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Inspired by the famous Morning Yogurt from DC (Brazil), this recipe is a well balanced fruit yogurt using accessible flavors. Simple but pleasant. Is more fruity and less papaya on the top. Give it a try! There's more room for improvements, but this recipe was mixed with ordinary flavors to be accessible and easy to mix.

Yogurt FW and Greek Yogurt TPA make the yogurt base, creamy and spot on the sourness. Banana Cream TPA brings more cream and adds fruit to the base. Fuji Apple FA and Strawberry Sweet CAP works to the top note, and Papaya TPA puts a touch of flavor on the body. SS CAP on 0.75 is necessary to make all the fruits shine.

Simple and nice recipe. Blue Raspberry is the main profile. Sour Gummy Candy bring some bubblegum/jelly feeling, and Lemon Lime Soda helps on fizzyness and sourness. Enjoy.

It's just a refreshing pink/green lemonade. I put some sugar and ice, and it's easy to make, simple and delicious!
After a few days, lemonade fw becomes less aggressive on acid and the inhale becomes more fruity. It smells so good!

User: diyejuices Score: 2 Entered: 5 months ago
I didn't like it. Flavors are so weak and undefined. I fell I'm vaping VG with a hit of confusing flavor.
User: diyejuices Score: 2 Entered: 3 months ago
Honestly and respectfully, I think this recipe is overrated. In general, it lacks definition and potency of flavor. The body is absent, very discreet top note. I see that it would be necessary to work on development for this recipe to shine.
User: diyejuices Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
Great recipe! I've tried two 120ml batches, and definitely love it. The flavors are well connected and balanced, and Custard INW seems to be the right decision here. Strawberry CNV is a great surprising and works well, adding some dimension to the strawberry layer.
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