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a recipe based on what I thought might be nice really, I set out to make blueberry waffles but thought a little bit of this and a touch of that with drop of dappy goodness turned out really nice in my humble opinion.

The blueberry juicy ripe FA is the star of the show its dark and decadent tones setting up nice with blueberry FW.

Built on the shoulders of giants with a couple of increases and enhancements this is as close to a commercial juice I've ever made a lot of sweetener in this recipe if you mix this sweeten in your own way but I'll say for sure that this recipe is amazingly delicious.

Papaya don't peach I used a lot of sweetener was looking to make a fruity commercial style juice vanilla custard at ajust under half a percent gives some dappy goodness without over powering the recipe

Have you ever looked at the art work on a commercial bottle of e-liquid and been inspired, when I saw the brilliant label on strange fruits "Spoiled Milk" I wanted that e-liquid, but I wasn't going to pay for it, I read the profile, a lime citrus milkshake and I had a bash at it a few versions down the line and this recipe was born and so I proudly present "Spoiled Milk blind remix" .

A Twister lolly, sweet raspberries cushion up nicely with a tart and sweet limes, a delicious ice cream wraps this all together to make this twisted mix.

Twizted II will bring those childhood memories flooding back, the addition of 0.25% WS23 or favoured cooling to give that ice lolly vibe.

Scrumptious biscuity graham crust base and an excellent peachy exhale, sweeten to your liking I enjoy sweet vapes so 0.75 super sweet is good for me.

I know that percentages are high but it just wasnt right at lower percents this is the final version thats right for me.

Delicious rum raisin ice-cream that will have you spending your pieces of eight and shouting Aaarrgggh!!! While fondling a parrot!!

sweet and fruity this will make you float YOU'LL ALL FLOAT !!!

Dark gooey cookie with a delicious blueberry chunks and a jammy filling perfect for that morning coffee fix

Coconut forward recipe with a fresh pineapple back creamy sweet delicious

User: Warbstar17 Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
absolutely delicious 😋 right off the shake its going to be hard but truly worth it waiting for the steep thanks for sharing 👍 😍
User: Warbstar17 Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Holy freaking moly dude this is super tasty I'm a big fan of your work sorry if I'm ball washing but have to tell just mixed this and off the shake its tssty so it can only get better with a steep 5 stars.
User: Warbstar17 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Wow I ordered the ingredients especially for this recipe aside from super sweet and marshmallow and its delicious great work Kittybit 👍👍
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