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JUST ....... Diabolo a harmonious banana
   sweet candy and biscuits

A riot of pleasure with caramelized pecans, caramel syrup & caramel ice cream.

Sugar glaze watermelon madness with strawberry and pomegranate, and slow-churned in a soft silky cream

Espresso Creme
Citrus aroma, passion fruit, cocoa and jasmine.
Vivid combination of dried papaya, black tea, rose, jasmine with caramel and bergamot aftertaste.

Our sorbet contains - what else? - Champagne and peach!
fresh & creamy sorbet ''cocktail''


A sinful taste
Fresh citrus fruit
With the frost of a frozen mountain

Two parts % soda, one part sweet apricot nectar, plus sliced mandarin to nibble
Ozone '' She gives me a lot of good
Its taste

Indian coconut and syrup .   From apricot compote
The quintessence of exoticism

Is the Eye of the Hurricane?
At some times, the eye of a hurricane might be filled with clouds


The jam is ready when the bananas are dissolved in a dense syrup
The key is the maple syrup
Give lemon juice
  The Italian [ FA]

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