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A delicious sweet strawberry watermelon ice with a hint of mint.

A delicious blueberry lemon custard sweet and tart with a thick creamy finish.

A delicious combination of sweet and tart flavors sure to satisfy your sour gummi worms craving.

A delicious fruity ice cold blast perfect for those with vapers tongue.

A delicious mix of icy fruits sure to refresh.
Strawberry and watermelon is my favorite combo adding in the dragonfruit for some body with a touch of that minty creme de menthe and a blast of koolada makes this a delicious adv.

This is my remix of bazooka sour straws.
Blue raspberry by fw complete the blue Razz.
Pineapple pomegranate and sour make the sour and tart flavor.
Than dump a bucket of sweetener in to give it that "hype" flavor profile.
Add 1% menthol if you want the on ice version.


A delicious cookie custard.
Tpa milk chocolate gives it a nice creamy chocolate.
Tpa Bavarian cream adds a nice creamy profile to the cookie.
Fa cookie and tpa ap make a nice cookie profile.
Cap vanilla custard makes up the custard profile.
Tpa sweetener adds in that nice sweetness.


A delicious straight up custard.
Cap vanilla custard well of course it's in there we all know why.
Cap NY Cheesecake and Cap Cake Batter come in to give it a rich cake like profile dessert like.
Cap French Vanilla just throws another layer of delicious vanilla to complete this mix.
This one takes patience long steep honestly 2 weeks to a month for the best flavor but if you can wait it's worth the wait.

A delicious blend of Straw berry and rich milky creams.
Tpa ripe strawberry and strawberry come together to make a nice strawberry slightly sweet and artificial but slightly ripe and fresh.
Tpa Bavarian cream,sweet cream,and cheesecake graham make that rich milky cream.
Tpa vanilla custard gives it a little more richness and thickness to the vape.
All together this is essentially a simple recipe and inexpensive using all tpa but is very delicious and easily an adv.

Chocolate cookies dipped in milk.
Double chocolate clear brings that rich chocolate flavor
Graham cracker clear gives a cookie crumble
Meringue completes it with a sweet milk flavor.
Honestly I think there was too much hype behind this e liquid don't get me wrong it's a good flavor but to me this is what it taste like chocolate graham cracker and meringue that's it personally I believe it can benefit from about a half percentage of em just to give it a little more sweetness and a little moisture kinda a dry flavor you can leave it out if you would like for a more authentic flavor.

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