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Contribution to Vapedia Mixers Club May 2021

The idea for my recipe came to me when I drank a coffee one afternoon and ate a pudding.
I found this flavor combination very interesting and have also remembered that I once ate a pudding that had a hint of coffee intus.

For the coffee I went with Dark Bean (FA) because it is my favorite coffee, it is present in low doses but does not dominate.
From HICˋs notes and from some other recipes I knew that Dark Bean (Fa) harmonizes very well with Rum Jamaican Special (Fa) it makes the coffee sweeter.

For the Custard I took Vanilla Custard 2 (TPA) because it goes best with the coffee.
I also tried all the other custards I have (Cap, InW, FLV) but none were as on spot as the one from TPA, to support the Vanilla Custard I added a small amount of Mascarpone Cream Cheese (WF) to make it a little creamier.

I could have used Cream Fresh (FA), but I wanted to play around with the mascarpone, which was not wrong.

And last but not least I added a little Sweetness (FLV) to make it a little sweeter.

Have fun testing, I hope it tastes you as good as it tastes me.

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT


The idea for the recipe I had one afternoon, when I was with our daughter in a frozen yogurt store and have put together a cup.

There was a topping which was called Coconut Almond Dream.
Ingredients were coconut, almonds and cookie crumbs. This was given as a sauce between the frozen yogurt.
As a second topping I chose chocolate sprinkles on top.

I found this combination so delicious that I wanted to make it as a liquid.

For the almonds, I went with Almond Fa because I find them to be very authentic.

The coconut I made from Coconut Fa and Sweet Coconut FLV, because I think the coconut of Fa needs some help to really stand out, and the sweetness of the Sweet Coconut FLV lends itself very well to that.

For the yogurt I took FW, because this comes closest to the yogurt which is taken for frozen yogurt, slightly sweet, no real acidity to be seen and nice and creamy.

Finally, the second topping, the chocolate sprinkles, for which I took Chocolate German FLV, because the flavor is a nice strong chocolate which in itself already has a little coconut flavor, so very very well fits into this profile.

For the coolness of the frozen yogurt feel free to add some cooling, I personally don't need it.

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT


Contribution to Vapedia Mixers Club February 2021

I wanted to create a recipe based on bananas,
the idea comes from the Flavor Bible and includes : banana +cream+honey+macadamia nuts + vanilla.

For the banana I have chosen Banana Custard (VTA) which is supported by Banana Puree (WF) reason for this was that the banana of VTA is already very good in itself but over longer time of vaping increasingly moves into the background.

Cream Fresh (FA) to form a cream in conjunction with the Custard in the Banana Custard.

For the honey I have chosen Honey (FA) because this is already very well recognizable as honey in small quantities.

Yes, the macadamia nut, I have relied on the Noted episode about nuts, it is hardly perceptible but it brings in the mix something "greasy" purely what you can definitely recognize as a carrier.
So very authentic because the macadamia nut has hardly any flavor of its own except greasy and earthy.

For the vanilla flavor I have taken Shisha Vanilla (InW) because I had the feeling this fits best with the nut together.

All in all, I am very happy with this creation, I am curious about your opinion.

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT


I wanted to create a light tobacco flavour, low on ash and a bit nutty. For the tobacco part, I chose Red Burly with a bit of Kentucky Blend, as they're a tasteful combination.

My choice for the nutty part was Flavorahs Beer Nuts. It´s a very potent, authentic, almost a little salty, light roasted peanut flavour which blends very well into the tobacco.

Milk & Honey at a low percentage adds some dark sweetness.

Hope you'll enjoy the mix as much as I do.

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Yes it´s very good, very different and when you have a look on the ingredients you donˋt have the idea it will taste like Cola. Big thank´s for creating this masterpiece.
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Very balanced tasty mix of tobacco and hazelnut, very good with coffee and also for in between.
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
I mixed 10 ml for testing and after trying it I mixed another 60 ml again. Very tasty liquid in the foreground is chocolate and mint the tobacco can be tasted but it is subtle in the background. Thanks for this recipe
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
I had the chance to test the recipe before it was published, but I didn't have a Cantaloupe CAP so I took Cantaloupe FLV at 1.5% as an alternative. The donut comes out very well is tasty but not penetrative in the foreground. The melon glaze is very tasty with the 1.5% cantaloupe FLV I chose and not in the foreground but as if it is a nice, subtle glaze. I give the recipe 5 stars, because shortly after the 10ml to test I immediately mixed another 60ml of liquid
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Brownie and vanilla tastes very good together, you managed a great combination, classic for Pipe Black I find very "dirty" as tobacco but I think it was your intentional for me personally not my tobacco taste but overall successful. Keep on mixing.
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Very interesting flavor profile, even if I do not like Pink Guava as a flavor, do not get me wrong I find the recipe very successful everything is very well balanced. Only Pink Guava as a flavor is just not my favorite flavor. Nevertheless, I give the recipe 5 out of 5 stars for the excellent coordination of the individual components.
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
Hm yes Yammy Custard, or also party or festival in my mouth 😂 already amazing what comes together there everything in taste ideas and all really interesting and delicious. I do not know how to describe it individually because so much happens at the same time and some is perceived by me only fractions of seconds and vanishes again to be replaced by another impression. Really a very interesting recipe what you have created there 🙏
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
Very successful mix, not an all day vape but still it comes every now and then in the tank. The other day I had a mix with Red Apple FLV before in the tank and Red Apple was very present, when I then filled Fogger, the mix has interesting twist like i would vape an cherry 😃
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
Very authentic mix, it plays into my cards since I normally do not tolerate alcohol but like the taste it is for me a win win situation 😊 A very tasty pear that has taken a bath in delicious liquor. When vaping you really have the feeling that you would have just drunk a shot of alcohol. My fullest respect for this very good mix.
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 29 days ago
A light delicious lemon cream that is not too overpowering. No offnotes in the lemon and also not in the cream everything very round without corners and edges. Quite a recipe what has allday ability. Really good job.
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 26 days ago
Very tasty mix. Nice match of fruit, gum and mint with an extra of coolness. Just the right thing for upcoming warm days. 👍🏻
User: JakinBox Score: 5 Entered: 16 days ago
A very tasty mix, with an even more appropriate name, I think the percentage of FLV Boysenberry has been chosen to achieve a slightly floral note that is not intrusive at the same time, a very smart move. Pink Guava gives the mix a nice twist and the Coconut Candy makes the whole sweetish with a hint of coconut which fits well into the whole image. Very successful and a nice liquid for the upcoming hot summer days. 👏
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