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An explosive profile created based on the flavour affinities shared between Lychee, Ginger and Lime. Bright tropical toned fruit profile with a bitterish zesty lime and a dark syrupy ginger

I have used a combination of Cap Sweet Lychee andFLV Lychee to create a sweet almost over ripe tropical Lychee. I added FA pear to offset some of the dry notes from the FLV Lychee and to supplement the tropical tones of the lychee.

i had a hard time deciding between FA Tahiti Cold Pressed and FA Florida Key Lime. Fa Florida is sharper and carries less of a zest. this would typically be my go to but the idea here was to have a bit of fun. so I chose Cold pressed, i felt the heavier zest bitterness will play nicely off the floral sweetness of the Lychee. but this also meant I had to be quite careful not to over flavour as cold pressed is very overpowering

I had my mind set on FLV Ginger, alas I was all out and its doesnt seem to be stocked locally anymore. i would have preferred it as it is a more robust, syrupy, sweet ginger which would have been perfect for this profile and would have reduced the need for additional sweetener. if you have FLV Ginger use that instead at around the 0.5% mark

So I settled for FW Ginger. is it quite a linear, dry ginger but I was pretty much shit out of luck here. I i reckoned this will work well as the CAP Sweet Lychee has quite a syrupy quality and so I just added the smallest touch of FA Molasses and TFA DX Brown sugar just to push it to the dark side a tad bit. I chose DX because it is quite a bit darker than the OG.

The ginger settles in after about a week. I prefer this shake and vape as the ginger is nice and sharp straight off the shake. the Lychee also has a habit of turning quite floral at such a high percentage. So i almost want to say make only enough that would last you 2 or so days for best results.

I quite enjoy the better zesty lime but if you want something bit more timid then feel free to sub with FA Florida Key Lime at the same % maybe a touch higher.

dropped a tad bit sweetener to tame the lime zest just a tad bit

CAP Sweet Lychee & TFA Lychee.
Great Lychee combination.. Cap sweet has a sweet syrupy/sugary/juicy vibe but It lacks some of the tropical spice I love in a lychee. To cure this I have added 1% TFA Lychee. That's as much as I could do without the mix sliding off the florals cliff, TFA Lychee tends to go floral on your ass after a steep..

TFA Jack Fruit.
Its such a wonderful tropical flavor with notes of cactus, feint banana and I even get a little pineapple in there somewhere. I like the creamy quality and I just had a feeling this may go well with the lychee. I used Dragon fruit initially, but contains too much triacetin so it melds the flavors too much and ended up muting all the flavors.

FA Fuji & FA Lemon Sicily
Fuji was added to give the mix a nice fruity body and FA lemon Sicily really helps brighten the profile as a whole and really makes the profile pop.

CAP Sweet Strawberry
Sweet strawberry lends depth and sweetness whilst not being prominent in the flavor profile. I would have much rather have used strawberry ripe but I am fresh out. Ripe mutes significantly on the steep which would have been ideal for this recipe.

TFA Koolada
Koolada and lychee in my view does not play well. But at this low percentage it has a negligible effect and it just cools the mix down enough to keep it from tasting warm and soggy.

FW Spearmint
Lychee and Jackfruit doesn't stand up to mints very well in general. I feel they both have have light nuisances which is easily masked by additives and I want those to be present in this recipe. At 0.15 it sit lightly on the profile and just adds a nice complexity and summery vibes to the mix.

There is a slight waxiness - it is characteristic of TFA dragon fruit and TFA Lychee. It dies down after a short steep (1 day)

I'd love to hear your thoughts

Crafted specifically to compliment an old evening ritual of mine, I use to be quite the pipe tobacco connoisseur in my day and, rightly or wrongly, I think back very fondly of rolling my own cigarettes using various tobacco blends in the evening and puffing away at it with my evening cup of coffee. My Fruity ADVs just don't have the same effect, so I set out to create a tobacco recipe that encompasses all the notes I use to love in my real tobaccos... Rums, almonds, vanilla, and caramels/butterscotches.

Instead of trying to mimic that I decided to switch things up a bit and bring said notes to the foreground and leave the tobacco as the accent.

FW Butterscotch Ripple. This is a sharp, yet rich butterscotch with lovely dark sugar caramel tones that begs to be paired with a tobacco. I wanted this to be the main profile but not overpowering, I paired it up pretty high with the RY4 Double but I knew it had to bump it a bit to make sure it stands out from the crowd.

RY4 Double: This is my favourite tobacco. it really is just a nice and sweet tobacco with more yummie rich maple and caramel notes to complement the FA Butterscotch and I think at 1.5% it is perfect to ensure that the tobacco is sufficiently present.

FA Jamaica Special:Rum and maple has always been one of my favorite blends and was almost a natural choice here. it sits in perfect harmony alongside the tobacco.

TFA Almond: the almond, may seem high here, but fills out the tobacco beautifully and helps bridge the rum, tobacco and butterscotch with the cream base

TFA Sweet Cream: Now the idea here was to pair this with my evening cup of coffee (White and Sweet), so sweet cream seemed like a great way to have my vape compliment my coffee while helping the other flavors stand up to the coffee taste. (i discovered that by chance with a previous tobacco recipe)

French Vanilla: I chose Vanillin initially but it the vanilla was just present throughout the entire vape and with everything going on it was too much. I needed the vanilla to have a place in the recipe. I really have no opinion of which is the best vanilla to use, so I chanced it with this one and it turned good. the vanilla sit light and fluffy on top of the cream and gives all the main flavors the stage and then shines alongside the cream on the tail of the vape.

Vanilla custard: the original recipe just did not have enough body I added vanilla custard purely out of frustration, I started off with 1% but after a two week steep it still did not have the body I was looking for, so I added another 0.5 and the results we great! it really also doesn't feature prominently in the flavor profile, it really is just complimenting the flavors already in the recipe. gives a nice buttery eggy-ness to the sweet cream, bumps the french vanilla in all the right places and almost makes you want to chew your vape before you swallow it. I find it hard to decide if this is distracting from the recipe or not.

After a four week steep, I simply can't put it down and I have compliments from everyone who tried it. I just still think I have too much going in here

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