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Mixin Vixin recipe for episode 8/5/18 8pm EST

Pretty self-explanatory... It's key lime pie. Mind you, I don't like Key Lime Pie IRL but it was a submission for Mixin Vixens 7/8.

This is definitely a weird vape steep wise because of the lime. It needs to steep at least a day or two to smooth out but if you let it sit too long, the lime fades.

Mixin Vixen 7/1/18 All Flavorah mix.

Sweet tobacco base with rich vanilla cream, nuts and a hint of bourbon.

Red drink profile submission for Mixin Vixens.

I mix low so you will more than likely have to increase (up to double) my percentages.

Pretty much what the title says, it's a Samoa cookie shake. Don't look for a heavy cookie note, as you may not get it. I was moreso looking for the gooey part of the cookie which is a caramel/coconut/buttery concoction on the top layer of the cookie. This recipe is very sweet, as the picture would imply so also be aware of that. All that being said, I think it's good. Definitely reminds me of the GS cookies.

I mix low percentage wise, you will probably need to increase up to double what I did

Attempt at a Cherio cereal bar but with my lack of grain flavors this is a the closest I could get. It tastes more like Lucky Charms than Cherios but it's still good. If you had FA Breakfast cereal, it'd probably be more like what it's supposed to be but I don't have that.

I have no idea what a milk tart actually tastes like so I did this based on recipes I saw online. It's good. Is it accurate? No idea. The longer the steep the better with this one due to the use of Capella Custard... which I have to say, is not bad in here and I used to think I hated that flavor...

Vanilla Rose Ice Cream... rose is very noticeable so if you don't like rose, I would substitute for your preferred floral. (if you have one)

The FW lemonade is the Natural version. Also, add sweetener to your preference. I added 2 drops of FW Sweetener for my 6 ml. I called this red lemonade and not strawberry lemonade because I don't really get strawberry from King. It's a non-descript "red" flavor. (it's supposed to be black currant but I don't really get that either)

I wanted to do a peanut butter pie similar to the one you can get at Outback Steakhouse occasionally. (not sure when it's "in season") It's a creamy peanut butter pie that's very rich and uses Nutter Butter in their crust instead of graham. It's not 100% that... but it's very good.

This does become richer with a week+ steep but it's pretty good after a day.

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