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This is a simple one, and thankfully it doesn't need to be any more complicated to get a well rounded, sweet, in-your-face full flavor. All we need to achieve vibrant, purple neon goodness is equal parts of both TPA Grape Juice and TPA Grape Candy. Honestly either of these at 5% is enough to get that very artificial purple candy grape flavor that you may be after, but together their forces combined create an absolute banger.

As far as TPA Grape Juice goes, it is certainly an odd one. It has the most mild alcohol vibe to it, much the same aroma I get from cheap Gin. It also has a distinct smell of purple Laffy Taffy, which adds a filmy, almost creamy aspect to the vape and mouthfeel. The grape here is as artificial as it is pronounced, and that benefits us greatly in this mix.

TPA Grape Candy is also fairly unique. I have heard pixie stick, taffy, and many other sugary purple things sold on grocery store shelves being claimed as the intended flavor of this one, though I'll let you be the judge. To me, at least, Grape Juice tastes more like a Jolly Rancher than anything. In the bottle, the concentrate smells of freshly cut grass and shares the same neon purple top note that Grape Juice supplies, combining beautifully.

Here is the fun part; Alterations to this recipe can (and should) include plugging in Vurve's Best Damn Pink Lemonade base, that being 6% LA Lemonade and 0.75% Lemon Sicily. In the summertime I sometimes like to add 0.5% WS23 to this grape base to get a nice, almost Popsicle tone to the whole mix. Throw in 2% FA Fuji or 1% INW Cactus for a refreshing ass flavor. A little FW Blueberry or TPA Pineapple makes a pretty welcome addition to really amplify the tang of the mix. Really anywhere you think a Grape would be good, give this a shot. Add in Guava, Papaya, maybe even some ice creams to get a grape soft serve type horror.

Sweetener is definitely detrimental to this particular combo. If you get inadequate amounts of sweetness from these two flavors, then try turning them up to 5%-6% before reaching for the super sweet. EM will just do it's regular ole' thing of muting the top notes, which is actually an impressive feat here.

Shake and Vape certified, or would it be Shake and Grape?


This is part 3 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple.
PART 1: Simple Pineapple Cheesecake
PART 2: Stupid Simple Pineapple Cookie

I will preface this by saying that I am one of the dammed, sentenced to only taste the most powerful and pure of freshly cracked black pepper from all things rich and vanilla. Otherwise we could take a simple mustard milk approach to this whole shebang and throw together 5% TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and 5% CAP Golden Pineapple and be absolutely fine with the outcome. If you don't get pepper and enjoy TPA VBIC, you should definitely give the two flavor approach a shot.

Anyways, rant over, onto the recipe notes.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream is rich, creamy, goodness in a bottle. It has come to a nearly celebrity status in our community as of the last year or so for good reason. It plays well with others, it has a decent mouthfeel, and though respectably flavorful in under 5% concentrations, will not be pushed away by many stronger flavors. To me, there is a distinct eggy note to this concentrate as well, similar to a very faint dairy/butter note in TPA Vanilla Swirl. For these reasons we use this flavor for the base of our Ice Cream role.

That little part about 'decent mouthfeel' may just be me, but LB VIC does seem to be a touch thin. We remedy this by throwing in 2% TPA Vanilla Swirl in to the arena. This bumps texture considerably without taking over and adding too much of a flavor. We get almost a 'chew' from this one, reminding me of a vanilla tootsie-roll-esque type vibe. All Hail The Swirl™ ▲

Our Pineapple is simple. 5% CAP Golden Pineapple is the perfect ratio to balance in the mix, neither taking the wheel nor falling behind. At this percentage we definitely don't find the need to search for the fruit in this mix, nor do we exclusively taste pineapple. The dried fruit vibe off of Golden Pineapple is absolutely killer and the whole inspiration for this triple recipe tie in with Pineapple Cookie, Pineapple Cheesecake, and Pineapple Ice Cream. If for some reason you don't already have this one in your arsenal and it even remotely sounds appetizing to you, do yourself a favor and nab at least a 30ml bottle from your preferred website and get to mixing.

That's it. Thanks for tuning in to this 3 parter.


This is part 2 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple.
PART 1: Simple Pineapple Cheesecake
PART 3: Stupid Simple Pineapple Ice Cream
Anyhow, on to part 2.

Running with the theme of pineapple bakeries: I opted to work on a cookie that incorporated chunks of dried pineapple, the style you may find in many generic trail mixes. Chewy, nearly fibrous, with a flavor unique unto itself. The end result here is nearly as close as I am able to come, at least with the resources available to me at the moment.

Our dried pineapple chunks are sourced from CAP Golden Pineapple at 4%. At this level we find pineapple at the top of the mix, but not so overdone that it's all we taste. Any lower and we start to lose the pineapple to the cookie base. While generally potent, I have noticed that CAP Golden Pineapple does have a way of falling out against bakeries.

Our cookie base is a simple one that seems to be much more complex than it should be with only two flavors. 4% CAP Sugar Cookie is our main, soft chewy cookie note here.

1% of FA Cookie adds a “snap” to the mix that emulates the crispy edge of an ever so slightly over-baked cookie. The FA Cookie really rounds the mix out and balances the texture. CAP Golden Pineapple, though its actual flavor is reminiscent of dried pineapple, is a very wet feeling flavor when used at 4%. This is beneficial in tropical recipes but not so much in a warm, fresh baked cookie mix. The FA Cookie essentially dries the wet notes up beautifully, without impacting the actual flavor of Pineapple too much.

Finally, a mild splash of CAP Super Sweet at 0.5% really seals the deal on a light glaze on the finished cookie and almost adds a dusting of granulated sugar to the finished product. The addition of sweetener is totally optional of course, but I find that this is one of those times where a little coil wrecking sweetness really does benefit the whole mix.


This is part 1 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple. I will post the other two over the next few days and link them all together as I go.
PART 2: Stupid Simple Pineapple Cookie
Ah shit this recipe has more than three flavors, it's probably trash.
PART 3: Stupid Simple Pineapple Ice Cream

We stray away from our usual cheesecake base here, instead creating one from the ground up. It suffices for plug and play with many other fruits as well, and I often throw in FW Butter Pecan at 6% in place of the Pineapple to make a pecan pie cheesecake hybrid abomination.

Our cheesecake tone is set with a ubiquitous 4% CAP New York Cheesecake. I say ubiquitous as most of my cheesecake needs are generally met with this 4% of NYC. At this level we get a saturated, velvety layer of thick cheesecake filling. To keep this recipe simple, we don't really need anything else to support this layer.

We develop our graham cracker crust simply, yet effectively with 3% FW Graham Cracker. This stuff is so delicious and easily one of my most reached for bottles when mixing a dessert. In my humble opinion it shits on TPA Graham Cracker Clear in a way that I can't even begin to express with words.

It can't be a pineapple cheesecake without the pineapple aspect, so we chop up some fresh chunks of CAP Golden Pineapple. Adding 5% is sufficient to satisfy the chunked pineapple vibe without getting too overpowering. We want it strong but not coil nuking levels of citrus. If you do notice the pineapple to be a bit overpowering, try knocking it down to 3.5%, maybe 4%, but no lower or I noticed that it really tends to get lost despite being a fairly potent flavor.

The final addition to the mix is FA Meringue at 2%. I am absolutely biased in saying so, but 2% FA Meringue is a welcome addition to nearly any bakery or dessert for me. Here it serves to connect the graham cracker crust to the layer of cheesecake. Without it, the layers tend to stack instead of blend like we want.

Personally, I would skip the sweetener here, as nearly every one of these flavors serve to sweeten on their own accord. The addition of sweetener only serves to muddle, or gray out, the whole recipe.

As cheesecakes tend to go, give this one a nice shake and forget it for an absolute minimum of three business days. The mix would prefer to have you wait a full week to bust into it's deliciousness, but it will forgive you if you cave a little earlier than anticipated.


Yeah if you couldn't tell by the picture, that I worked very hard on I may add, it's another got damn blueberry cheesecake.

Before we go any further, please note that I am basing a large chunk of this recipe off of Coop34's glorious (and I mean glorious) Creamy Lemon Cheesecake recipe. You should, hopefully, if I did it right, see a link to his original recipe below. To be 100% honest I pulled part of his base as a cheesecake stone some time ago and totally forgot where I sourced it from for a good long while. It is absolutely beautiful and is one of the most accepting plug and play stones that I have encountered. Slap some strawberries, lemon, lime, guava, pineapple, chocolate, etc in to the base, wait a week, and it will be damn good. We omit the French Vanilla merely because I don't have it. Feel free to throw it in if desired. Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

I am a blasphemer and have only recently gotten my hands on one of the most ubiquitous blueberries, not to mention flavors in general, FW Blueberry. I will not repent. At 5% it sits front and center in this mix, as it very well deserves. We get a lovely, almost warm and syrupy blueberry glaze here to the point that it almost suggests blueberries IN the cheesecake as well as a blueberry sauce drizzled over the top of your generously portioned (not so) diet friendly slice.

A sizable dash of CAP New York Cheesecake gives us our cheesecake tone. It fills the gap nicely and in my humble opinion is one of the most forgiving cheesecakes out there, not to mention one of the most accessible. If you must you may sub TPA Garbage Fire CGC here, but this author humbly requests that you don't do that.

One of the worst aspects of CAP New York Cheesecake is the inherent lack of a graham cracker crust. A mild dosage of INW Biscuit resolves this effectively. A mere 1% is a sufficient amount to remedy this gap in our mix, and it adds a nice crispy finish in combination with FA Meringue.

Speaking of which, I love FA Meringue. It is my life blood. It goes in nearly every dessert type recipe that I concoct. It smells like Lucky Charms™ milk and tastes like rainbows after a solid steep. We inject a decent 2% into our slice of cheesecake for a nice hard meringue topping. Meringue is effectively what ties the blueberry to the cheesecake. If you don't believe me, try mixing this up and omit the Meringue. See what you did? You wasted VG is what you did, you silly goose.

Finally we dribble a little milk over the whole thing for some reason. 0.5% FA Creme Fresh (or Fresh Cream, or whatever) is the final jagged piece of cardboard that completes the overdone puzzle that is a blueberry cheesecake. Why do we add Creme Fresh you may be asking yourself? Well I'll be glad to explain. I saw Coop34 do it and that guy is way smarter and more experienced than I am, so here we are. I have tried leaving it out and the main aspect that I noticed was a thinner mouthfeel. I only vape cheesecake when I want a nice fat mouthfeel, so we must ensure that 0.5% Creme Fresh makes its way into our bottle prior to filling and shaking. This is of utmost importance.

A grueling ONE WEEK MINIMUM steep is the final tear shed over our now bubbling bottle of goodness. It hurts, I know. You may be tempted to dip into your bottle a little early. You will be greeted with a greasy mouth coating layer of ick from the Fresh Cream, Meringue, and NY Cheesecake. It's unavoidable, truly. I found my tester bottle after about 20 days and that is what inspired me to throw this recipe up for you all, so the longer the better. I immediately threw together a 120ml bottle to stick in the deep dark dungeon that is my steep cabinet, only to be touched when temperature outside starts with a seven.


Basic, simple, delicious. This is a recipe that is greater than the sum of its parts, which is exactly what I strive for when I mix. If you have seen my other mixes, you know that two and three flavor bangers are my shtick, I try to make mixes that are easy to get into weather it's your first mix or your thousandth. With that fluff out of the way, here's the recipe.

TPA Honeysuckle. It's awesome and it is my first toe-dip into florals and thanks to the unanimous backing of ConcreteRiver and Kopel on Mixlife (Wednesdays at 9pm Central, it made its way into my Bull City cart and I haven't looked back. I believe Rick's actual quote was "...just fucking get it, it's good."

At 1.5% we notice the presence of of the sweet, almost syrupy homage to the tasty flower buds that we southern raised children used to suck and chew on while prowling the woods and playgrounds of yesteryear. Despite it's well known and exploited subtlety, TPA Honeysuckle has a way to take over a mix if you know what to look for. It's a lot like garlic that if used well, you will hardly notice it, yet if it is abused it will be the sole note that you pick out of a mix. 1.5% is what I have tested and determined to be absolutely perfect here. Not 1.75%, not 1.25%. Feel free to play around with the percentages but know that if you change it up it will totally alter the intended result of a background note that harmonizes with the forefront.

In the right hand corner we have the reigning heavyweight FA White Peach at a whopping 1%. I have what we woke mixers call a "bitch throat" and get razors out of white peach at anything over 1%-1.5%. At 1% Peach certainly takes the wheel in the overall flavor of the mix, as it was intended. At such a low percentage we get a more mellow peach rings vibe, vs the ripe white peach that can rear its head closer to 2%-3%.
As a caveat I should mention that I really truly do not care for peach at all, though I often find myself using it in many of my mixes, specifically FA White Peach and more often than not at the aforementioned 1%. After much internal reflection and looking in the mirror, I have deduced that White Peach has a certain je ne sais quoi, more specifically a "chew" factor that I have come to love. That "chew" plays a fairly important role here, and though this recipe isn't intended as a candy mix, the texture is reminiscent of chewing a flower petal which inherently ties into the Honeysuckle background.

Sweetener is discouraged, at least try it without first. A prolonged steep isn't necessary, about three days should suffice. I notice very little difference between three days and two weeks steep time.

As a final note, the recipe image that I made was my first time combining two photos together in a collage using GIMP and it came out.. eh it could have been better in hindsight. I had a lot of cool ideas but my photo editing skills are not on par with some of the absolute wizards I have seen on here.


Rainforest is a sopping wet amalgamation of Juicy Guava, Honeysuckle, and Cactus. I get an absolutely saturated mouthfeel from this blend and I love it when i need a change of pace for a few days. It has seen a few different iterations with the three main ingredients at varying levels of dominance, but I felt this was the most well rounded and accessible. You can turn the Guava and Cactus down for a more honeysuckle dominant flavor that is pretty damn good too.

The addition of WS23 can add a whole other element to the mix and really transform it into a slushy type flavor instead of a more hard candy vibe that we get from the base recipe. I don't include it in the base recipe because it isn't for everyone.

Our main note is the sticky sweet nectar that is CAP Sweet Guava, and it does its job of conducting the train of flavor well here. We get a lovely, wet, pink (heh) vibe from this at 3%.

Backup comes from TPA Honeysuckle at 2%. This adds a sweet floral nuance to the whole mix without making this taste like sucking on flower petals. It bumps up the juiciness without imparting too much of a flavor to the blend.

Our final bump of wet comes from none other than INW Cactus. The pink undertones play well with the Sweet Guava and at 0.5% it's really the little note that seals the deal and helps tie the Honeysuckle to the Guava. There is a noticeable difference if Cactus is omitted, not necessarily a bad difference, but a difference all the same.

Finally a little CAP Super Sweet at 0.4% rounds some little edges and brightens up some odd notes that can arise after a few days of a steep, though to be fair I generally don't let the 60ml make it past about two days.


This is a very mild and gentle touch on an awesome juice by Element E-Liquids, also called Key Lime Cookie. It sparked me to make my own KLC and this was born. I took my general approach of a more simple version and I think it turned out okay.

I have used varying percentages of the cookie base and the lime to find a nice match and this was the best. Turning the cookie down made the lime too strong, and vice versa, but using less of either just didn't taste as good.

Our cookie base is a simple one, and I tend to use it for "plug and play" with apples, strawberries, and the like. 6% Cap Sugar Cookie is the main note here, turned up a little higher than normal to stand up to the very potent key lime elements to this mix. 1% FW Hazelnut adds a more grainy texture to the sugar cookie and a little more 'chew'. I reckon this could be accomplished with AP at around 0.25% but who doesn't like Hazelnut?

Our lime note is simple and strong. I have toyed with CAP Lemon Lime, FA Lime Tahity, and some others but I felt none of them quite fit the cookie base as well as FA Florida Key Lime. As a side note this flavor is bomb diggity and a must have if you're a citrus lover like myself. It stands out in a mix, especially at the 3% we utilize here. Nice, bright, and green in a good way.

Our final addition is FA Meringue at 1.5%. This is one of my all time favorites, and as I release more recipes you will see it pop up in almost any bakery, dessert type flavor that I mix. It adds a sweet baked note to the whole recipe and serves as our frosting/glaze element as well as an impromptu sweetener. To me it adds a faint note of crispiness to the frosting area of the cookie too, much like a day old corner brownie, again in a great way.

Skip the sweetener unless you have to have it, this is sugar laden and rich all on its own. I generally mix this at 80/20 but 70/30 seems to bring the bite of citrus out a bit more, so adjust to your liking here. I would suggest not dropping below 65% VG or the citrus of the lime combined with high PG will really bump up the throat hit.

Also known as Fuck Me Up. I originally made my graphic and wrote this recipe under the working title of Sick AF and then remembered the homie had rudely stolen that name over two years before I even came up with it! I knew it sounded familiar /s
On a related note his recipe called Sick AF can be found here ( and is awesome as well, and I tend to vape it when I'm actually sick vs. just congested. Great with a cup of tea I tell you. If you happen to find this post while searching for something to vape while you're sick, give both of these a shot.

I'm congested, thank you sweet Jesus for blessing me with the gift of YEAR ROUND allergies that impact my ability to taste and breathe like a normal human being. I generally keep a 30ml of this mixed up in my steep cabinet for days when I can't taste anything else. I feel like vaping a complex or super tasty recipe when I'm congested is just a waste of expensive flavorings so I mix this stupid simple stuff.

INW CACTUS at 2% is a little high for the average use, but it's mighty tasty and reminiscent and I love the hubbabubbaesque pink vibe I get from it turned up this high.
WS23 at 0.25% is about as high as I like it save for total emergencies when I tend to crank it to 1%. If you want that coldness then by all means take it as high as you please, I'm not a cop.

Shake and Vape certified.


Ah the memories, they come flooding back when I think of this recipe. This was the very first 'original' mix I ever created without outside influence from YouTube or Reddit. I originally posted this on a thread I made about simple mixes on Reddit a while back, and though I would "import' them over here on ATF for all of my homies.

This mix is by no means luxurious or complex, it will not win any awards, it will not go down in history as one of the greatest ever concocted with surgical pinpoint accuracy, and it's not supposed to. This however may be the very first thing that someone mixes and tries and has a "holy-shit-I-made-something-mostly-vapeable" moment and inspire them to keep experimenting, that's what happened to me with this recipe and that's my overall goal here.

This is absolutely a shake and vape mix if I've ever had one. Literally shake well and wait for the bubbles to dissipate and it should be set to rock.

User: RockyHarlow Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Absolutely fantastic. After a week or two, this is sunshine in a plastic bottle. Deep, rich cheesecake. Crispy graham crust. Balanced lemon cream. Perfect. I did omit TPA French Vanilla, but even without it this is easily one of my most returned to mixes. I know this recipe is over two years old but it's still damn solid.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Fantastic. Shake and vape, just don't let it sit too long. After around a week the lemonade aspect starts to drop off significantly, though that is an issue with LA Lemonade more than anything. This is usually what I mix for friends when they want something "summery." Outstanding simple recipe. 0.5% WS23 makes a welcome addition here as well, to make it more of a beverage vs. a candyesque flavor. Either way works well though.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Simple is better 99% of the time, this is no exception. The room note on this one is fantastic as well, and leaves your house smelling like fresh baked maple cookies. I tend to actually vape this when I'm under the weather as it pairs with a hot cup of tea like no other recipe I have found so far. Great work.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Tasty toasted. Mr.B a wizard in the mix lab. Well rounded, thick and heavy mouthfeel. By far the best cereal I've had the pleasure of trying. Don't sleep on the remixes either, strawberry, banana, and apple variations are equally as dope.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 4 Entered: over 2 years ago
I know this mix is almost 3 years old, but I mixed it, and it was awesome. I do get the slightest tinge of pepper off of the vcv1 but that's a fault of the flavor and not recipe. Thick and rich as hell. The butter note is off the charts in a good way. Cookie base is solid too. I do recommend the omission of vanilla custard for any of my fellow pepper tasters though. Great work and great mix.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Absolute banger. Smooth, rich, thick, milky dark sweetness that just absolutely coats your tastebuds in happy. 3 day steep is okay for me but 5 is even better. You'll know it's ready when the bottle goes dark golden brown. Mix this one in large batches so you don't run out.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
No reviews on this classic? Unbelievable. Chewy peach rings, well balanced flavors. That 0.5% TPA Dragonfruit is absolutely necessary as well, it's such a perfect emulsifier to combine the Vanilla Swirl to the peaches. Without it the flavors stack as opposed to blend, still good though. Easy to mix, easier to love. Mr.B is an absolute wizard, you're only hurting yourself by not trying this. All hail the swirl.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 4 Entered: over 2 years ago
Super solid after a nice long steep. The longer it sits, the better it gets. I tend to pop in LA banana cream more often than TPA but review is based on original. Thanks for sharing Folkart.
User: RockyHarlow Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Fantastic Lemon Cookie. The high percentage of FA Lemon Sicily may initially throw some people off, but it really does well to stand up to the supporting elements in the mix. After about 2 weeks the lemon really starts to fade, but alas it is rare for a bottle to last that long. Outstanding recipe and I hope more people will try it.
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