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A creamy Soursop drink with Pitaya and Coconuts.

FLV Guanabana is a pretty weird tropical fruit with hints of pineapple, coconut, and almost a cherry/strawberry. FLV Sweet Coconut and FA Coco is here to take over and become more prominent. FA Coco also adds to the creaminess. INW Pitaya has it’s own delicious weirdness already and is here to blend it all together smoothie style.


Earthy TFA Jackfruit and TFA Papaya work so well together with a touch of FA Lime Tahity (cold pressed). FA Pear keeps that earthy taste wet while adding to the tropical vibe. TFA Marshmallow sweetens without additional sweeteners and a touch of INW Shisha Vanilla just works to turn this into a sweet and fruity island drink. Original recipe had 1.5% TFA Vanilla Swirl instead so if you don’t have Shisha Vanilla feel free to sub. SNV certified.

Delicious coconut cookies, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside but filled with sweet creamy coconut flavor and a nice play of textures.

FLV Sweet Coconut is creamy coconut. Adds to the sweetness of the cookie.

FA Coco to support FLV Sweet Coconut. These two are always together when I mix anything coconut. I will probably do a v.4 with VT Dessicated Coconut.

FW Bavarian Cream is a light buttery and sweet cream used to carry the coconut part.

FA Meringue is thick and adds more sweetness, here to support FW Bavarian Cream.

WF Cookie Butter is sweet and supports both the buttery notes in FW Bavarian Cream and CAP Sugar Cookie and give it some chewyness.

FA Cookie for a crunchy cookie outside.

CAP Sugar Cookie for the bulk of the cookie here, buttery sweetness, and chewy inside.

Creamy Blueberries and Pineapple with a hint of lemon lime

Sweet, smooth and tropical. TFA Jackfruit on top of the strangeness of FLV Guanabana. FLV Sugarloaf Pineapple and VT Banana Custard supports the Guanabana and strawberry note in this Custard Apple. TFA Marshmallow to sweeten + smooth it out and CAP 27 Bears to gum it all together and take advantage of the pineapple note.


Light and creamy earthy peaches, pears, and papaya with a mild throat hit

User: Kuri_san Score: 4 Entered: about 2 months ago
This is pretty simple and tasty. The Peach Juicy and Peach White is just enough not to make a razor blades vape to your throat. The Sugarloaf Pineapple seems low but it’s there in the background supporting the peach combo. I always got a citrus vibe from Yoghurt Drink but I don’t sense that in this juice, it just kind of blends it all together like a tropical smoothie. Throat hit 3/10
User: Kuri_san Score: 5 Entered: 2 days ago
When I first picked up Guanabana I tried to mix everything I could with it and when I found Green Bastard Strap-on I knew I would love it immediately. It’s Green Bastard without Sweet Guava and Trop Cock without Cherimoya, Strapped-on. Who would of knew? I believe Sweetener is not optional here, use your favorite Sweetener and it shines in three days. This mix is very tasty, just in time for Summer.
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