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Luxurious blend of Black Cavendish tobaccos This is an exceptionally smooth blend,

Hapsburg Limonada........Could also be made for a jug/pitcher

Chocolate flavoured ice cream with cocoa syrup, cocoa coated pieces and chocolate pieces.

"Father of the Gods and Men" who governs the Gods of Olympus.

Caramel Macchiato........ The secret to the rich flavour is the quality of the beans[Dark Bean (coffee Espresso) we use and the way we roast [Butter Cream & Nut Mix ]them

wait 50 days...really a realistic smoke feeling with spicy vanilla notes


Remove the vase with the praline from the cupboard and make this delicious marabber cake

Hell. ..  How else to describe it?

cream of butter with milk and sweet lemon
is enough for a great enjoyment

Liqueur strawberry
strawberries become a very "experienced" homemaker liqueur. Try it

It is an island, Cycladic pie! Many may have eaten it and you did not like it because it looks like a sweet slurry. The first time I tried a watermelon was like that. That's why I decided to make my own recipe.

Watermelon needs attention even though it is a very simple traditional pie!

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