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Scrumptious chocolate​ cookies​ and​ graham​ wafer baked to​ perfection.

This​ is​ a​ remix of​ the​ royal​ cookies​ By​ Black​

Pearl.​ I've tried to​ hit the​ flavor profile for​ month​ and​ it's​ very​ close​ to​ the​ original now.​


This is a clone for Jam monster - strawberry. After trying tons of variation, I found this to be the closest to the real thing. I notice that the real thing has a slight taste of a blackcurrant to make it more of a strawberry jam. However, I decided to leave it out because I enjoy the recipe as it is. This recipe really remind me of a strawberry jam with butter where I usually put on my loaf of bread.

Please excuse my grammar and ENJOY!

Sweet, buttery, and oh so pretty. These cute mini Strawberry cookie sandwich are everything I'm craving for in a dessert. A buttery cookie shell stuffed with a great balance of strawberry and cream. small but full of delicious flavors combined for you in just a bite.

*Fw graham cracker requires a bit of steeping

Enjoy !

I'm not a very big fan of tiramisu but this thing absolutely change my mind. (FA) tiramisu is the best tiramisu IMO. (FA) Tiramisu is a light coffee flavor and in order to make a tiramisu cake, weight and thickness need to be added. (CAP)Vanilla cupcake seems to do the job and with VBIC, it creates a nice ice-cream cake. (FA) Chocolate is there to help boost the tiramisu. Its very creamy and delicious, I hope you all enjoy!
*If you're not a fan of (FA)Chocolate, (TPA) Double Chocolate Clear could also be replace at 2% or any chocolate you prefer.
*For a more authentic taste 0.5% of Jamaican Rum could be added

Please Excuse my Grammar : )


Who wouldn't like strawberries and cream......

I really love strawberries and cream, It's something I'll never get tired of. After going through tons of research and trying different recipes that are posted, I finally came up with my all time favorite strawberries and cream recipe that I would love to share.
I LOVE INW Shisha strawberry and with TFA VBIC, it's too damm deliciouss! TFA Strawberry Ripe is there to create a more milky tasting strawberry.
It's a very milky strawberry ice-cream that I really hope you all enjoy like I do!

Please excuse my grammar, I'm Thai and I have poor english skills : (

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