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When used at 4% NF Almond is a thick cooked cherry, very realistic too.
SA VCN does all of the heavy lifting for the custard all by itself.
Simple and delicious.

Crap! You're late because you got caught up enjoying this sweet and delicious crepe filled with smooth buttercream with apple chunks and crushed almonds, topped with a gooey spiced amaretto sauce. Still have to get to that AA meeting though!

Made for Mixers' Club Feb 2020
Assignment: Duets

Take the best parts of existing recipes to create something new.

Green Bastard (parts) + Panther Blood (parts) + Bert's Soda Base (whole)

I started by simply trying to take half of 2 recipes (the first 2) and make it work but it was too much fruit and nothing else. It needed something more. Green Blood didn't work by itself even after tinkering the harshness of the blackberry and grapes down.
This is where I tried out a few bases for it to settle on top of with the soda taking me by surprise. It's not a berry-sprite as I was expecting given the ingredients.

I hope that this too takes you pleasantly by surprise, as true love often does.

[Btw, my ws23 is 30% in pg]

Strawberries and cream

I have come a long way in the past 6 months as a mixer and felt it was time to revisit the profile. Fresh ideas and a better stash.

(To anyone who suffered my old strawberry delight recipe, this is my apology)

To be begin with, I made a 10% dilution of FLV Alpine Strawberry with pg. Added 0.1g of that 10% dilution which equals out to 0.01% of actual flavor into my 10ml tester.

4% tfa strawberry ripe really fills in the rest of the strawberry notes. It's also still my single favorite strawberry.

Now, as for the cream and body, I went with a 1:1 FLV Cream and Marshmallow Vanilla which is good by itself but I found that it needed a bit of heaviness. Something to fill in the bottom. Custard really brought the more pudding-like cream that I really wanted for this.

Time: To be honest, after mixing this up I forgot about it on the shelf. I finally remembered 12 days later. Protip: always write the date it was mixed up on the bottle because otherwise I wouldn't have known how long it had been there.

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (eyemakepizza's ice cream trinity)

Acetyl pyrazine boosts the nuttiness of the soft almond in the cookie while marshmallow gives it thickness and body. I could add more cookie but I kind of like it this way. Soft, sweet and slightly nutty.

The story behind this mix is simple, I was sick of the good recipes that I had managed to make and wasn't really interested in the "what i can make" list. I took my tester of wf sc almond cookie and started to vape on it but it needed something for body so in went some marshmallow. Then i felt like i almost lost the soft almond so I touched it up with a tiny bit of AP. Tried it some more and decided that it was exactly what I was looking for at that moment but I wanted a little sweetness but not a candy like sweetness that you get from cap super sweet alone. I'd say that the flavor of an almond sandy cookie is there but not the dryness and texture. Overall, it has a nice light flavor and a nice body. I can see how someone else might want to add some kind of cookie to this but it doesn't really need it.

A simple berry+vanilla for pods.
Mostly berries with a hint of vanilla to back it up.

Mostly cold on the back of the throat since there's more polar blast than ws23 but I felt it needed a little coldness on the front end as well.
Flv lemonade is the middle ground between smoothie base and pink guava that pulls them together and fills it out. It also lends a touch of inherent sweetness while keeping it light and bright.

Flavorah / FLV only recipe.
I was asked to clone "Fire and Ice" but I've never had it before. This tastes like Big Red Gum to me.
I added 1% sucralose (cap super sweet).

The only descriptions I could find were cinnamon and cooling with menthol. Enjoy.

Reminds me of Arizona Green Tea.
Basically cold green tea with honey and lemon.
Mostly cold and honey on the inhale with the green tea and lemon coming out over the lingering cold sweetness on the exhale.
Really good off the shake but better after just a few days.
Sweeten to taste. (I didn't find the need to sweeten this at all though)

User: RainbowDragon Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Fantastic, even better with a touch of ws23 and polar blast to really make the experience complete.
User: RainbowDragon Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Definitely a banger. ADV
User: RainbowDragon Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
I was reluctant to vape lime, fearing that it would be overpowering or sour and nasty. This key lime pie has changed my mind on what a juice can be. Refreshing yet creamy and smooth just like a bite of the real thing. I waited for it to steep and regret not making a bigger bottle right away. Fantastic. 10/10 would recommend
User: RainbowDragon Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
I'm surprised that there aren't more reviews for this one. Everyone seems to love it. It's weird and good. Sweet peach atop an indistinguishable 'blue' flavor. This one is definitely great for hot summer nights. I had a moment of perfection with this in my tank. Peach sunset over blue mountains. One that you have to try for yourself as describing it with words doesn't do it justice.
User: RainbowDragon Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
I found this to be fantastic. Spiced melon is definately not something that I would have thought of but is one that I will mix up again.
User: RainbowDragon Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
The taste of this reminds me of jasmine rice but creamier. I wouldn't make it my adv but it's fantastic. I was told that it's not for everyone and it's wierd but it really isnt wierd. Rosy rice-y goodness. 10/10 would recommend.
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