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Recently picked up a bunch of flavors and was really wanting a good cherry recipe. I took the base from u/ID10-T's 1-2-3 Cranberry Sprite and replaced the FLV Cranberry with a combination of INW Cherries and TPA Cherry Extract. Didn't really know where to start with them so I kind of just guessed. The result is my Cherry Sprite recipe.

Good SnV, but after a couple days steeping it really shines. Doesn't have that medicinal cherry taste. The cherries are definitely at the forefront, but the Sprite is there just enough in the background to give it a subtle fizzy lemon lime taste on the exhale. I also added some Polar Blast and WS-23 to really give it that chilled soda feel.

User: morencyam Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Mixed this up last night for a friend of mine that was wanting a sweet grape. Changed it up just a touch though. Bumped the Grape up to 4%, and added some Sour at .25% and CAP Jelly Candy at 1%. It was very tasty just SnV. We'll see how it comes out after letting it sit for a few days. Might try mixing a batch for myself using FLV Pink Guava as suggested in the other review.
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