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This has been something in the works that has just finally came to light with many changes.. Not an overly sweet recipe but everything melds together quite well in 3 to 5 days.
Inhale you get the pound cake with the ice cream with hints of the caramel and apple mixture..

Being a lover of chocolates and being Canadian I thought what the hell and try a Chocolate Moose, Yes you can say Mousse but it's a Canadian thing I guess..
I added the Custard as a vape creamer to add the depth the vape needs and the Toasted Marshmallow to give that out doors campfire taste.. Brought to you by a Canadian to the world to enjoy my madness of CHOCOLATE.
3 to 5 days steep should do it since I only used a little custard.

Sometimes simple is best.. I mix with the Keep It Simple Stupid mentality most times and this recipes takes the cake of keeping it simple, Everything about this recipe is clean and fresh with the meringue to add depth.. I really love using the Strawberry Shisha by Great lakes as it is so close to the juice of the strawberry and the WF Pear is just one of those flavors that make you say DAMN quite a bit. This makes for a great shake and vape or a max 3 day steep

My first try at any type of a coffee mix.. The Chocolates blend very well with the Hazelnut.. Sugar Daddy best sweetener to use in this mix as it is the most realistic sugar.. 7 Days should blend it well.. BUT tastes amazing off the shake..

Based off a dessert I found online.. The Sweet Coconut paired with the Coconut Custard turns out just great.. Both the Strawberry Ripe with the Strawberry Shisha play very well together. Sweet Cream, Milk and Marshmallow help out with a light topping within the cake.

Home style creamy coconut cream pie.. Something your grandmother would bake for special occasions.

Coconut by FLV - Strong flavor at higher percentage So only used 3 drops
Coconut Custard by WF - Great base for a coconut cream pie
DX Graham Cracker by TPA - Some will get the clear I prefer the darker also great base with the butter for the crust of the pie
Vanilla Pudding by FLV - Added creaminess to a pie
Sweet Coconut by FLV - Adds a smooth light coconut taste

This will possibly make you feel like a kid again...
Much Help via #Shyndo and Everyone @DIYDownunder awesome help I thank you..

After a day looking into various recipe Idea's I came across this dessert and I thought I would make it into a vape.. I never thought Lemon and Strawberry would work together.. This is great combination of rounded out flavors after only 5 days steep time..
Please Enjoy..

Based off the Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafer..
Nice light refreshing flavor mixture hints of vanilla and wafer..
Super simple mix for many new mixers to try out..

After vaping this I am lost for words.. First time mixing with Passion Fruit, I just wanted to create a light tropical pudding and I think I nailed it or pretty damn close..

Nice Canadian holiday pie.. gooey pecan goodness in a vape.
Both of the pecans play off each other with the toasted almond adding the extra hint of smooth nuttiness with the Biscuit, Fried Dough. Golden Butter and Pie Crust bringing up the rear for the flaky crust.. Accented with AP, Sugar Daddy and Vanilla ( Bourbon ) to blend everything oh so well.
This can be a desert vape or an everyday vape with ease...

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