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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Raspberry INW is Raspberry Malina, not Raspberry Wera Garden!

Biscuit INW, Cheesecake (Graham Crust) TPA, Cookie FA and Butter FA create a buttery and crumbly tart base. A little Almond FA is added to round the crunchiness of Cookie FA.

Raspberry (Sweet) TPA is the main raspberry here, with a touch of Berryl FA and Raspberry (Malina) INW added to make it a little more realistic, tart and sweet.

Custard FA is one of the best creams to add in most fruity vapes, because the lemony notes blend great with sour/tart fruits. Custard Premium FA is added to enhance the buttery feel a little more, and Mississipi INW because it's a great bridge between raspberries and biscuits/cookies.

The Super Sweet here is kinda needed, don't omit it if possible.

Needs some days of steep, for the butter to calm down.

This recipe was created after receiving a big batch of inawera fruits, and out of all the testing mixes this one shined! Sweet, fruity, kinda jammy.
The cactus is a little bit high, because I wanted it to impact the flavor. Enjoy!

This is my take on a s'more with added banana! Well baked biscuit, fluffy and light vanilla marshmallow along with milk chocolate and banana!

A simple Am4a recipe. Decided to boost the rum and cocoa notes of Am4a, and added Dark Vapure to give this a nice darker body. It can use a good steep, but it is very enjoyable as a shake and vape.

INW Eggnog yc is not needed, the recipe works without it, but it helps blending the body and the top notes.

Cookie base with bourbon, coconut and vanilla top notes!

Important: Coffee is Inawera's Coffee Kawa

Coffee tobacco with hints of creamy butterscotch and vanilla. Needs a long steep, don't try it before 3 weeks have passed, because Flavour Art's Burley needs a long steep to get the floral notes to calm down.
Important: Coffee is Inawera's Coffee Kawa

Bright raspberries, blended inside a fruity sweet and sour cream.


Crunchy cereal, on top of a heavy and milky cream!

Playful lemon custard/curd on top of a thin cookie layer, very flavorful with great mouth feel.

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