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Berry Pounder: Crunch berries, Pound Cake, and Milk.
No substitutions.
Enjoy and thank you for mixing, please leave a review!

Creme Brulee Milkshake. PUR Nilla Wafer Milk makes a great base for thick milkshakes.


Master Matchi (Green Tea, Ice Cream, Pocky)
Inspired by: Exclusivegirl and ID10T
Matcha Green Tea infused Ice Cream with Pocky bits.
Reminds me a lot of Jazzy Boba.


RYNGZ: starring Froot, Cereal, and Milk.
Meet the lucky friend of unlucky.
No substitutions, just mix it up as is and enjoy!

BREEK starring: Greek Yogurt and Fresh Blueberries
"Breeks gotten himself into the blueberries again. We can't allow that now, can we Breek? Drowning you in Greek Yogurt would be a reward."
Creamy greek yogurt front, blueberries in the exhale. To me there is a huge difference between blueberry flavored yogurt, and yogurt that has blueberries in it. This is my take on Greek Yogurt with Blueberries.
Inspired by: Downside by: Schwartz
No there are no subs, i didn't make this that way. Again you absolutely need FA Yogurt Old version. Its not anywhere near as good without it or using the new version. However if you are only able to get FA Yogurt New use it at 1%. The reason i use the old version is because imo it leans towards the authentic greek yogurt flavor while FW is the OG on creamy yogurt.
Thank you and enjoy. Sorry not sorry if this is very addicting. Highly recommend pairing with your morning coffee. Coffee first, dank vape after. Trust me.

-Liquid Antlers


Unlucky; Marshmallow front, Sweetened Oat Cereal, Milk exhale.
Inspired by: Lucky Bird
"I came down with phat tracks that combine and interlock. Like getting smashed by a cinder block. Blaow! Now it's all over. They seeing pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers"
-Lyrics by Wu-Tang Clan
-Liquid Antlers


"When the world is caving, baby you're my safe haven. And when it all comes crashing I remember you saying. If you show me, then I'll show you. All the things that make me wanna know you. And when the world is caving. Baby, you're my safe haven, you're my safe haven."
Directed by: Liquid Antlers
So in this version I wanted to make my own custard that didn't use the common concentrates we use to make them.
FLV COOKIE DOUGH/FA COOKIE: They absolutely knocked this flavor out of the park. You even get little bits of chocolate chips. What more is there to say. It just works. While its good it lacks texture so I added FA cookie to help boost the grain perception.

INW SHISHA VANILLA/TPA BAVARIAN CREAM/FA MERINGUE/HS ICE CREAM. I wanted a custard leaning more towards the white and ice cream side rather than heavy on the egg yolks, I used meringue for egg whites and the rest for sugar and creams. Hs ice cream adds weight and depth to the profile.

INW CREME BRULEE/FA CREAM FRESH/FLV CREAM: Again this combo just goes to show good juice and flavorings don't have to always be a challenge, they just have to be the right ones. Inw creme brulee is what it says. While the creams are there to help balance and add emulsion to the cream.



Lady Killer 70/30 Lemon Square Dank Dank
Inspired by: Dinner Lady, and Darren Cole
"Man I'm a lady killer, if I want her I'm a steal her. I promise I could make her fly away like a caterpillar. So if you don't know by now, then you should probably get familiar."

I really just wanted something different than all the dinner ladies out there. Here is my take on a lemon square dank dank.

User: LiquidAntlers Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
gave 5 stars for science...
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