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This is a slight variation to a LIFA Vapes recipe that is a variation to a FRESH03 recipe and is essentially a remix of a remix of a key lime pie. "LIFA's" version had TPA Greek Yogurt. I was out of that and subbed with 6% Caps Creamy Yogurt. I also subbed the TFA Bavarian cream for Flavor West. Straight off the shake I am impressed. The balance of lime to creams and mouth feel is "on point!" IMO. I dedicate this recipe to the original and awesome creator "Life Is Farking Awesome Vapes". Not only did he initiate the now famous discount code code "Pink Pussy" but also provides such awesome "Craic" to the social media vape world. As the recipe name says "Sub to LIFA" at LIFA Vapes on you tube to learn more about the "Life Is Farking Awesome Side" of social vape media. FYI mix this up and sub to LIFA Vapes on You Tube and your luck will change! Enjoy! :)

A peanut butter and banana cream pie recipe trial as seen on this show : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCs2R6QBNS0

This is essentially a stone recipe (base recipe) that is beautiful on it's own or ready for you to add your fruits, chocolates or creams to. At just 5.5% total flavorings, there is plenty of room to layer in a lovely jam note with some cream. The profile is designed as a slightly sugar dusted home baked cookie, I have chosen some unlikely ingredients but for good reason. I wanted to get a mixture of as many of the inconsistent textures that your likely to experience in a home baked cookie, from the little hint of cinnamon to that soft doughy note as well as the hard and soft edges of the cookie. After around a week's steep time the various notes seem to work really well here, from the graininess of the cookie through to the buttery and slightly nutty note, this blend will provide you with a lovely recipe platform! Enjoy!

You know it it's good when straight after the shake you smile and say to yourself, "I think I have my new all day vape". FIGJAM !! This recipe on the surface may seem like a simple recipe yet to get the balance right and achieve a gorgeous jammy feel was a bit more difficult to master. First I began with the "Fig Stone - The FLV Fig gives the center of the fig experience while the FA Fresh Fig offers more of the notes from the skin of the fruit while the TFA Acai balances the two and begins to help begin the jam feel to this vape. A few drops of FA liquid amber and FA Blackcurrant help complete the jam feel of this recipe while a few drops of INW Shisha Vanilla help smooth this whole recipe right through the middle. The brown sugar completes this recipe bringing the home made style of deep sweetness that this recipe deserves. This recipe offers you a beautiful authentic FIGJAM experience. While it is complex with textures it is also silky and offers a moorish and well rounded flavor experience. Turn on some deep chiil music, grab a lovely bottle of fine Merlot and bring it all together and you will have a symphonic experience worth savoring! Enjoy!
PS> There are no subs in this recipe.
Recommended Music to vape this to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdRd3DuBupk


The Hook:
Oh You Tart! She used to be a dinner lady then she became a tart, "Devine" intervention helped her to become one of the most popular tarts of 2017. She not only brings all the boys to the yard but is also the envy of the other ladies and has won the title of being "the ultimate tart! "

The Description:
This is a remix of a remix of a remix and now is truly (IMO) the ultimate lemon tart! One of the most interesting and fun things to experience in mixing is being able find a recipe you like and learn from how all the flavors work together then tweek it to something that you like better. This is exactly what I have set out to do here. The Remix of the Original called "Dinner Lady A Lemon Tart Remix" by DAZCOLE has been one of the most popular ever remixes in DIY history and so much so companies including "Chef's UK" now stock the popular concentrate under the "Devine" brand of concentrates. So how can I make this better? I think I can make the lemon notes smoother and more rounded on the edges and bring some more mouthfeel and cream to this profile that suit the way I like to enjoy my vape. Will it be better/worse or different from the "Devine" remix? You be the judge! Enjoy :) #RemixMonth


Give in to temptation! You won't be able to resist these caramel and apple glazed cinnamon donuts topped with toasted almonds! It's not only the temptation you won't be able to resist, it is the joy of never being able to give in to this sinful joy!
*NOTE: This recipe is in concept stage and while this is in "concept" stage presently I will update you on how this steeps. While some educated choices of flavoring have been made in this recipe I can't guarantee the devil wont spike you with a pitchfork yet lol. I will update with further notes over coming days and keep you all updated. Thank you for joining me on the Devil's side of this journey! Bwahahaha!!

Mixed live on my you tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-Lcn7u47M0
After the shake this recipe is exactly what I was hoping for (dreaming in hope lol). After just one day and much dripping this is an addictive temptation that brings all the baked apple notes with the right balance of caramel and cinnamon. I expect after a few more days the textual elements such as the gooyness and sweet donut breadiness will become more prominent. This could be my best public recipe yet it seems! Enjoy! :)


I saw this picture displayed for an Australian Christmas Dessert and was totally inspired to turn this into a vape recipe. Their description is: Meet the new stack-and serve pavlova: Our speedy Easiest-ever Berry-Cherry Pavlova has crisp layers of Meringue Discs, a jammy filling and fresh fruity toppings. With that description I have headed for my flavor stash to see if I can get this to work. With all the layers in this recipe I predict a good 5-8 day steep will be needed. None the less I will go in Berry Deep as my journey progresses with this recipe and see if the Jammy notes in the INW Strawberry play well with the depth of berry goodness that TFA Acai berry should bring while I use what IMO is the only Meringue concentrate worth using while I fluff it out with the gorgeous vienna cream and attempt to get those fresh strawberries defined in this profile around all the rest going on in this recipe. The sugar cookie I hope to help bring out some texture to this recipe while also being helped along with that gorgeous biscuit from Inawera. And the Cherry on top is the Cherry that I hope will bring that complex depth of berry deep goodness to this profile. Here goes it! I shall report back and let you peeps know this goes :) All I want for Christmas.....is.........yoooooooouuu! (I sing loudly and off key lol)
And YES straight of the shake it's beautiful! (better with 5-7days I recommend) So much depth and texture. See it being made here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHplp6Wx0BU

A salted Caramel Chocolate Custard. This is an experimental recipe for DIY Mixers Crew Challenge. Mr Mc Goo was always accident prone flying blind but always came out on top at the end. That's where I draw my inspiration from for this recipe. lol. I am chasing a deep rich chocolate custard profile with notes of salted caramel yummyness on the end. Making a few edumacted choices here. This one will be a face punch of flavor I think lol. It could end up like these famous Mc Goo quotes "the ugliest child I've ever seen" or " Oh, Magoo, you've done it again! ". Lets see how Mrs McGoo goes lol

This was made as a simple 3 flavor recipe to prove that you can mix something lovely in under 3 mins with only 3 flavorings. The wetness and authenticity of the peach in this mix because the apricot in this small % rounds the flavor and gives the moist lips feel here. The LB VBI is a gorgeous thick rich and lovely ice cream and the vanilla in that concentrate really offers a delectable bonus in this easy recipe. Enjoy! :)

So this is an experiment on the back of a challenge set by the You Tube group Called the "DIY MIXERS CREW" to create a Peppermint Mocha profile. I'm like what? You Yanks (American's) are crazy! You actually drink coffee with Peppermint? Then I paused and tried to imagine it. I looked up some cocktails that include this profile style and it appears its along the lines of an Irish style cocktail. So with the luck of the Irish and the Stars and Clouds in my eyes I am attempting to create something that I haven't tasted but just imaging with a little bit of research. I don't want the peppermint to be forward rather a pleasant back note that is surprisingly warm as the smooth sweetness of the coffee profile that has a fluffy vanilla cream feel with some other little complex notes that makes you wonder,"mmm that's lovely how did they do that (assuming you never saw the recipe). Well here goes for this stab in the dark attempt at a profile I have never tried for real but have a some personal and professional mixing experience that hopefully may bring something pleasant to the coffee table. May lady Luck bring me the bucks and lots of luck! lol. (This recipe is currently an experiment and I am expecting it to take around 3-5 days to steep well or the flavors to come together well) I will report back with a follow up ASAP :)
So after the first test the peppermint is fresh and little further forward then I imagined but it is not harsh. It's lovely, It's amazing that this mix actually works. The creaminess with the very enjoyable smooth coffee center seems to balance beautifully. An unlikley recipe but it some how works. Will only get better with steeping. Enjoy :)

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