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*stuff you can make
so I made it....then remade it.
"Not another Banana Cream" by JeffVader.

It's pretty good....thought out and well put together. A blended and pretty balanced mix. However....I did find that in two weeks the banana cream had faded into the Cheesecake graham crust and VBIC a little more than I'd have liked, so I decided to see if I could fix it for my palette.

First I flip flopped the rolls of the bananas going with much more Banana bread 6% vs 1% in the OG and just a touch of the Banana cream 1% vs 3% in the OG and overhauled everything else "to taste" to make up for the swap.
-Vanilla Ice cream(LB) because I dumped all my other ice cream flavors out and filled them with Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice Cream
-Yes, We Cheesecake(INW) at 1.5% added a little richness to the mix in place of the higher %s of Banana Cream and helped get the graham note started.
-Graham Cracker Clear{TPA) 1% The graham note with the banana, from the OG had to stay, this did just that.
-Caramel(FA) just a caramel I felt like I could drop much lower in the mix and still find it in this mix.. The OG called for 2% TFA Caramel. This still gives it plenty of caramel at .75%

*If you want a touch more banana out of this, drop the Vanilla Ice Cream(LB) to 2% and add 1 more % of Banana Cream(TPA) *total of 2%
It's very good as well but for me, this mix is the perfect balance and is an extremely full and flavorful vape that is phenomenal dripped and should work in most tanks as well.

Thanks Jeff for the great recipe to play with!

I'd go mix his if you haven't and then come back and give this one a try.

This recipe was tested and designed on the Haku single Clapton at .54ohms at 50W

@s2k on ELR, YouTube and #DIYorDIE Discord

I saw BigRed's Sad Boy Blueberry Jam Cookie in the #DIYorDIE discord awhile back and I finally managed to get OOO Strawberry Jam in so....

First, I pushed the Strawberry Jam pretty high...not many using this at 4% that I seen but it scaled well imo with 0 off notes or anything getting weird.
It did lack actual strawberry vibrancy or pop I found, as It's a cooked down jam, so I added 2% TFA Strawberry and .50% Super Sweet. Problem solved.

With a more bold, balanced, sweet AF strawberry jelly out of the way, all I need was a buttery sweet cookie to surround it with.
I chose a heavy dose of Sugar Cookie 6% because it would scale well up high with the OOO Strawberry Jam.

I backed it up with a firm cookie they call a Biscuit in the UK. The buttery cookie note, texture and "snap" that Biscuit(INW) brings worked well.

the Butter base keeps them from sticking to the pan

Good to go off a shake, just give it enough time to let the bubbles settle...best after 3 days + imo

This recipe was tested and designed on the Haku single Clapton at .54ohms at 50W and the Moonshot RTA at .56ohms at 42 watts
@s2k on ELR

I DID NOT USE Lemon Cream from SA I DID NOT USE Lemon Cream from SA I DID NOT USE Lemon Cream from SA
I used Lemon cream wafer from CNV *unavailable to select
I knew when I smelled the newly released ChemNOVATIC Lemon Cream Wafer what I must do....Sorry Sad Boy
It's real close folks 95% via vape and with a the knuckle test I can't tell a difference between this and the OG.
Mix it up and save some cash if you're a Sad Boy Butter Cookie fan!
@s2k on ELR

This recipe was tested and designed on the Haku single Clapton at .54ohms at 50W

Also, I was able to find Sad Boy in 0% Nic and add my own Nic to base this recipe off of. It was not dark, harsh, bitter or "old stock" tasting. I always try to find my target in 0....little to no degradation on the shelf. I have a bottle of their Custard Cookie at 3% to work on and its so dark and bitter and harsh I can't vape it much less get a bead on what it was a year or two ago when it was probably originally made. Just food for thought Remixers....

This ones for CinnN
I've had this one sitting for quite some time....It just needed the right name....couldn't think of a better one than this...
Just a quick thank you for all the help shes given me...shes truly an asset to the community!
This one could quite possibly restore your faith in Cinnamon Danish Swirl . It takes a steep but it eventually slides right into the body of the yogurt with an added depth from the Butterscotch ripple. The cream cheese icing (also needs the steep) makes for an amazingly sweet,rich finish with a touch of sugar lips from the drop of Super Sweet.
Give this one a mix...definitely give her a follow!

This recipe was tested and designed on the Haku single Clapton at .54ohms at 50W
@s2k on ELR

Winning 3 2 1
Really like this...vapes good/full and rich with no off notes that my palette detects off a shake...with the Vanilla Ice Cream(LB) only getting better with time, this is a good one to make a bigger batch of and still pull on it as you please. That's winning
The Vape Train Sweet Strawberry is present and seems to lay over the top of the mix very well so very impressed with my first use of it.
If you want to push the strawberry, drop the Yes, We Cheesecake and add 1% CAP Strawberries and Cream
I'm going to expand this past a 321 I think, would do very well with a few add ons
See what you can come up with too...would love to see this worked with.
Give this one a mix and a quick review if you have time, Thanks!

This recipe was tested and designed on the Haku single Clapton at .54ohms at 50W
@s2k on ELR

A full stiff tobacco forward RY4, penetrating between delicious, sweet, juicy, voluptuous.....coconuts.....bringing a thick, heavy, sweet, well earned custard cream to finish. #DEVELOPED #TPACHALLENGE #winner @s2k on ELR

Simple, sweet, balanced fruit mix
Easy ADV material for me as it’s not heavy or over powering even at the high %....it’s just full a rounded.
Burnt out on custards and cakes? Mix this one up...
If you try it, I'd love comments or reviews. Thanks!
@s2k on ELR

Rose Milk....The remix #DIYorDIE
I didn’t really care for the trio of Sweet Strawberry (CAP) with French Vanilla Ice Cream and the New York Cheesecake, so I remixed it, this is how...It’s a little sweeter than the OG and a touch more strawberry forward. The strawberry seems to linger throughout the vape better with the added Strawberry Cotton Candy(Note) and the Strawberry(TPA) boosted to 4% still carrying that hint of rose, if you will.
If you have the Strawberry cotton candy or A strawberry cotton candy and you like the OG, try this, it might just be your New Rose 🥀🌹

User @s2k on ELR

User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 18 days ago
So I finally ordered the OG and tried it.... Wayne was right, BigReds Remix is closer to the OG(which I was kinda unimpressed with) however, this recipe is better than them both IMO It has a touch more corn than the OG and is very well balanced. My current ADV and has been for quite some time. Very good job on this one!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 18 days ago
I finally broke down and ordered and tried the OG after making every clone I could find. The profile just sounded good to me as I am a cereal/AP fan. This is hands down the closest recipe yet to the original and IMO much better than the 20.00 bottle of liquid I just paid for...save your $$$, mix this one up!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 18 days ago
Staple in my rotation and a fun recipe to play with. Personally can't believe this was ever released. You got a big heart Wayne! Thank you for this and the rest of your work!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 18 days ago
This profile is very close IMO...I replaced the CAP sweet strawberry and VBIC after I made a tester. I've never been a fan of either really. I get a bad after taste and those two paired always taste the same to me and over run the mix with a "generic" taste again, just my palette. Defiantly worth a mix and a good one to play with and make your own!!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 15 days ago
I finally took the hit and bought a big bottle of the Flavorah Sour Apple to try this recipe...yes, try this recipe **60mL tester** I knew where this was going....I can't put this one down...you know what you did...standing applause Rick!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 15 days ago
...for this a 6th star was born I can't tell you how many gallons of this I've vaped over the years...still one of my favs....I always keep some mixed. Its a great recipe and even more taste like vaping "back then" for me and its always a good throw back. Miss your madness, hope all is well with you and the fam!
User: U2CanJuice Score: None Entered: 14 days ago
This looks really good! I'm missing a few to be able to mix *added to the basket* but I do have Chemnovatic Lemon Cream Wafer and it seems to be in a few commercial liquids....its that lemon we've been missing for sure.
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 4 days ago
This looks very good! Balanced....You should have entered this in Developed #TPAChallenge I'm about to mix this one up *two weeks in...Banana seems to get lost a little, but I'd still call it good...Thanks for sharing!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 12 days ago
Brilliant use of CAP Lemon Lime here...well done! Maybe drop the FA Cookie and bump the CAP Sugar Cookie 5-7% for an all CAP recipe....would make more sense from a manufacturing stand point for Sad Boy, just a thought, love your work! Blueberry jam added to cart to try this. Thanks for sharing!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 4 Entered: 6 days ago
I mixed this with VT Sweet Strawberry instead of CAP(off notes for me) and LB Vanilla Ice Cream instead of TPA and this is a good mix that's pretty balanced.
User: U2CanJuice Score: None Entered: 6 days ago
This looks very good!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 4 Entered: 6 days ago
The newly released Lemon Cream wafer from CNV needs to be worked into this mix!! Pretty good, not close as we'd all liked it to be to the OG but we see why now. Flavors that aren't even public being used to make commercial liquids...You never had a chance to make this till now
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 6 days ago
this looks really good!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 4 Entered: 6 days ago
Mixed this with 3% Flavorah Peach Gummy, very good mix
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 6 days ago
love this recipe!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 3 days ago
Honorable mention and could have easily won the whole damn thing! Very well put together recipe!!
User: U2CanJuice Score: 5 Entered: 1 day ago
Thank you for the time invested in this profile!! This looks really good and the use of sugar cookie low with the FA cookie is spot on imo sadly I don't have the FA Soho maybe bump the FA cookie to 1.5 but absolutely gonna mix this up...and THANK GOD for the Lemon Cream Wafer! Its been a god send to me. Its the Lemon note I've been looking for, for years and definitely what is used in the OG. Nice Job!
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