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Why do mixers write descriptions the same way chefs write recipe descriptions. Get to the point. Trying to get my sugar fix

Cherimoya tastes like banana and pineapple. Just exploiting flv. I like it. Tropical. Hope u enjoy

Add your sweetness as u wish. I added 10 drops stevia


Not my recipe. I just turned it Purple and I like it lol I subbed VT bilbery ripe for INW purple rain

This is my favorite recipe I've ever made lol just pure funk and joy.

You can check it out here as well


This is the first version of my hibiscus cream. It's ok as is but V2 will have a stronger hibiscus syrup flavor and going to try different creams with it.

I'll update the other versions and post them if they're credible

After 2 weeks, this steeps perfectly

Just a simple 2 punch knock out. Its an nice creamy smoothie. Not much to it. Just wanted to see how Creme anglaise does and it does well. Lol it's a bulldozer so you can up Strawnana 5-8% or sub for Strawnana Smoothie at 6-8%

Just a simple delicious tropical vape that I hope you like :)

This was just a "oh these smell like they would go together " recipe and it does go together.

Tropical, guava and watermelon fans will love this...well I hope

And it's a good base. You could add a ton to it. Strawberry. Hibiscus. Honeysuckle. Mangos. Theres so much i want to explore.

WF has entered my favorite brand category with flv lol wow

Also, clearly, I'm running out of names. Idk how you smarties do it

Not much to it. I feel as the v1 has great flavor but v2 has more of the smoothie texture I was aiming for. This came out good

All I'm trying to do is use my Pur Strawnana smoothie which is going to be discontinued. I love it so I've been exploring with it. I just like to take it and add strawberry and banana to it. Shocker. I do have other ideas and work on them when my palate doesnt beg for another 60ml of this.

Banana puree is perfect for what I want. Nice chunky monkey in there. All authentic. Yes. Strawberry jam because it's my favorite. Meruca. Add some cheesecake even there. Why? It's a little....cheesy to me and gives this thick kinda texture I wanted, pair that with the smoothie tfa and flv cream and it created the smoothie texture i wanted. Meanwhile, flv cream and banana puree pair together perfectly.

It comes out to be....what it is.

Why did I name it after a singing fish on the wall? Idfk. I'm running outta names and honestly dgaf to think of a logical one. This reminds me of a nice hot day. So take me to the river, throw me down the water.

Maybe I shoulda called this "Van down by the river" but that will be in the future. Spoiler?

Not much too it. Just wanted to utilize Sb jam with toast and I think I did pretty well. This is very addicting after a steep

I took a recipe by Mix and Hope on ELR and lowered the pumpkin spice and added vso pumpkin. Besides that. All the creams and whatnot are his recipe. Its tasty either way

This is really good but needs some time to steep. I reco 2 to 3 weeks steep to really calm down. It's good before that but it's a little rowdy and harsh with the spices. At 2 to 3 weeks. It kinda chills out. I'm sure 1-3 drops of ws23 would mellow that harsh out but it goes away eventually.

This is NOT your white girl pumpkin latte (unless u add a ton of sweeteners). This is pure BLACK coffee with pumpkin notes topped with a little caramel to round it out. No cream. No sugar. Oh and it's from Brazil apparently.

Anyways. I like coffee vapes but usually they get boring. This has been enjoyable. Hope you enjoy

You can sub flv pumpkin spice at .5-.75

User: LowWattVaperz Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Off the shake. This one is funky and in a good way. Very tropical vape with ton of flavors. The layering in this is pretty top notch. All of them working together in unison. It's pretty good and unique. Loving the floral tropical vibe off the shake. Hope it doesn't change much more. Great job
User: LowWattVaperz Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
Just a simple, flavorful 3 punch banger..this is amazing off the shake..you would think the kiwi or the the guava would overpower the recipe but this is just a well blended funky nice recipe. Absolutely delicious
User: LowWattVaperz Score: 5 Entered: 24 days ago
This is really good after a night steep. You can tell it needs to simmer down because it's a little throaty to start off but the flavor is amazing. This is a really unique, tropical blend. You did a good job. I'll update if it changes lol Edit:I usually prefer my own recipes. This is one of my favorites I've ever tried Edit edit this is INSANELY good
User: LowWattVaperz Score: 5 Entered: 21 days ago
Every now and then, you find a older recipe that still holds up. This is a funky bottle of joy. It kinda blends into this unique vape that cant be describe. The Pink guava clearly is the leader but the cactus and guanabana bring a different kinda vibe to this recipe. Absolutely great off the shake
User: LowWattVaperz Score: 5 Entered: 8 days ago
I didn't have VT so I went crazy and just added .6 INW purple rain instead. Absolutely delicious and will hold me off til I get the bilberry
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