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A chocolate cookie that have you begging for more!! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a review.

This is my take on a Apple pie a la mode or Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream on top. First more complex for me to do but because it’s the fall season I was thinking about what a good treat is for this time of the year.
I used Cap Apple Pie V2 for the main Apple pie profile in the recipe.

Cap Danish Cinnamon Swirl to give more to the bready crust notes for the pie and add a bit of cinnamon spice to the apples.

PUR Country Apple is used because this is one of the best Apple flavours to me and to give more to the apple filling instead of using FLV Apple Filling.

TPA/TFA Pie Crust is used lower to only give a hint of more doughy notes because I already have the Apple pie and Danish Swirl there as the main Apple Pie profile.

HS French Vanilla Icecream for the ice cream topping.

And finally the FA Vanilla Ice Cream to have the ice cream pop a bit more so it’s not so subtle in the recipe.

Strawberry cheesecake:
The cheesecake flavour is very apparent in this recipe while I left the strawberries a bit more subtle. I hope you enjoy and any suggestions and reviews to better this recipe is appreciated. thank you in advance if you mix this up let me know how you like it. I’m a beginning mixer.

Slightly creamy blackcurrant recipe. After about a steep of about 10 days the rough waxy flavour from the blackcurrant steeps out. The flavour is nice and smooth on this.
There’s a bit of sweetness from the creams that were used, yet a slight bitterness from the blackcurrant. Hope you enjoy!! Feel free to mix and leave a review if you think something could make it better. Thank you in advance and VAPE ON!!

User: RagingVapor Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Mixed it up had to change a few things just cause I didn’t have all the flavours on hand. But overall a fantastic creation. Very well done
User: RagingVapor Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Fantastic Flavor!! mixed this up just now and I was blown away on every inhale. Can’t wait to see the flavour after a steep. Great mouthfeel as well. This is very well done!!
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