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With this recipe I wanted to bring a little bit more of the Brazilian mixing style, since we live in a tropical country, we mostly vape citrusy and fruity stuff, and we are also flavor bangers where most vapers uses rebuildable atomizers, and is always searching for flavor saturation and accurate mixes.

What to expect from this mix?
A nice and juicy lemonade base, with a moderately dense body and a remarkable passionfruit top note. It's citrus from the beginning to the end, if you like this kind of stuff, go for it, you'll feel like you're in heaven.

Why each flavoring?
- The Lemonade Base

I Really like the combination of the WF Summertime Lemonade with WF Lemonade SC, those flavorings work really well together and they have a really nice lemonade base note, but i found it was lacking juiciness , and here the WF Starfruit SC comes in, is really juicy with a pleasant note that combined with the lemonades gives you a really nice Lemonade base that you can play with and add more stuff without muting it.

  • The Passionfruit

We all know that WF Passionfruit is one of the best passion fruits out there, that's because it is more similar to the yellow kind of it, it's more citrus and less floral than the other kinds, the only problem from this flavoring is that fades over time, so here i added the WF African Horned Cucumber, from my experience this flavoring is very versatile, bringing texture to the body and also pushing the passionfruit forward, and also filling a gap on this recipe.

Why WF Banana puree?
when i first mixed this, i thought it was lacking a little bit of sweetness and thickness, so the recipe could be more balanced, I try my best to bring balance to all my recipes and this one without the WF Banana Puree was way to citrus, even for my taste, and with just .25% of it i could bring this balance to the mix.

I strongly suggest you mix this stuff and maybe try some of those "underrated" flavorings that you see that much out there. If you wanna add a cooling agent of your taste feel free to do it.

User: capiah Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
I got a great vape from this one, easily an allday recipe. Really smart use from FLV Moscato it plays a huge role in this one, and a nice selection of cherries.
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