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Rearrangement of not Charles manson’s Strawberry Shortcake bar. I wanted something with blueberry and cake so I used the recipe I loved so much and tweaked it a bit.
Vanilla bean gelato is actually Flavor Art- Gelato Vaniglia (Vanilla Gelato) Feel free you sub TFA Vanilla Swirl at the same %


Edit:12/4/20 Version 2:
I wanted more of a creamy, candied melon chew flavor- like a HiChew! the addition of Vienna cream creates that flavor profile and it’s still a 2 days steep.

With it without Vienna cream, I believe this is a tasty recipe.

This is my first recipe I made by myself so I’d love some feedback!
There aren’t many recipes with honeydew II. I wanted to exploit HD II’s wispy, watery, body and fill it with a sweet cream and honeysuckle.
I also added cactus to pump up more of the honeydew’s juiciness.
It’s tasty as a shake n vape but comes together more with an overnight steep.
Didn’t notice a difference in flavor after day 2 (only made 15 ml’s and it’s gone by day 4) this is a delicious, sweet honeydew cream!

Sadly the honeysuckle doesn’t come out as much as I wanted, so I’ll be tweaking this recipe more to bring more of honeysuckle’s floral ethereal essence.
Look for version 2 :)

The super sweet is optional
Much love-

User: KimberKat Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
I love this recipe!! At the time I made it, I only had TPA sweet strawberry. Overnight steep, it was tasty but after 3 days the strawberry popped out! Very authentic to the profile and smells delicious! I’m almost out of the 75 ml I made 7 days ago. Going to make more today!
User: KimberKat Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This is delicious! It was yummy after a overnight steep and now at day 3 - the creaminess is starting to come out. I’ve never had Teleos Milk but this reminds me of Looper - which is my favorite juice. I love the hazelnut note I get at the finish. Very yummy! I’m definitely making more! Can’t wait to taste it after a week!
User: KimberKat Score: None Entered: about 1 year ago
Really loved this recipe! Nice, creamy lemon fruit loops flavor! Quick steep too!
User: KimberKat Score: None Entered: about 1 year ago
Dude, wtf is with your description?? Really weird. Especially for a abuse victim like myself. Just, really odd choice there.
User: KimberKat Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
Absolutely delicious. Actually, it’s quite good as a shake and vape, I couldn’t believe it. At the week mark it developed into a wonderful custard with a heavy mouth feel. I love this recipe. My first bottle was 60 ml and I just mixed up a 120 ml.
User: KimberKat Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
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