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This recipe came about because a friend wanted to quit smoking. However, she missed the taste of the cigarette.So I mixed a dirty tobacco recipe. The bourbon brings a little sweetness into play. And the oak barrel makes it smoky. If you need a liquid that will get you off the cigarette.... Here it is. Vapedia, the German DIY e-liquid discord server

A long time ago i have got a fine liquid with peanutbutter and notes of cocoa. But i can´t remember the name. It was a Premium Liquid from the USA.

So... This is my try to clone this. I´m still working on this recipe. But it´s great right now, i think i´ve got it ;-) Vapedia, German DIY Discord Server

This recipe was created for the VAPEDIA Mixers Club, Edition 06/21


Black Vanilla is a dessert tobacco with a chocolate-vanilla note.

The base of the recipe is Black for Pipe (INW), which is a spicy dark tobacco with a smoky note. My idea was to add a vanilla and chocolate note. Bavarian Cream (TPA) usually works wonderfully with various fruits, the cream is dark and rich with a light caramel note. Sounds like the perfect flavor to give the tobacco volume and more nuances. Said and done. Even though the cream already enhanced the tobacco, the vanilla note was still not strong enough. Since my selection of vanilla flavors is quite limited, I decided to use French Vanilla (TPA). At 2.5%, the vanilla note is clearly recognizable. For the chocolate note I used Fudge Brownie (TPA). FB is a super juicy dark (very dark) chocolate brownie, which can assert itself against the strong tobacco without dominating the vanilla. I was already quite happy with the mix, but some volume and sweetness was missing. 0.5% marshmallow brought the necessary volume and also sweetness. Enjoy.

This recipe was created for the VAPEDIA Mixers Club, Edition 02/21

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Refreshing fruity Lemonade. Feel free to add some WS-23 or Menthol Vapedia, German DIY Discord Server


Refreshing Summer Mix. Inspired by GT3 from Smokerstore in Germany Vapedia, German DIY Discord Server

Smooth and Creamy Tabacco. Can be vaped SNV. Better ist comes out after steeping 14 days Vapedia, German DIY Discord Server

User: schnobster Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
First of all, great recipe. I was suspicious, because of the root beer, but it's a really tasteful and well balanced mix. Well done!
User: schnobster Score: 5 Entered: 5 days ago
Wow. What a fine droplet. Have tried many tobacco recipes. My favorite are such dessert tobaccos. And your mix here fully meets my taste. Super developed and flavorful. Looking forward to more mixes from you.
User: schnobster Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
First of all... I am a tobacco lover. And your Red Honey is so well balanced. I love it. So much flavor with such a small amount of flavor! I'm thrilled. Very good work. Keep at it. Looking forward to your next recipes.
User: schnobster Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
First of all: Super tuned and extremely smooth steam. No scratching, zero. I like it very much. I tasted in the RDA rather the banana and the cream, nut was not perceptible to me. Quite different in the FeV. In him I taste the entire spectrum, first the banana with the macadamia. And when exhale the cream comes to the fore. Banana Liquids can quickly taste artificial, that is not the case here. Very tasty authentic banana cream. Well done.
User: schnobster Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
So... I have so far only steamed the Viva la Cola with root beer and also not yet drunk root beer.But now I have an idea. Your mix is very pleasant to steam and refreshing. I taste the Wintergreen from time to time, then the Pink Guava. The cream with vanilla is always present. Very varied.
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