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The 1-2-3 recipe craze has caught my attention and I thought it was past time that I got on board with this. IMO it's a healthy craze for mixing that I credit ID10T for getting it rolling. It makes us think about recipe consolidation (using less to make more). This is a profile that I was originally thinking about using at least 6 different concentrates to make but with this method I have found a way to define the flavour and reduce steeping time by only using 3 concentrates. TBH I don't think I could of created a better tasting Cherry Ripe Ice=Cream using more flavors in this instance. It's perfect off the shake and will only get a little better after a few days!
Why did I use what I did?
The PUR Chocolate Cherry is gorgeous, it offers the subtle cherry the while the milk chocolate is smooth when I SF tested at 2%. However I was adding a cream in using LB Vanilla Ice Cream at 3% and I knew that would smooth out that Choc Cherry a bit hence I chose to slightly up the PUR CC by .5% to 2.5%. The LB Ice-cream is a beautiful creamy Ice cream that doesn't take long to steep like many others and IMO is the easiest Ice Cream concentrate currently available. The VT Desiccated coconut completes the cherry ripe feel of this recipe by offering not only the little bit of coconut texture but a pleasant hint of coconut through the middle of this recipe. This has to be the best shake and vape easy recipe I have made to date. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am enjoying vaping the wick dry with this recipe. Let me know what you think so we can all learn from each other if you mix this, because
"Together, Let's Discover!"

You can see me create this recipe here: https://youtu.be/EBjf6xko6H8?t=30m56s

Around a month ago I received a package of lovely Norwegian confectionery that has changed my perception on what a confectionery product should be like. Thank you to "The Vaping Viking" for sending me this as I was crazy enough to take on this little challenge of mixing a vape recipe to best imitate from my pallet a gorgeous milk choc coated crunchy and salty yet sweet mouthful of addictive goodness. Getting the balance between sweet, salty & savory in this profile was definitely the hardest part and TBH with my current array of concentrates (around 800) this is about as close as I can get (around 90%). However it is a beautifully complex yet gorgeous vape that is unique and something that I keep going back to for a treat, just like the real thing.
How did I go about this?
Firstly it's all about smashing your face into the pack of these good things but also taking notes of all the smells and taste sensations and then going through my concentrate stash and repeating the process.
The base of the recipe was the most difficult but after much experimentation and six versions I have finally come up with a version that I don't think I can get closer with. The honeycomb works well for the sweet crunch, the vanilla nut brittle brings the savory nutty type of flavor through the middle, amazingly the TFA popcorn movie theater found a place down low as this gave a back-note reminiscent of the original. The salted caramel was the best way I could find to get the salty yet sweet sensation somewhere near to the authentic experience. While the smooth chocolate cover was relatively less complicated by using MB Glamour Chocolate and to add a little gloss a pinch of caps butter cream was used for that mouthfeel.
Probably the most difficult challenge I have ever set myself to date but at the same time it was a journey I enjoyed and at the end of this I think I have a recipe that it quite unique and beautiful and I think this is what DIY is all about! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, let me know what you think ! :)

The Golden Monkey is steeped in legend and said to bring good wealth and health. This recipe I can only predict will give you a healthier option to vape something yummy rather than smoking with a wealth of full flavor that I hope you enjoy. However like all good things in life, exercising patience will bring a better fortune. For best fortune please steep this for 7 days.

This recipe profile is a deep fried donut topped with maple syrup and fresh soft banana with a dollop of cream.

The FA Zepolla offers a perfect start to this profile with it's properties of an authentic fried donut with a slight hint of cinnamon.
The FLV Maple bar pairs beautifully with the Zepolla to offer a richer base to this profile and gets the sweet notes of the maple started while also helping with the breadiness of the mouthfeel of the donut.
The Molinberry Soft Banana is the most authentic banana concentrate I have used to date and it gives the mouthfeel of that real banana.
With the combination of FA Caramel, WF Banana Puree, FA Maple Syrup these come together to offer the drizzle that makes this recipe simply delicious through the middle of this recipe.
Topped off with a little cream pairing of Bannascotch cream which gives a lovely hum to this recipe and some ever reliable FA Vienna cream you will be licking your lips at the end of the exhale. I hope you enjoy mixing and vaping this as much as I did creating this. Please let me know what you think whether you enjoyed it or not because recipe feedback helps us all to become better mixers. Thank you & Enjoy! :)


A lovely Vanilla Ice cream soda with a little Fizz. As per the picture I purchased a F&N Ice-Cream soda after never having one before. I then set out to develop a replica of what I experienced and I am happy to say that this recipe IMO does it with around 95% accuracy.

VT Fizzy Sherbet is what helps the VT Creaming Soda to bring out that little bit of Fizz type of feel. The LB ice-cream is all that is needed to get the notes I required to get those ice - creamy notes. This has a very prominent smooth vanilla flavor through the middle hence the INW Shisha Vanilla and also gives some lovely caramel toward the back where the FA Caramel works so well. Like most soda's there is sweetness that demands a sweetener hence there but niced & low. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do ! It's lovely!

See it being created here: https://youtu.be/C76vcUEuUj4?t=16m19s

This recipe is a refreshing tea recipe I recently did on an Improv show. The recipe name is motivated by passion for mixing 'Downunder"
(thanks for the name Mark SR).
The Raspberry by FLV Red Raspberry is a lovely deep Red Raspberry flavor that sits it the middle of this recipe nicely.
It compliments the lovely and IMO the most authentic Green Tea Concentrate from Molinberry. The Yellow passion as a deeper passion fruit flavoring pairs beautifully with the raspberry here. With a kiss of FLV Lemon Tea it really helps add a subtle fresh back note that helps the overall balance here. This is great off the shake but will be best after a day or 2. You may wish to add 1% FA Polar Blast to make this an "Iced Tea" style profile. Otherwise sit back relax with this lovely little fruity green tea recipe and enjoy! :)
Watch it's creation here: https://youtu.be/hqQeCzBQe2U?t=21m29s

This started as a collaborative input recipe concept I put up on our DIY Downunder FB page. A lot of us contributed with our thoughts, opinions, experiences and with that along with mine I came up with this beautiful rendition of the Aussie Bakery classic, passion fruit tart. This is seriously the best recipe I have crafted to date. Thank you to all those who contributed with their thoughts and ideas on our page!! This is for you and I welcome everyone to not only try this but see if it can be improved.

Down to the what & why:
This is a childhood memory and a profile I know very well. To have nailed this profile brings a smile to the dial.

The Base:
This combination of concentrates IMO is a perfect 10/10 bakery crust stone for a citrus style pie bakery.
The FLV Pastry Zest, INW Biscuit & TPA Pie Crust works together as a beautiful team that delivers the
perfect flavor and textual mouth feel to deliver the base for this profile.

The Fruits:
The fine balance of a little lemon and a kiss of tangerine really are the hero's that lift the mouthwatering
passionfruits to an amazing level of authenticity. The Yellow Passion by VT is the most beautiful Passionfruit
I have ever SF tested but half/half with the "VT Passionfruit" it is out of this world!

The Creams:
The Use of FA Custard is the most reliable and beautiful custard that offers that hint of brightness on the end
that IMO makes it a must to utilise in any citrus style recipe that call for a custard.
The Capella Butter Cream pairs perfectly and delivers the glossy sweet texture that this profile was calling for.

Give this recipe a mix whether you have had a chance to try the "real thing" or not.
If you have an appreciation for this profile please let me know what you thought.
Most of all enjoy your mixing journey! & Pash That Tart!!!! lol

Watch it being mixed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qao7pYt1sq0

optional - add 0.5- 1% VT Raspberry Jam for some lovely extra yuminess. 1% is very forward while 0.5 sits in the back for some yummy jam back notes.

This one has been in demand and there has been much hype about this one as finally she arrives!! She's looking beautiful, feeling glamorous but keeping it real! This is my version of an Australian CWA (home made) Lamington. For those overseas that aren't familiar this is a national icon recipe that is baked by many for good causes and steeped in tradition that makes up the fabric of a lot of our fundraising drives!
It is essentially a home baked sponge cake with a thin layer layer of cream through the middle and sometimes has a little jam as well.
Then rolled in a thin layer of melted chocolate, then rolled again in a thin layer of shredded coconut.

As I like to do these days as I concentrate on making the best possible recipes I can, I immerse my self in the experience. That includes licking ,smelling, feeling and using all my senses to the fullest to try and best get the most authentic feel of a profile.
I think I've done an alright job here but i welcome your comments.

The MB Bounty gives a great start to the top layer of this recipe with very genuine dairy chocolate and coconut notes.
The VT Chocolate has the feel of the same chocolate texture I experience on a lamington and works well with the MB.
The VT Coconut completes the mouthfeel of real shredded coconut and makes me roll my tongue over my teeth to get those little bits of coconut free.
The WF Princess cake is the hero here as she makes a gorgeous appearance in her leading roll. Her cake is on point and offers a lovely mouthfeel and a real homemade spongecake feel to the middle of this recipe! Thank You Princess! You saved the day!
Then the princess found her charming in RF Deep Fried Spongecake and together they made amazing love that brings the middle of this recipe up offering some more generous mouthfeel in this recipe.
What more is needed you ask? The Cream! The FLV Cream has sat well in this recipe making you roll you tongue under looking for more beautiful cream.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it, regardless enjoy the journey of mixing and stay Glamorous with a "Glamington" in your mouth! :)

DIY Downunder

If the recipe name and close examination of the recipe picture didn't make you smile then I sure hope this recipe will. This is one of the toughest profile challenges I have set my self to date. This is deeper in flavor than you expect. To get the right balance of sweet & savory where it works well is often a fine line however I think I have pulled it off here. Layering nut flavors is no easy challenge either but again with a drop of saline every 20ml it just works to make the nuts pop! Again, I wanted great texture feel in this recipe and I worked with different nut combinations till I got the full mouth feel of gorgeous syrup coated nuts in my mouth! This combination of nuts is a really lovely party mix of desirable nuts. It's a delicate procedure because when it's out of balance it could turn into a tea-bagging lol. The hero of this recipe is Vape Train's new Golden Syrup, without this, the recipe wouldn't be as enjoyable. It has blended well with a little FA Maple Syrup to offer a gorgeous sweet syrup. The WF Honey roasted peanut and flv pistachio really work here while the others all play there part as you get seemingly different types of nuisances of nut flavors upon each exhale. Allow around 3 days for this orgy of nuts to settle with the sweet syrup for the best experience. Tell me what you think but most of all enjoy discovering flavor, and enjoy Golden Nuts!

DIY Downunder "Let's Discover!"

1 drop saline per 30ml This is an experiment for a Salted Caramel Roll that I've never had but dam I think I have a new ADV here.
After chatting to an American friend he suggested that this would be winner in a vape recipe if I could do it. I have never had one of these rolls before so after a series of questions about flavor and texture and studying a few home made versions of this recipe I came up with following.
This is NUTS! lol
I have been learning the complex art of trying to learn how nut flavorings layer as well as pair together lately as well as seeing how some pair well together. Textual illusion to get that authentic mouthfeel of the profile has also been the main goal of late and hence why I have been doing this testing.
This profile was built on subjective imagination and hope but it has turned out very lovely IMO. The layering of the nuts and the use of a drop of saline as well as giving them a caramel coating seems to have paid off. I find to achieve a good nougat that the nougat concentrates lack body and hence why I have used some lovely sweet TFA Marshmallow as well here. I have to say I think I have another recipe here to enjoy on a daily rotation that is moorish and delectable. Please mix it up if this profile appeals to you, share your thoughts and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do!

Watch out for my next recipe coming very soon called "Golden Nuts" #DIYDownunder

This is my Monthly DIY Downunder You Tube Challenge Recipe to create a Salted Caramel Macchiato recipe on the spot. I think it's quite lovely and I recommend 1 drop of saline per 30 ml to make it all pop however I will add further notes on the recipe later as it steeps. (I'think it's gorgeous so far).

Update: IMO it just just gets better! The flavors have melded together beautifully in this and the cream froth from the top to the lovely dark smooth coffee through the middle is just on point.
Although I made this "on the spot" it has taught me that there is no substitute for flavor testing and experience when creating a "great" e-liquid. A massive props goes to VT (Theo) for bringing these flavors to the market when creating an e-liquid like this prior would be seemingly impossible at this standard.
I will flavor note all the flavors contained here in this recipe individually soon and after you read them will you be able to truly understand why and how I layered these flavorings the way I did and balance them with the right amount of creams as I also brought that authentic salted caramel into the mix as well. I can only encourage you to freshly wick your RDA before trying this after at least 2-3days to truly appreciate the textures here. Most of all Enjoy :)

See it being mixed here: https://youtu.be/kmUJs8YZs6I?t=3421

DIY Downunder

User: StarsandClouds Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Never has a recipe excited me like this! The best dam Apple 🍎 pie πŸ₯§ recipe ever! IMO If you don’t mix this you will never experience something rare and special! Wow Russell Branche! Wow! Mind blown, taste buds are spoilt tonight!
User: StarsandClouds Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
This looks lovely! I'm looking at this as a nice "stone" recipe to build off to taste. For example I could add some Lemon,Banana, strawberry, chocolate or other yummyness to taste! Nice job Mark! :) Thank You!
User: StarsandClouds Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
I love a different profile of something I haven't thought of or tried before. I need some of these flavors yet I hope to fill those gaps in the next few weeks and looking at building around this using some quince. Mary-Beth, I love the profiles you put up! :)
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