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Was aiming for a snowball cake here but shake and vape, this tastes (to me) like a Hostess Cupcake. I don't taste the coconut at all... However, others taste the coconut. So I'm not quite sure about this... It's somewhere between a Snowball and Hostess Cupcake. Either way, it's really good.

Was aiming for a lemon sherbert w/ basil but the lemon (to me) isn't super prominent. (probably due to the rainbow sherbert) I've tried altering it to make it more lemon forward but so far I prefer this mix.
This won't be for everyone because it's definitely got a "green" note that some people hate... but I like it. It's different. It's good right away but gets richer/creamier with a steep.

Sugar cookie with white chocolate and cranberry chunks. Very good right away.

*I tend to mix at low %s so if the flavor is too subtle, increase by half


Mixer's Club September submission. "Something autumn". Name changed thanks to Dave ;)

To me this tastes exactly like those cheap strawberry wafer cookies. The OoO vanilla wafer is essential as it really does taste like the vanilla version of the wafers. (if you prefer vanilla, don't add the strawberry) This is a shake and vape.

Standard orange creamsicle with a tiny blood orange kick. The blood orange gives the orange a slight bitterness. If you do not want that or don't like blood orange, you can omit it.

If you like Addy's yogurt, you'll probably like this. The similarity wasn't intentional... I just like strawberry and kiwi together and FW is my favorite kiwi. Added to the Milk tea, it almost has a yogurt effect. Shave and vape for sure. Waiting will just make it creamier.

Banana pudding... not much more to say. Good right away.

I mix low percentages so you may need to increase them to suit your tastes

This mix was inspired by a lovely B&BW candle. Main notes were cherry bourbon (I used cherry blossom because most cherry flavors taste like medicine to me), Chestnut, Pistachio (made a version with pistachio added and my dad and I both preferred it without) and sweet cream. I didn't want to add sweet cream because I'm not a big fan of that flavor but I did want to add that sweetness that I smell with the candle. I added CAP Sugar cookie and it was perfect. This is a nice and unique mixture. Everyone that I've had tried it has liked it.

**I mix low so you may need to increase my percentages anywhere from 50-100% (double)

I wanted to make a gummy where half of it has that creamy white part. (giggity) I wanted to use Acai because it's different. I used Pomegranate because it pairs well with Acai. This isn't super complex but IMO pretty tasty and unique.

*I mix low so you may need to increase my percentages anywhere from 50-100% (double)

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