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This is a Cold fruity refreshing summer vape that depicts the picture. Sweetened to taste. I used 1% sweetener and I have to steep menthol for around a week so that the minty flavor subsides, but the menthol with polar blast creates a nice cold frozen drink. If you want it even colder on the inhale you can add 0.5% WS-23.

I know this is a busy recipe and trust me I tried to simplify it but I just did not get my intended result with less ingredients.

To me the picture represents a healthy version of a rice crispy treat. To make the HoneyO's part I chose a combination of TFA honey circles because it has an delicate honey and Cheerio note, and accented the wheat notes with some FA Breakfast cereal. The picture has what looks like nuts cranberries and some other berry. For theruit note I used a combination of FLV cranberry and FLV boysenberry and pushed the red berry note with a little FA Raspberry. Cap toasted almond and Kinako Soy for the nut in lieu of peanuts because i find that peanut butter extracts can easily overpower and add a cream note that I was trying to avoid. Please note that it is important to use Cap Toasted almond because TFA version would be a bit too dry for this and a little more bitter. I used marzipan as an accent to the almond and as a sweetening agent for the cereal. Vanilla swirl and meringue stand in as the marshmallow and honey for two reason. First off Honey to me has a terrible outer vapor odor that I do not enjoy and would be hard to balance in a short amount of time without a long steep and because in an actual cereal treat you wouldn’t actually taste the marshmallow but rather it’s used to keep the cereal together with its sugary goodness. FLV Sweet dough provides some brown sugar, caramel and gooey notes in the recipe, and acts as a binder between the cereal and the creams.

Sweetener Recommendation: Brown Sugar instead of any other sweetener because it simply works in this. But If you have an extreme sweet tooth throw in some FW sweetener 1% lol

This recipe Inspired from Noted episode 51 after all the talk about what melons taste like gum and which are sweet and what is not a candy they touched on FLV bubblegum, they touched on how Koolada has a nice effect with melons and here goes what came out of listening to all that jiber jaber.. lol
I don't like koolada so I used WS-23. I did not steep this however i do think 3 days will help the papaya floral notes to smooth out and I think its balanced enough to be able to stand up to the test of time.

Enjoy its real good.


This recipe is a 7.1% recipe and does require steep. I am a very picky cream person and I have a hard time with Straight cream, but If I add a little pizzazz it works well for me. Eggnog was that perfect spice i was looking for in this mix because i wanted a little nutmeg. I used TFA Vanilla Custard and I'll go ahead and apologize upfront to those that get pepper from TFA custard I am not one of those people. I enjoy TFA Vanilla custard because it doesn't have a lot of that fake vanilla note like other custards and I find it has a very nice eggy note that steeps in nicely. I used FLV cream to add a heavy cream without adding extra sweetness to my milk tart. For the outer layer of the tart I used a combination of FA cookie and FA breakfast cereal. FA cookie is my favorite cookie to build a crust and FA breakfast cereal has a very nice granny crunchy note that pairs well with the cookie when making a crunchy crust. FA caramel is there to accent the crust more than the cream but I find it to be what binds both of the layers. I hope you enjoy and please leave me some comments if you mix it. :)

This recipe does require steep for all the flavors to meld together if your patient you wont be sorry that you waited.

This is an adapted version of an old skool clone (Andromeda) I've turned it into a nice dark Bourbon vape Using FlV bourbon for the booze and Fig for the added bod. I used Harvest berry to add another dark layer of fruit.
If you mix it leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Home made vanilla Ice cream with strawberry swirls is what I'll call this mix. The rose enhances the strawberries in a very nice and sweet way. It brings a certain airiness to the recipe. FA Red Touch combined with TFA Strawberry is one of my favorite strawberry blends when I'm not looking for a candy strawberry. Rose in this recipe is very delicate and not floral. I considered bumping the rose but chose against if because while it may have added additional floral notes it also can add a pungent green stem note if used too high.
I Used almond to enhance my vanilla notes because I tend to be vanilla blind unless I enhance with either coconut or with almond. FA Creme fresh to add the homemade aspect of the recipe, FLV Custard (not to be mistaken with their Vanilla Custard) is a very nice smooth cream the Vanilla swirl adds the vanilla notes I was looking for and the silky ice cream texture.

additives :
WS23 - because Ice cream is supposed to be cold or its just cream but feel free to omit it if you don't like cold creams.

Sweetener : Just because I like it a little sweeter than the flavors I chose provide

This is a super simple DIY mix for a frozen lemonade because sometimes we just need a break from the ADV and the Heavier flavors. Sometimes we just need to reset the taste buds. I made this for my son since he only vapes menthol but ended up vaping it all myself. Works well on AIO pod systems. Works well in MTL tanks and smooth enough for DLH tanks.
I prefer to steep this at least a week to let the mint note in the menthol settle in and the sharp notes from the lemon smooth out a bit but it can be S&V I just prefer to steep.
The menthol can be bumped to 2% or you can add a little WS-23.
If you mix for MTL or Pods adjust the VG PG Ratio to 50/50

Strawberry Ripe and Juicy raspberry make up my jelly center accent is the Fa raspberry for a deeper berry taste. Then I build the cookie out of lemonade cookie for a zing and cap Vanilla Cupcake for the white vanilla delicious aspects it has. A cookie recipe isn’t a cookie with Fa cookie so of course I added that in and my icing is made up of Bavaria cream and meringue with added sweetener for the confection aspect.


Mango is the main profile but it is balanced with a peach back note the Papaya adds a chewy note and the cantaloupe binds all the flavors together. I softened the mix by adding 1.5% of vanilla swirl with and added a bit of a stronger vanilla note to the ream portion with a bit of Vanilla classic. This isn't necessarily a creamy mix with the swirl added in but the swirl adds a nice soft finish. I recommend at least a full week steep but its decent as a shaker. I'm one of those people that firmly believes every juice needs some steep time. so you will rarely see me post a straight up shake and vape.

This semi sweet slightly a medium body lightly spiced tobacco blended dry raw almond notes wrapped in a nice leathery tobacco leaf. The coconut, kinako soy and vanilla add a nice creamy smooth note to the mix that rounds everything out and keeps it from being overly dry.

Optional additive: To make this mix slightly ashy you can add a tiny amount of FA black fire but careful with Black Fire because it can easily overwhelm a recipe. 1 drop per 15ML is enough for my taste. I use blackfire in recipes the same way I use sweetener it’s an additive.

Optional Additives: To reduce the sweetness in this recipe you can use 0.5% bitter wizard

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