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I challenged myself to make an "on the spot" recipe on a live you tube show recently and Addy Tuney suggested this profile. The fact that he is a great guy who is highly respected around the area of DIY as one of the founders was truly and honor to take up his suggestion. To suggest this to me with some sort of confidence that I could pull off a profile like this on the spot was daring to say the least lol. It;s Addy Tuney though, so I had to have a go. I'm actually really happy with this and how it came together. Look up my previous recipe "MMM Maple Syrup" as you will see this is what is included here in this recipe. I really like the way WF Crepe at 1% supports the TFA Pancake here and as a base to work off, works well. I chose deeper/darker versions of the Strawberry and Blueberry here to really give a warm cooked feeling. To accent and add depth to the fruit was the VT Boysenberry that works so well. The Caps Cinnamon Sugar really helps to add a little something to the pancake and compliments the overall recipe well with out taking over the recipe as some cinnamon flavors do, rather it sits at the back nicely. What an honor it was to create this, thank you Addy for laying down this challenge. I hope that not only you enjoy this but many people enjoy this recipe and maybe add a little cream,custard or ice-cream of your choice. Enjoy! :)
see it being created here: https://youtu.be/u-mdjAkuTP8?t=50m41s

This is a stone recipe base recipe. For 2 years now I have been wanting to nail down the perfect Maple Syrup flavor that I am familiar with when I drizzle it over pancakes, ice cream and what ever I feel like at the time. With every concentrate I tried that offered promise of helping me reach my happy place, it seemingly always fell short of delivering the authenticity I wanted. The closest I found was FA Maple Syrup but by it's self I seem to get the right tones but a little dryness and felt more like licking maple syrup off a dry serviette. I knew it needed a little help but with what? I know it pairs nicely with TPA Banana Fosters and is less dry with it but what if I want to use it in a profile that doesn't contain banana? Then "CHOO CHOO", VT Golden Syrup steams in on Platform 2 showing me a lovely sweet syrup that is just perfect in so many ways and offers the solution to FA Maple Syrup IMO. It gives the Maple a slightly deeper and more syrup like tones that compliments it very well. However it just needs "something" else. Something was missing to give me the 100% gorgeousness I was chasing. I reached out to DIYorDIE's Wayne Walker on a recent live show and he suggested to try adding an even amount of FA Butterscotch & FA Caramel (two of my most favorite flavors) and boom, a star was born by simply using 0.5% of each. Those syrupy caramel and butterscotch notes help to complete this & offers deliciousness at the next level IMO. After 3 days steep I think it's 99% authentic and ready now to add into a recipe with some bakery concentrates and where ever the imagination goes. I think this is the "missing link" that can help so many of us take our Maple Syrup included recipes to the next level. While I think it's great, tell me what you think. If you have a better thought/ solution or enjoy this please pop your thoughts/experiences in the comments below so we can all learn more, because it's more fun when "Together, we discover".
Enjoy :)

Suggested flavors to pair or team up with this stone recipe:
FA Vanilla Bourban, TFA Banana Fosters, FA Zepolla, WF Glazed Donut, FLV Pound Cake, WF Crepe, WF Sesame Candy, WF Banana Puree, MB Soft Banana, Custards, Ice-creams and much more! Hungry yet? Get mixing! lol

A gorgeous custard filled donut with caramel dripping and moreish nutty tones.
Enjoy this mix that really brings together the levels of creams, caramel and bakery tones that I am totally into and enjoying right now.
Firstly I start with a new Donut stone that seems to work beautifully by simply combining the WF Glazed Donut & FW Cake Batter Dip. It seemingly helps to give that soft "not to bready" base and that's the way I love my donuts. As most know I'm totally nuts so it;s only appropriate that I brought some beautiful nuttiness into this profile. The FW Butter Pecan plays beautifully and sells the nutty mouthfeel and when combined in this recipe with PUR Vanilla Nut Brittle it helps to bring "next Level" sweet nut tones into this. Behind every lovely caramel is a butterscotch as a best friend and vice versa. The FA Caramel is a lovley soft caramel that seemingly melts in here with the FW Butterscotch ripple to help also get the custard middle ready. The filler of all this is the FA Premium custard that offers a generous yet balanced center that just oozes out at the exhale and plays an integral part in rounding out the overall profile.
I'm really enjoying this as I hope you will to!
Let me know what you think if you don't get distracted by mixing your second and third bottle of this. :)

We love our iced coffee here "downunder" but it's sweet and unique compared to most others I've had from other places in the world. I have based this recipe on the leading commercial and loved iced coffee here in Australia called "Ice Break". After two years of trying, I'm happy to say I have found a way to to get the special unique note of sweetness that has been the hardest part of this recipe to nail down.

Never did I think a TFA Coffee would make up the missing piece of the puzzle here. After trying TFA Coffee Extra Clear quite a while ago I swore I wouldn't use a TPA coffee flavoring again. However I found a sweet coffee(TPA Coffee Kona) that when used in context with other solid flavors and used low at no more than 1% it is lovely. Using the French Vanilla 2 paired well to assist with the unique kind of sweet & almost malty vanilla note that has made this recipe such a challenge for me. Along with the mouthfeel, sweetness and balance all the other concentrates brought to this profile, each one layers and assist to achieve the notes that makes up my favorite everyday iced coffee and come to life. I encourage you as you mix this to single flavor test these concentrates and note what each does and I have no doubt you will learn more by this recipe in how I have gone about layering it all in. Hence why we don't see many "Coffee Base Recipes", it's difficult. This recipe would be my personal best and most patient recipe I have brought together and I hope you enjoy this as much as I have developing it. Let me know your thoughts and thank you for mixing it and staying off those dam stinkies with my recipe! :)

If you wish to give a "Cold" effect start at 0.25% up to 1% FA Polar Blast at your liking.
I talk about my recipe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcg9dsBDkE0

A jam and cream on toast in progress that is coming along nicely

Thank you to Matt who recently joined our FB group at DIY Downunder for hopping in and challenging us to create this profile, I'm now dam glad you did!
His challenge was "for a recipe based on Pancakes/Crepes with lemon juice and sugar". This is exactly what I get and enjoy with my version here. I will go a step further and say this is "Yummy AF". The sugary note and sweetness from the OOO Powdered sugar and VT golden Syrup to the squeezed Lemon coming together from Caps Juicy Lemon & FE Lemon with the pancake effect by bringing WF Crepe & FA Zepolla together provides all together a simply gorgeous vape. The mouthfeel is authentic as those sprinkles of sugar work over your tongue with a little lemon juiciness while you get the pancake underneath. It's just a lovely vape that would go well while sipping on your favorite cuppa I think. Enjoy!

Lemon Lime & Bitters is a staple of almost every non-drinker at the local club and also that refreshing beverage to enjoy with a meal. Till recently I would never of thought that this profile would be possible to achieve this easily. Thank you to Vape Train for bringing the "bitters". It is perfect IMO. Their lemonade is on point as well. To top it off the fizzy sherbet works very well here for a little almost fizzy mouth feel as well as giving a little lemon like assistance to the overall recipe. I don't have any of the VT Limes but I have my favorite squeeze of lime juice concentrate in FW Key Lime which sit's beautifully in the middle here. This is a delightful & refreshing shake and vape recipe that I am sure you will enjoy all day however let me know what you liked about this or not. Enjoy!

Since the beginning of my vape journey I have enjoyed this profile. In fact it is the profile that has been an all day vape since enjoying Doughbot Jammy Jam from Wick & Wire and Jam Dizzle from Nimbus vapour. Total kudos to those Aussie eLiquid creators for making an eLiquid that kept me of the stinkies and kept me on my path of making the switch to the at least 95% safer alternative. This was the first profile I chased when beginning to mix and is a profile I have developed since. I even had a successful commercial recipe there for a while. However as we have experienced a massive growth in availability of various new concentrates I have evolved this recipe once again. This is my latest rendition that while it will require a little patience for a 7 day steep I think it's well worth it!
As soon as FA Zeppola landed on my palette I put the Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl back on the shelf when mixing this profile. The authentic fried donut experience this concentrate offers is the best concentrate for this profile IMO. I experimented adding some FA Wow with it and after a steep it really brought this base donut up a level. It helped with that soft breadiness and the powdered sugar feel while also giving a few mild deep fruity backnotes.
To take this donut base up a level again I tried adding a little Jungle Flavours Yellow cake which improves the tone of this base beautifully IMO. I used to love using a stone Jam recipe that consisted of INW Shisha Strawberry, Strawberry Ripe with a little FA Blackcurrent and a touch of FA Liquid Amber. While it was effective it took around 2 weeks to offer the full effect. Then comes a long a VapeTrain of new concentrates to the market that pulled into my mixing station that offered so much more ease and versatility here. In particular the VT Strawberry Jam is a ready to go concentrate in this profile but IMO slightly lacked the depth of flavor of that cooked caramelized strawberry jam experience I wanted to achieve. In comes VT Raspberry Jam to save the day! Adding 0.5% to this gives the depth that I enjoy and paired with the VT Strawberry Jam I think its on point to achieve that depth of flavor I was chasing. To add a little smoothness through the middle of this recipe I found that the INW Shisha Vanilla does that beautifully. However being as fussy as I am I wanted that authentic sugar lips experience and this is where OOO powdered sugar came to this party and certainly does this well. This is how I have achieved this recipe that I think is my best rendition of this profile yet. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I have enjoyed the experience of creating this recipe. Let me know what you think as I welcome your comments, reviews ect.

To see it being created checkout the video here : https://youtu.be/WKlQNasRm_E?t=26m3s

The 1-2-3 recipe craze has caught my attention and I thought it was past time that I got on board with this. IMO it's a healthy craze for mixing that I credit ID10T for getting it rolling. It makes us think about recipe consolidation (using less to make more). This is a profile that I was originally thinking about using at least 6 different concentrates to make but with this method I have found a way to define the flavour and reduce steeping time by only using 3 concentrates. TBH I don't think I could of created a better tasting Cherry Ripe Ice=Cream using more flavors in this instance. It's perfect off the shake and will only get a little better after a few days!
Why did I use what I did?
The PUR Chocolate Cherry is gorgeous, it offers the subtle cherry the while the milk chocolate is smooth when I SF tested at 2%. However I was adding a cream in using LB Vanilla Ice Cream at 3% and I knew that would smooth out that Choc Cherry a bit hence I chose to slightly up the PUR CC by .5% to 2.5%. The LB Ice-cream is a beautiful creamy Ice cream that doesn't take long to steep like many others and IMO is the easiest Ice Cream concentrate currently available. The VT Desiccated coconut completes the cherry ripe feel of this recipe by offering not only the little bit of coconut texture but a pleasant hint of coconut through the middle of this recipe. This has to be the best shake and vape easy recipe I have made to date. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am enjoying vaping the wick dry with this recipe. Let me know what you think so we can all learn from each other if you mix this, because
"Together, Let's Discover!"

You can see me create this recipe here: https://youtu.be/EBjf6xko6H8?t=30m56s

Around a month ago I received a package of lovely Norwegian confectionery that has changed my perception on what a confectionery product should be like. Thank you to "The Vaping Viking" for sending me this as I was crazy enough to take on this little challenge of mixing a vape recipe to best imitate from my pallet a gorgeous milk choc coated crunchy and salty yet sweet mouthful of addictive goodness. Getting the balance between sweet, salty & savory in this profile was definitely the hardest part and TBH with my current array of concentrates (around 800) this is about as close as I can get (around 90%). However it is a beautifully complex yet gorgeous vape that is unique and something that I keep going back to for a treat, just like the real thing.
How did I go about this?
Firstly it's all about smashing your face into the pack of these good things but also taking notes of all the smells and taste sensations and then going through my concentrate stash and repeating the process.
The base of the recipe was the most difficult but after much experimentation and six versions I have finally come up with a version that I don't think I can get closer with. The honeycomb works well for the sweet crunch, the vanilla nut brittle brings the savory nutty type of flavor through the middle, amazingly the TFA popcorn movie theater found a place down low as this gave a back-note reminiscent of the original. The salted caramel was the best way I could find to get the salty yet sweet sensation somewhere near to the authentic experience. While the smooth chocolate cover was relatively less complicated by using MB Glamour Chocolate and to add a little gloss a pinch of caps butter cream was used for that mouthfeel.
Probably the most difficult challenge I have ever set myself to date but at the same time it was a journey I enjoyed and at the end of this I think I have a recipe that it quite unique and beautiful and I think this is what DIY is all about! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, let me know what you think ! :)

User: StarsandClouds Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Never has a recipe excited me like this! The best dam Apple 🍎 pie πŸ₯§ recipe ever! IMO If you don’t mix this you will never experience something rare and special! Wow Russell Branche! Wow! Mind blown, taste buds are spoilt tonight!
User: StarsandClouds Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
This looks lovely! I'm looking at this as a nice "stone" recipe to build off to taste. For example I could add some Lemon,Banana, strawberry, chocolate or other yummyness to taste! Nice job Mark! :) Thank You!
User: StarsandClouds Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
I love a different profile of something I haven't thought of or tried before. I need some of these flavors yet I hope to fill those gaps in the next few weeks and looking at building around this using some quince. Mary-Beth, I love the profiles you put up! :)
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