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I never tried yig but this is what I imagine it to be like

I used ABsolution dark matter, not TFA tobacco.

You can order dark matter here;

Thanks to folkart for the reccomended banana cream (TFA) percentage

Is a creamy banana and butterscotch ripple ice cream, simple as that.

Mixed this up last night, had a few different MB flavours, felt like something fruity and cold, tastes good

My Nanna passed away 26-4-2015 at 9:44 PM, may God rest her soul, she partly raised me and she (I'm hoping she doesn't mind me telling you all) she was a terrible terrible cook but by god could she make one helluva good orange syrup cake, it's been the 5th Christmas without her and i wanted to make this in memory of her, R.I.P Nanna, not a day goes by that I don't think of you ❤😥

Dolphin bay, South Australia
Population; 247

Black current, watermelon & sour green apple
Been testing this for a while, nice summery liquid!

Decided to release early.

Hardwicke bay, South Australia
Population 126

Sweet tropical mango with velvety vanilla ice cream

Decided to release early.

Blueberry JAM cheesecake V2

Left the blueberry jam and cheesecake alone, upped INW biscuit, because i think it was lacking a base with all that sweet jam and lowered the butter cream because I was getting an off note from it. And removed the CAP/SLV blueberry extra, Hope you enjoy this rendition. Cheers 💨🤘

Ps; will be releasing two awesome summer eliquid recipes here on Boxing day

My Blue Raspberry version of
ENYAWREKLAW's 'Raspberry lime popsicle'.

Use VT Persian lime if you wish, I don't want to order online for VapeTrain flavours where I can substitute it for something else from a b&m store, locally.

Rich peppermint hedgehog slice, my favourite bakery treat on a Sunday afternoon!

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Insipid, watery strawberry jelly bean flavour, there is no cheesecake icecream flavour whatsoever, im starting to think that wayne is a bit full of s**t
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