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I stole the VBIC % from ID10-t's Swashbuckle Shake. I don't find CAP VBIC to be exactly like ice cream...but it's good. The marzipan really helps to connect the nuts with the creams, especially the almond. Whipped Cream adds some fluffy mouthfeel.


Fruity gum to quench your bubble gum needs. I crave a bubble gum vape all the time. Gum base isn't perfect tho

Smooth homemade pudding with papaya chunks

They say TFA Papaya is too dank. They say it has too much butyric acid (which I hate.) They say use a different papaya! I like it.

FLV Vanilla Pudding and FLV Cream are just delicious and to the point. Cream is one of the most interesting flavors I've tried. It's not exactly a realistic tasting cream to me, like FA Cream Fresh, but it tastes like a cream made specifically for vaping.


Sweet and creamy brie (picked from Sasquatch's toes), served with sliced fig, and topped with fresh honey and cracked black pepper.

Created for April 2018 Mixer's Club. This month's theme is "April Fools":



Sweet Rice base by: @ENYAWREKLAW https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/45216

Inspired by: @shyndo https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/56405

December Mixers Club https://www.reddit.com/r/mixersclub/

Creamy sweet rice with honey peach, honeydew and blueberry.

Peppermint with extra pepper and a soft honey cream.

Mixers Club November

Delicious toasted pecans inside of a sweet key lime coating.

Spiced tobacco blended with whiskey-soaked oak wood and topped with smoke and ash.

Black Jack Tobacco is a nice medium tobacco with hints of liquorice. It's a little lacking in the fullness department, so I used the bold taste of Black for Pipe to boost it up. Clove isn't too strong at 0.5% and it adds a spice friend for the liquorice.

INW Whisky is a flavor I've really fallen in love with. It's quite strong, so even at 0.75% it is very noticeable. I'm amazed at how Oak Wood seems to have "soaked" up the whiskey and created a booze-infused wood taste.

Black Fire and DNB add smoke and ash respectively. These two flavors pop up in tobacco recipes for a reason- they're delicious!

Cinnamon roll crème brûlée infused with honey tobacco.

Vanilla Custard/Catalan Cream/Fresh Cream/Butter: The custard filling. Creamy and fatty with subtle hints of citrus from the Catalan.

Cinnamon Roll: Imparts a cinnamon roll taste without adding much pastry note at 1.5%.

Caramel: Cooked sugar taste for the hard topping.

Honey Flue Cured: I added this after the whole crème brûlée steeped almost two months. SC flavors seem to be enjoyable right away, so in fear of it possibly fading, I added this afterwards. It throws some honey into the mix and finishes off the whole recipe with a comforting hug of pleasant tobacco leaf. A few days to get settled in and it's Flavortown!

I find this to be much better in a tank due to the richness factor.

Ever wanted to dip a nice cigar in a chocolate fountain and light it up? Me neither.

This is a dessert tobacco that isn't too sweet. Tobacco Dark Chocolate, TA Cuban Cigar and DNB combine to make a cigar-like tobacco with hints of chocolate. I added the Double Chocolate (clear) to let you really know it has chocolate. I get notes of cocoa powder, Hershey's syrup and regular chocolate. Let me know if this recipe helps you win over the Michelle Pfeiffer in your life.

User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Mixed 50/50, steeped 10 days. What a pleasure to vape! I get a strong tobacco leaf taste surrounded with nuts, wood, smoke, dirtiness and...coconut. I think it's the Red Oak that gives me coconut. Anyway, it fits perfectly and adds to the tastiness. This is a very creative recipe that inspires others to make cool tobacco recipes. Highly recommended.
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Mixed 50/50, steeped 10 days. If classy had a taste, this would be it. I get a huge amount of gorgeous old school tobacco flavor from only 5.5% of flavoring. Never smoked a pipe in real life, so this is my introduction. The Black for Pipe gives a dark pipe tobacco taste with dark fruit (I'm reminded of plum skin) and every once in a while some maple. The TA and DNB add balls and heartiness. I feel like I'm hanging in the back of an exclusive club with Al Capone, swinging shady business deals. Do yourself a service and mix up some of ChemicalBurnVictim's recipes, even if you don't often mix with tobaccos. He did the work for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy. Thanks, Chem!
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Another great recipe! Tastes like fall spices on top of a tobacco leaf, with a sort of creamy texture from the Eggnog and Red Oak (I assume.) Surprisingly smooth and easy to vape with all of the strong ingredients.
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Trying as a shake and vape- wow. This is stupid good. Bright, realistic juicy mango and a rich sticky white rice base with a sweet and creamy coconut finish. Tastes like a gourmet dessert. Overdrip certified.
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Great base for starting your own creamy rice recipe. Tasty and balanced.
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Boss Reserve might be the best of the few premium juices I tried before DIY, except the coil-gunking sweetness was as high as the price. This recipe really fixes those two things. I made it with .75% FLV Banana instead of Banana Cream and made one batch with INW Biscuit and one with JF Biscuit. I prefer the INW Biscuit because it is drier and the AP turns it into a nut cluster cereal. I didn't even know AP could be used this high as its own flavor. I remember the real BR tasting like brown sugar, so the Milk & Honey brings that amazing dark sugar flavor with the creaminess to balance it out. The banana tastes like putting banana slices on top of the cereal. You hit the jackpot here!
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Had to leave a review for this old classic. Redonkulous flavor and the room note can't really be matched. I also like how it is doofus proof.
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Try this if you're feeling adventurous and love a fun boozy vape. It's surprisingly smooth with the delicious pudding.
User: LimeDrive Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is so good. It caught my eye with the AP and I had to try it. I don't have LB Strawberry, so I used around 3% JF Strawberry Sweet and 2% FA Strawberry. It somehow tastes like strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone. Best use of CCI I've had. Nice!
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