeped. After stumbling upon the steeped test mix I was amazed and immediately began to share online. Check it out if you have all the flavors. No notes for this one as they kind of got erased after developing Blue Doh, But I do certainly suggest you mix this up.

A very delicate and sweet balance of flavors. The formulation of this recipe has not been a simple task. I was debating selling this recipe upon completion, though I feel like I should release it for public consumption. I figured this would be the right time of year to drop it. This is a quad-note recipe, meaning it is intended to translate 4 separate notes to our perception. A mixing task that is not without complication. Those notes are...

Granola - (Obviously with the inclusion of FLV Granola)
I found that pairing FLV Granola with TFA Crunchy Cereal gave it a bit of a boost, From an earthy almost "dirty" granola to a full on granola.
Adding FA Maple Syrup gave it the gooey consistency I was hoping for. It also contributed a little sweetness.

As you can probably tell from many of my recipes, I am a big fan of FLV's Greek Yogurt. In this recipe it brings some smoothening properties but also a nice subtle tartness. FA helps to pronounce it.

FA's Berryl Raspberry by itself can go candy-ish, and to my perception has a bit of dull not so bright notes unless pushed beyond it's chemtrail level, which is where FA's Red Touch Strawberry comes in handy. adding it with the raspberry lends a punch in terms of brightness, and pronounces the subtle raspberry note.

FLV Milk Chocolate, Obvious, Right? To my palate it is a sweet hersheys kiss type of flavor, which is exactly the note I was wanting. At this low percentage it is a complimentary note.

Complimentary Additions.........

TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust
Complimentary characteristics for texture and mouthfeel.

This recipe is still a work in progress but I am well into my 7th revision as we speak. It is certainly tasty as it is, But I feel like I can push it further toward authenticity. If you mix it up, please leave feedback with any suggestions, changes or improvements you may have discovered if you choose to make any.


Jolly Ranchers Apple Watermelon Gummies were the inspiration behind this recipe. Damn tasty as a S&V.

Video Link for Notes:


Another donut? Yes. Homer can't get enough of these things. I hadn't tried formulating a Blueberry style donut before but I had WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough on hand and thought....

Self: What can we do with this?
Other Self: Well.. It's dough you dipshit! A friggin' donut!
Self: Alrighty then, Behavioral therapy it is.

So this flavor needs a bit of a steep to allow the complexities of the bakery elements to meld together, But the aroma right away will make you glad you mixed this up. Enjoy :)

Full flavor notes... Loading... Loading.. Loading.. Smacks keyboard

Self: Eh, Forget it. Shuts computer down

Serve yourself up a bowl of strawberries, peach slices and light cake (which to some has been reported to taste similar to granola) stirred into a thick cream. Good as a shake and vape, Gets better after a few days once the VBIC and creams have a chance to fluff up.

Notes coming soon. (When I have the free time& energy) Lol

First time mixing in a long time, This is a collective collaboration with my boy Ricky (Find him on ELR @ rickjinx http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?filter=109009). Being the fat boys we are we found ourselves craving a sweet vanilla cake. The final product we came up with is what you will see here. Enjoy! :)

Full flavor notes to come soon.

All I can say for now is FLV Red Velvet... Get it! :)

Substitutions: Since FLV Red Velvet is not yet available, I would recommend dropping it from the profile and raising INW Biscuit to 0.5%. That should do the trick and still be a very enjoyable vape experience. :)


Warm, Buttery Pistachio accompanied with nutty company crisp cookies guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

10 ingredient recipes may look laborious to mix, But I assure you it's worth the extra time and elbow sweat if you really dig cookie vapes. :)

FA Vienna Cream
To add richness.

FW Butterscotch
An accent to compliment TFA's Pistachio.

TFA Pistachio
A very creamy and pleasant ingredient that I didn't want drowned out, 3.25% felt right to nestle next to the cookie notes. If you really like this ingredient (I wouldn't blame you) you can bump this one up.

FW Hazelnut
Used as a texture base note for the creams.

TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust
Inherently contains a touch of coconut (which isn't present via taste) that adds to the body of the mix. Softens sharp notes, rich, thick, and creamy

FA Cookie
Deep, Warm, Butter cookie notes.

FA Meringue
Used as a minor sweetener to FA Cookie and the other bakery notes, At 0.5% we avoid the meringue flavor.

FA Cream Fresh
The last revision of this mix lacked a bit of body, Cream Fresh helps fluff it up without deterring from the profile.

FA Vanilla Tahity
Vanilla body, Nearly undetectable notes of almond and marzipan to add intrigue to the recipe.

CAP Super Sweet
Optional, But I like this mix better with a sweeter tone.

Edited 6/20
Accidentally made a previous version live, Now updated to the final version. Sorry for the confusion.

A sweet, Pleasant, Thick and rich peach custard pie we all wish for in vape form.

WF Peach Pie & Cream
Fits the profile perfectly at 3%. Carries with it pie notes and a smooth peach.

FLV Peach
Full bodied peach that rounds out the peach notes of WF's.

FA Liquid Amber
Used here to bake in the peach notes.

CAP Vanilla Custard
What would a peach custard pie be without plenty of custard?

WF Caramel Butter
Truly a splendid flavoring from Wonder Flavours. Provides a nice caramel butter top coat to the custard.

TFA Vanilla Swirl
Intermingles the ingredients bringing everything to a nice balance.

As with any heavy custard recipe, A prolonged steep period is required. The longer it sits, The better it will be. :)

User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Very smooth and flavorful for such a simple formula. Love it man, Great job! 7 days on the spot it's delicious.
User: steamroom Score: None Entered: 9 months ago
Haven't mixed it, But this gave me the oddest form of feelies
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Good off the rip, Having never had a real guanabana I can only say this is great. Going to wait a few days to let the ice cream pop out a bit but it is good right away, Judging by the other reviews I will have this sitting close by for the next few days. Good job MiLLs.
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Very well balanced. Going in I thought it odd as I've never had a blackberry coffee before, Nor have I ever seen one. It's different, But in a really good way. Good job Em. It's oddly, very tasty. I don't get a lot of coffee from it but I think that's part of it's charm.
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
I followed Goldfish's suggestion and mixed up your actual recipe. Left them to steep and honestly forgot about them. After what I'm assuming is three weeks I tried it. Very smooth and a great strawberry combo here. I did slightly prefer the CAP implementation better but pandoro was also a very enjoyable version. Great recipe dent.
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Definitely had shaky hands using the brie cheese, But this stuff is good!
User: steamroom Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Very good balance , being that I'm recovering the alcohol taste here is quite comforting. Very enjoyable and authentic.
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