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A nice simple rich custard with a full vanilla flavor and enough cookie to satisfy even the cookie monster.

This is a nice tropical fruit mix. Great for those hot summer days.

This is my take on the Tahitian treat soda......grew up drinking tons of this stuff. It all started when I tried the Beetlejuice flavor and this soda immediately popped into my head. So I mixed up some Beetlejuice and citrus soda and then realized that the fruit punch was not dark enough so I added some forest fruit to darken it a little. This gave me what I was looking for as far as fruit blend but it was missing something. So I added a little country apple to brighten things up a bit. The Apple helped out a lot and with a little added sweetener it was pretty close to my vision.

Tested on a entheon/hadeon 3mm SS316 3*28x38 tri core fused Clapton, 6 wraps @ 40w

This profile is supposed to mimick a black and mild pipe cigar.

A nice rich vanilla custard with a touch of RY4 on the back end.


Simple SNV custard. This recipe is great off the shake...but after 3 days its very nice.

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