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Description: My name is Kris but friends know me as Wk. I'm the father of two awesome children, love music of all kinds, especially hard, fast, slow and smooth (aside from country), love baking and making desserts, pretty much anything involving sugar, been mixing for almost 2 years, deep mixing for 1 and love it completely.
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I got inspired by an eliquid that a friend of mine was freaking out about. Though that particular liquid, while good, just tasted full of sweetener, and syrup heavy flavors which turned me off to it a little bit. I mean, it still tasted pretty good but was just missing something. So, being a mixer of course, I decided to start making one for myself. One that I would want to vape anyways. The liquid was a peanut butter banana granola bar from a bear-y well known granola line of ejuice. The mix it is today, to me is very close to a commercial style granola bar, even though there's lots of different variations of granola. When I imagine it, this is where I land personally. So, give it a mix, I promise if you enjoy banana nut type recipes, this definitely hits that mark and I can vape the hell out of this without it feeling too dark and cloying as the original. After about 5 days, the banana settles down a bit and leaves just a very tasty treat.

TPA Banana Cream/LA Banana Cream - Pretty self explanatory. Always a delicious combo for a nice semi-realistic banana flavor with a decent candiness that also brings along a well-rounded cream.

CAP Cereal 27 - The perfect AP addition to any bakery flavors, also solidifies a very tasty oat note and also includes a subtle sweetness. Combined with FA Cookie it really puffs out to be pretty crunchy and sweet.

FA Cookie - Just a touch of extra AP and sweetness to sit up with C27 against the creams and nuttiness.

TPA Peanut Butter - Also pretty self explanatory. Just a very true peanut butter flavor. Nutty enough to be pretty realistic and creamy enough to be delicious. It can overtake a mix pretty easily. A little goes a long way, especially being a flavor with ethyl maltol. If you use this flavor in lower amounts, it can really help some darker caramel-ish recipes with a very unique creaminess/chewiness, which can be quite useful. This is a DA/AP included flavor but TPA also has a DA/AP free version which is just as good if not better with a vibrant flavor.

FA Nut Mix - Simple nutty flavor. Very VERY powerful. If you use too much, this flavor can absolutely ruin an entire recipe IMO. Very similar in that way to FA Walnut though Walnut can be more forgiving. This is just an oily, nutty flavor. There's not much that can be said about it because the only time anyone would want to use this is very sparingly to back up some other nutty flavors and maybe as an accent. Not anything like peanuts, much more like almonds/walnuts maybe a little hazelnut mixed up together. Still, it's very good to add as a nutty accent. Sits very central on the palate leaving a nuttiness after the exhale.

FLV Granola - Now, before I added this flavor to this mix, I already had a decent granola type flavor. I took some ideas from a blueberry crumble recipe by luadr. When I mixed that recipe, I could see what he was trying to accomplish (even though I was short one of the flavors, FA WoW) I tried out FA Nut Mix which really stood out as a nutty after-note and really went well with the bakeries. I loved the combination of those particular bakery flavors into a decently realistic crumble-like flavor. I used that same process with this recipe and I was pretty close getting to a granola-like note. Once I received FLV Granola however and added 1% in with this I realized....
wtf did I just do? It was clearly way too much. But, once I brought it down quite a bit, that flavor really sets the bar for granola (not that there's much competition). Now, it's not perfect. There aren't many flavors that are, but used correctly and with a bit of extra help, it truly brought the mix to the next level. It wasn't so dark that it wasn't able to be lightened or "softened" up a bit with other blonder flavors. It also comes with a noticeable sweetness towards the end, which assisted a bit in the banana.

Pistachio pudding fo yo azz.

Oh, pistachio. It's astonishing to me how much this flavor works in vape form. Specifically TFA's variation. It does a whole bunch of different things in a mix. Its sweet, kinda buttery, perfectly nutty, but can be rather thin. It needs help but not too much, depending on what you're going for.

I know, I's also been an extremely played out flavor. Used time and time again but there obviously is a reason for it. The one nut that can be both sweet and rather savory, at least in the nuttier sense of the word. TFA's version cleary went for the former, but they did a really good job emulating it. A friend of mine who loves my other pistachio recipe Dillinger's Dairy, wanted something similar minus the tobacco aspect. I didn't want to just take out that part and hand him the same thing, so instead we decided on a pudding. Anyways without further rambling, for your vaping pleasure, is that concoction.

TFA Pistachio - This was going to be the top note no matter what. You're basically already at the pistachio pudding level when you use this flavor. I tried to add in other pistachio flavors and even use other ones to get a better level of realism but it wasn't necessary. Here, you have all the sweet 'stachio elements you need so I only needed to work on the pudding base.

FA Oba Oba - Actually, this was added to give that pistachio an even deeper candied element and boy does it do that. I never realized how much I liked this flavor when using it for that very reason. It also seems to help with the sweet pudding-like mouthfeel. Try to add this into any hard candy recipes or anything with like a candy shell or a sugary glaze. It has that very same sweet flavor. Some say it's likened to a marshmallow flavor but that's really only if you take it any higher.

TPA Vanilla Swirl - This here is one piece of my pudding base. Simple, yet elegant. Vanilla Swirl is the perfect flavor for a cream dessert. It's not too heavy, very sweet, and the vanilla is not too dark nor overpowering. It stays in its place as a base note which was exactly what I wanted.

FA Fresh Cream - A nice light dairy cream to punch up the...well dairy aspect of a pudding. The nice thing about this flavor is it blankets anything in a smooth, subtle mouthfeel without adding way too much flavor to anything. It does have its own tiny bit of sweetness but its hardly noticeable with other sweeter flavors.

CAP Super Sweet - This is actually not optional. At least, I wouldn't try it without it. This is pushing the candied side of the pistachio flavor forward and making the creams into a real commercial pudding. Without it, you can't really shake and vape until everything steeps together. If you had to replace it, I guess I would use (maybe) 1.5% Oba Oba instead of 1% and make sure you steeped it for the full 4-5 days.

FLV Butterscotch - Ah, the finishing touch. I am telling you, any sort of pistachio dessert will be pumped up to 11 if you add even a small touch of any caramel or butterscotch. This particular one is perfectly smooth and ties in with the pudding. There isn't an overpowering butterscotch flavor to it either. It's there but it simply sat with the pistachio sweetness and connected itself and the pudding together as one. The DAAP in this flavor is just a bonus ;-)

P.S. If you don't have Butterscotch, try to use FLV Caramel but you're missing out.

So, put this away for a few days and enjoy(5 days at best). Keep on mixin' on! Hit me up on DIYorDIE's discord if you have any questions!

This was a recipe I mixed up for a friend of mine craving some grape Dubble Bubble gumballs. I figured I would share it with the world since it came out delicious.

FW Grape and LA Grape, two of the best artificial grape flavors come together to make the perfect grape candy combo. I also added a touch of FLV Grape, which is by far one of the greatest yet most powerful candy grape flavors I’ve ever tried. It really makes the whole grape aspect pop.
FW Bubblegum, one of my favorite bubblegum flavors. Basically, pink Dubble Bubble. This flavor can be a little weird. There isn't much texture nor is there enough mouthfeel imo. People used to mix this flavor at absurd percentages for the full on gumball flavor. IDK how they did 10-12%. The gum flavor is super strong to me. I added the ethyl maltol to soften the edges along with adding that natural sweetness and also added FA Oba Oba to punch up the overall candy profile of the entire mix. It also adds some extra mouth feel so you're almost chewing on some delicious bubblegum.
This stuff is good right out of the gate, but I just suggest giving it a few days to become one with the VG and mellow out a bit. ENJOY!
This is a super simple mix and I know for sure you can take the gumball half and add different fruits to it to makes some other gums. Give that a try sometime, I make a watermelon gum this way too.


Everyone's favorite flavor profile!
Unicorn Milk-like deliciousness.

Super decadent creams and sweet sugary strawberry. I always have this recipe steeping because it’s so much better after a good 2-3 weeks.

I didn’t want to clone Unicorn Milk exactly, I wanted to step it up while keeping the same basic profile which to me is smooth, rich sweet cream and a sugary, semi-realistic strawberry.
Also, I always thought there was a bit of something else stirring around in the strawberry hence the raspberry accent.

I mean, you could shake and vape, but it's not going to be as amazing as it is after a solid 10-12 days. Just hide it and wait for the vape-gasm.

I designed this recipe specifically to be steeped long so that when the creams are nicely homogenized, the strawberry lasts all the way through as a top note. Which can be quite difficult up against those heavier creams but I think I managed by pure intensity and valued flavor pairing..
so please, ENJOY!
::for best experience, wait until it turns a golden amber color...I promise you won't regret it::


Just a delicious Fall recipe fo yo ass... Autumn/Winter is my all time favorite time of year. It's the time to start putting away all the fruity, light flavors and once again start breaking out the heavy custards, creams and bakeries (my specialty). So, to start it off I decided to share this little number. A tasty almond custard RY4. Very simple recipe and a pretty basic profile. Nonetheless, it's freakin' scrumptious and perfect for that Fall vaping. Throw a hoodie on and walk the leaf invested streets. Give this baby some time, the custard needs it as does the tobacco. 10 days and you're golden Pony Boy..

FLV Milk & Honey and CAP Graham Cracker really bump up the almond custard flavor here. The graham even brings a bit of cinnamon without even having cinnamon, I love it. But anyways, give it a shot, I promise you won't be disappointed.


Brought back a recipe I did for Beginner Blending's little contest MIXXED. The profile was strawberry apple compote, which is basically a chunky fruit jam used as a topping of sorts. Delicious as it sounds, obviously we were a tad limited on what we could use. This flavor would need to consist of cooked apples and strawberries, a touch of cinnamon all cooked with sugar and a bit of apple cider. This idea came from a Google search of strawberry apple lol since that was 2 of the flavors we were supposed to use. TFA Strawberry Ripe/JF (or FA) Fuji and last but not least CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl were the flavors. The rules also said no more than 3 extra flavors. Anyways, needless to say, I didn't win. Boo hoo, oh well.

Now, I really loved the profile once I stumbled on it, but to me, the one I made just did not hit the level I was looking for. Everything was there, but it just wasn't as realistic as I wanted it to be. The CDS really screwed up a lot in that one, simply because even at a really low percentage, that pastry note would come through. I tried to cook the fruit with some FA Liquid Amber and while that would certainly work for such a thing, I wasn't digging it. Strawberry just isn't the type of fruit that does well getting "cooked" by Liquid Amber imo. I mean, in a compote, the cooked aspect isn't what you're trying to achieve anyways. It's just a scrumptious, chunky jam as I said so it really just needed to be darkened up into a jam-like version. Here, I took SB Ripe, gave it a touch of red (see what I did there?) to add a bit more realism to it as well as darken it a little cuz FA Red Touch to me is already like a bunch of smashed up strawberries. Of course, I didn't have to do a thing with the apple aspect because JF Fuji is so tasty and tastes much more realistic than its FA counterpart. To me that realism and the fact that it's not quite as sharp as FA, it was perfect for a bakery apple. FLV Rich Cinnamon is the ultimate bakery cinnamon so 1 drop per 15 mls is all you need. You can even go 1 drop per 30mls if you're really sensitive to it. I used FLV Caramel and TPA Toasted Marshmallow to complete the compote. The Caramel is there simply to give that browned sugar effect but its not as sweet as I would want so I paired it up with the TM which has its own caramelly notes as well as a nice slight bakery burnt touch. This combo really helps with the whole "cooked down w sugar" idea but the marshmallow also helps to soften everything down as the cinnamon can be kinda harsh.

So there you have it. A strawberry apple compote! This recipe really hits the spot in the fall. That baked apple is the best when its a little chilly outside. If you find the cinnamon to be a little harsh after the steep, try it at 75-77% VG instead. It's not much of a difference but it seemed to help a lot when I make this.

It's a cherry limeade. I like to mix it at 75/25. Tastes great and easy to make.
Mix it up!
My INW Cherries is from Bull City, there’s seems to be a difference when it comes from Flavor Jungle. The one I use has a sort of spice to it, but still cherry whereas the one from FJ smells like cherry juice or something. I may switch it if I like that one better

A fruity mix. I've been drowning myself in bakeries and creams for far too long. I decided to work on a few fruit recipes.
Here we have a delicious little combination of candied blueberry and peaches. Using FA Lemon Sicily and FA Pear to accent both flavors. I've really come to enjoy this mix as a nice break away from my usual vapes. FA Pear is sweetening up everything but specifically, to make the White Peach pop a bit more and even out the astringency that comes with that flavor. It can help to make the vape a bit creamier as well over time which helped out since I didn't want to add any creams to this. I love the flavor of FA Pear which is just an added bonus. I also used FA Lemon Sicily to brighten up the blueberry. It has its own delicious tartness and is similar to like...Italian Ice. It's a quite realistic type flavor as well, and if used too high can bring with it a bit of rind, so beware (although some people say that there is no rind but instead brings almost a lemon cookie flavor). HS Blueberry is pretty bright all by itself, but in this recipe I wanted to take away the candy aspect a bit more, so it helps with that as well. FA White Peach I chose simply because it's a more authentic take on a fresh semi-ripe peach. I didn't want a candy/peach rings kind of peach. I also didn't want the peach to take over everything. All in all, this is a very refreshing summertime vape that I just happened to make during Winter.

Shake and vape this all you want, although it's much better after a few days of steeping. 3-5 days and its perfect. Check it out you son of a peach!!

Extra note: If you do want a little more creaminess, kindly add 1-2% TPA Marshmallow to the equation. It will work with the Pear and create just a little more added body.

I have here a tasty rendition of spiced strawberries and apples cooked in sugar with a bit of apple cider. I think this version has to be my favorite. Its sweet and tangy. I tried so many versions attempting to recreate a sugary, jammy but tart compote. There were a few ingredients i wanted to try but couldnt, given the flavor limitations but honestly it came out great. Using this combo of strawberries created a nice jammy taste. i was catching some harshness from Fuji so i added in a bit of TFA Marshmallow just to round things off and add some sweetness since this treat is cooked in sugar. FA Liquid Amber was a great help with getting that cooked apple flavor as well as making it seem like there was apple cider working in there. CDS is simply giving us our cinnamon spice, although that flavor creates a bit of a throaty feeling but luckily the marshmallow is assisting with that. All in all, i like the way this came out. I hope others like it as well. Enjoy

Just in time for the holidays. Cranberries are one of Thanksgiving's favorite fruits. A creamy, sweet and tangy treat.
Basically, it's a cranberry apple compote sitting in a bowl of vanilla ice cream swirled with white chocolate sprinkled with a bit of orange zest.
Man, I hate cranberries but I love this vape!!
Let this thing sit for a week, and it'll be heavenly.. It's good right after mixing though, but the apple isn't as present and of course the creams aren't nearly as delicious.

Notes @

User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
A seriously delicious recipe. Holy Vanilla is awesome and used well here as an icing along with FW Hazelnut. The cookie aspect is perfect as well.. just a banger.. Great job.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Just delicious.. a well blended strawberries and cream. The strawberry here is very unique to me. That combo of sweet sb and shisha creates this super jammy, sugared strawberry with a very slight tang right on the end. All throughout the vape is this amazing, thick carmelized cream. Very custard-like and sweet, which just creates a perfect ADV for me. although, this really is better after a pretty decent steep. Like a week to a week and a half is definitely its sweet spot. The creams really overcome the strawberry in a good way and everything blends together. Thanks for this man. Great job.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This recipe gets sooo much better with some time..It was just delicious. The milky creams are perfect. Great great job.. Fruity Flakes kinda hits me in the back of the throat but still, I enjoyed this quite much. Thanks bro.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I've never had Mod Milk, but this is just a decadent, sweet, simple strawberry milk. That Graham Cracker Clear is my favorite aspect of it. Not to mention after a long steep, it gets even better. Love it..
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
At first I wasn't a fan of this, the peppery note just killed it for me and wouldn't go away. Well, for some reason, forcing myself to keep vaping it, it went away and god dammit, this is just delicious. If I had any criticism it would simply be more texture for the wafer aspect. Other than that, the flavor is so delicious and made me love TFA White Chocolate. I also found myself wanting more green tea but still, this was tasty. I still keep mixing it. Keep em comin'
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Simple yet complex. I made this a while back using CAP New Marshmallow, but when I made it with the original, it made it even better. The milk is sweet, and full. Just a tasty rendition of a popular profile. Nice work sir..
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I shall give credit where credit is due, I didn't care for this when I first made it because that CAP Lemon Lime just killed it for me, but I also subbed TFA Toasted Marshmallow with FW. Once I made it correctly, and let it steep for a good 2-3 weeks, it was terrific. So close to a true Fruity Pebbles flavor than any other. I love it man, it pulls at my heart strings since I love Fruity Pebbles so much. The cereal aspect is the best part and hard to beat.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Very tasty, reminds me almost of Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle, just a tad less sweet and milky.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This shit is on point. Super tasty especially after like 2 weeks. The cream is my favorite aspect but the whole recipe is bangin' Good work sir.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Well this recipe sure made my heart feel alive. Very delicious vape. Out of the ordinary as far as I'm concerned. Blueberry lemonade is just not really a popular thing although it should be. As Vurve said, sweet, tart..Idk about bitter because to me FA Black Currant isn't really that bitter. Its rather bright and candy-like, which really make a good combo accenting the blueberry. I felt it was actually pretty overpowering on the SNV. I would've brought Black Currant down to 0.5% personally, because it does take over the blueberry right away even being one of FA's weaker flavors. Either that or bring the blueberry up a bit. All the lemons in this are trying to make that blueberry bright and the black currant is banging it back down, which is perfect but I just think it went too far. Being incredibly familiar with FW Blueberry, I was searching for it, but all I could find was that damn black currant lol. Anyways, besides that little subjective concern, the vape is great. It's smooth, sweet..easy to vape. It has just the right amount of tartness. I can vape it constantly. Good job man.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
So at first, I admit..this recipe had some serious strawberry going on in the beginning. It was almost too much for me lol. I love Red Touch. I love Shisha Strawberry. Combining them both was one seriously intense, syrupy, sweet fruit. I tried it on the SNV and holy crap. I thought it may have not been for me. After speaking with Fear about this, he told me to give it some time. I'm certainly glad I did. I'm a person who loves the creams over the strawberries any day of the week. After about 2 weeks of letting this guy just sit, wow did it sure change. Now, this mix no matter what, is strawberry first, creams second. But man, the creams in this recipe are bangin'. That Shisha Vanilla blends with the creams and creates something magical. Its a sweet, mellow, milky vanilla cream and its floating in between all the bright, pink strawberry notes that are popping all over the place. The Dragonfruit really does its job well in this, combining the strawberries together and lifting them up in such a great way. Any sort of harshness or rather tartness from the fruits is immediately knocked out by the creams including that small touch of marshmallow that added just a tiny amount of volume to it all. I'd say this recipe is an amazing steeper. I can certainly bet anything that given a month, this recipe would be absolutely amazing. I've already mixed up a 60ml just to find out. Great job. The only critique I would even have would be to lower the FA Red Touch, a touch (pun certainly intended) simply because it is the type of flavor that benefits greatly from other sweet, forefront flavors such as the Shisha SB. You could easily set this at 2-2.5% and it would still be amazing and stand out just as much. Everything else is great. Me personally I would up the OOO Cream Milky to 3-4% and only mix this at 75-80% VG because I swear that flavor is best at that ratio. But, that's not really a critique..rather just personal preference. Anyways, great job man.. a terrific strawberries and cream.
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
How the hell has no one reviewed this? My god, you people are all crazy and missing out on something fuckin amazing. I've made this 3 times already, I can't get enough of it. The first time, I didn't have FA Pear, so I chose to use FA Fuji instead just to see how it would be. Mostly I just wanted to taste the creams because I love that combo. Wow...Shisha Strawberry is really the only strawberry you need. Its the perfect candied strawberry without being too bright. Its not very syrupy, its just...idk, red is the best way to describe it. But in this particular recipe, the FA Lemon Sicily accents and brightens the red into a nice sexy shade of pink. The Pear just completes that by knocking out any sort of over-tartness that may happen from the lemon and the strawberry together. Its true that after a good week the Pear fades and leaves behind its own creamy properties. But its a different cream from that of the ice creams. Its more of a creamy air(?) that sits alongside one *super* buttery, rich, delicious ice cream combination. HS Ice Cream is just amazing with TFA VBIC. There's nothing better than those two together. Of course there's a small lack of sweetness but the Meringue brings that along while also filling in the spaces of the Pear and the creams combined almost like it creates a bridge that makes the Pear's properties that much more noticable. Ugh, man..Its just so effing tasty, I dream about this shit. As I said before, I used FA Fuji the first time. The difference between the real mix and the Fuji mix was a crazy tartness. Instead of the Pear holding that back a little, it like opens the tartness door. Its obviously without that airy creaminess from the Pear but still very enjoyable. If you feel like a tart strawberry cream, try some FA Fuji instead. IMO 1 and a half to 2 weeks steeping is perfect for this but that's just me. For being a mix with only 7.25% total flavor, this mix is PACKED with flavor. But then again I feel that's a signature Vurve move. Quite the banger..go mix it right now!
User: Kriswk Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
This is an amazing recipe. Absolutely astonishing all day vape. Most recipes tend to be linear, straight forward. Not this. There's no end to the flavors. It's the everlasting gobstopper of the mixing world. One minute it's a strawberry cake, the next minute it's a strawberry cream cake. Very good use of FA Lemon Sicily. This recipe brings a whole new meaning to "being on 100" as well as a new meaning to "all the flavors", fam. Definitely nothing like it and that's a promise. Great job..
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