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Fantastic fruit loops in milk. I know the Looper / Pebbles / Fruit Loops cereal profile has been played out to the max & revisited over and over. But after tinkering with ingredients & percentages, I have come to a final revision that is worth putting on display. This really captures the cereal crunch, citrus, cream, milk, & sweet notes that are so desired in this profile. Surprisingly good as a shake & vape, however giving the Bavarian Cream & Sweet Cream a week to blend in is recommended! Mix at 80/20 VG/PG Enjoy!!!

This tropical delight took several revisions to tame, but the result is a strawberry / orange / mango blend with a lemon citrus accent that sets it off. Better let this one sit for 4 days minimum, it just keeps getting better with age! Mix at 70/30 VG/PG. Enjoy.


This is my rendition of a wonderful blueberry cream medley that I believe is a winner. The combination of 5 blueberry flavorings at these percentages is the perfect mix - FA Bilberry for earthy note, FW Blueberry, & TFA Blueberry Extra for dark, syrupy depth; and CAP Blueberry Jam & TFA Blueberry Candy for brighter notes & to fill out body. The Bavarian Cream / Marshmallow give the fluffy, light & smooth feel. The Meringue & Sweet Cream boost the sugary sweetness & mouth feel to nice combo. All 9 flavors blend very well. Shake & Vape is interesting, but 7 day steep allows all the blueberries to meld & the creams to fully come out to play. Mix 70/30 VG/PG Enjoy!!

Strapple Crisp Flavor Notes:

TFA Pie Crust / CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl
TFA Pie Crust is a great foundation for the crisp crust, since you get the flakey crust of the pie ready to be layered on. CAP CDS at 1.5% adds in the additional bread like feel with a hint of cinnamon that accentuates the crust.

FA Meringue / CAP Vanilla Cupcake
I find that a mix of FA Meringue & CAP Vanilla Cupcake work together to sweeten the whole mix, but they really work well to sweeten the crust and bring a nice bakery style frosting to glaze the fruits.

JF Fuji / TFA Strawberry Ripe
These fruits are the top notes and are pronounced throughout the vape. JF Fuji builds on TFA Pie Crust / CAP CDS to give the “warm apple pie” with just a touch of bright apple fruitiness taste as well and TFA Strawberry Ripe comes through with the sweetness of a glazed/cooked strawberry note that complete this – Strapple Crisp!

Steep 3-4 days

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